Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Dream Home is Looking Pretty Good Right Now!!

    The weatherman, while he was standing on an empty street last night, referred to this snowy weather as a winter wonderland...I don't know what land he's living in, but it's a "Wonder" alright! It's a "Wonder" we aren't all 'stir crazy'!! 
     This weather has me dreaming of far away places, sunny skies, ocean breezes, and...ANYWHERE ELSE BUT NEW ENGLAND right now! ^_^ Okay, so I'm over-dramatizing it a bit. I mean, I know some people really love this stuff. I saw some of those people being interviewed on the news yesterday, with goofy smiles on their faces, and that euphoric look in their eyes. 
    But I'm sorry...I can't get euphoric about this...
     Even my little tree where the Robins live during the Spring wasn't spared.
    Oh Well, no matter what, there's always something to be positive about!...I've got things inside the house to keep me occupied!! :-) One of those things, the Country Living magazine...
     ...had me going back in my mind to all of the times I sat and dreamed of what I would have my 'Dream Home' look like. I'll tell you about mine, but first...look at all of the beautiful photos in this magazine!!!
     There's apparently some good deals going on for buying a home too!...Wanna buy a log cabin?! :-)
     That's nice, but I'm not in the market for a new home right now. I kinda like where I'm living...But that doesn't stop me from dreaming about what kind of house I WOULD have, if money and location was not a problem...I'm not the only one thinking about this kind of stuff either! The magazine had a whole section, with pictures.....Ahhhhhh! The dream home!!!
      And Oh!!...The bedrooms!!!
      The bathrooms!!!
     3 sinks!!! And a basket to put your extra tissue in!....Hmmmmm...But there was something else shown that made me re-think my dream home. I never really thought about something like this right outside of the house!
     Oh! The chats and naps I could have out there!!! :-]
    So, as you can see, I've got lots of dreaming that I can do! Why not?! It doesn't cost anything to dream. And what else do I have to do?!...Look out the window?!....UGH!...But I do have some crocheting to do. So, I'd better get myself situated to do that. 
    Have a good day everybody! And tell me, since I hear that 49 of the United States have fresh snow right now, and I know that other countries are having a hard time with the weather the rain and floods in Australia. Terrible!...Are you entertaining yourself with thoughts of your dream home too?!

Dream Home

If I could dream a home to live in,
and put it anywhere I like,
I know it wouldn't be on a mountain.
I'm not a girl fond of a hike.

Although some mountains in the distance
would be a welcome view.
So would some crashing waves
in an ocean crystal blue.

A very large Bay window,
would be a welcome book retreat.
I could lounge in there for hours,
watching the sea from pillowed seat.

There'd be big open spaces,
and huge chairs for taking naps.
A room just made for hubby,
with no candles, but road maps.

A kitchen full of tile and wood,
pretty colors everywhere.
The room where you make food should say:
"Come on in, Girl! Let's share!"

Everywhere you look
they'd be a space to sit and chat.
{Of course, for me, everywhere I've lived
there's been a place like that! :-)}

A big backyard with lots of grass,
where kids would love to play.
A deck, for barbecuing,
and for playing cards all day.

From miles around you'll see my house,
and hear the happy noise.
Lots of flowers you will smell,
and meet all my girls and boys.

My dream home has lots of things
that it will be full of.
But even if the cupboard's bare
It'll be packed full of love.

Can't wait for you to visit!
Just bring good manners and be kind.
I can't tell you when, just yet,
because this dream home's in my mind.


  1. I LOVE that Dream House they built in vermont this year and would love to move there! I have discovered that since moving south from the midwest,I miss the snow. We get it here in NC, but it never lasts all that long and I'm tired of the "world" shutting down because it "might" snow. I miss using my snowshoes and going for long walks on a quiet winter day. I miss that crunch under my feet when I walk. I miss ice skating, especially outside.Hopefully someday we'll get to move north again, but until then we'll just have to make the best of it.:)

  2. Yes....there is a reason why they call it a DREAM home!

  3. trusk4u, WOW! You're a snow lover!! Well, hats off to you! I don't get it, but I'm sure there's things about me you don't get either! LOL The crunch under your feet and the cold are, in my book, reasons NOT to like it! ^_^ When I lived in Georgia as a child I remember fawning over the occasional snows that never lasted long, but living in New England all these years has taken the "Wonder" out of it for me.'s just 'snow!!!!!' ^_^ {Anybody that knows me will tell you that I'm an indoor girl anyway! maybe that has a lot to do with it. I've had ice skates on ONE time. My ankles are STILL sore years later!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  4. Art and Sew Forth, Correct!! :-)

  5. Wow...too much snow for my taste!
    The images are so pretty. What a nice home...
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Priscilla, Yeah! Too much snow for me too!! ^_^ Thanks for the nice words. I enjoyed my visit to your blog!


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