Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This One Is For You!!

      I know it was wrong of me, but why should I be the only one that was sucked in by this gorgeous photo?!! LOL They're Pecan Pie Muffins people!!! You can get the recipe for them on the blog Framed Cooks. And believe it or not, this little guy is part of the story!
       Between the chocolates I dreamed of yesterday and the goodies I'm already staring longingly at today, I feel a theme coming on...or a hormone change in the making!! LOL
     Good thing I got this recipe for Lemon or Chocolate Macaroon Tartlets from Cindy, over at the  CinLynnBoutique's blog. 
     And, by the way, this is the picture she showed me of the candy she got from Mexico that I talked about in yesterday's blog post.
    Just look at all that coconut!!!!...*drooling*
    But this is just some of the things that are being featured on some of my favorite blogs right now. And since I'm sure you don't want to here about all of the nervousness going on in our household right now, I figured I'd share with you what's going on in the blogland households instead.
     Mina and her husband Alex , from the blog Sending Postcards, are traveling in Spain right now. They have page after page of gorgeous photos too! Here's a couple.
     Vicki, at the blog 2 Bags Full, is having a Giveaway. And not just any old Giveaway. She's giving away a sweater cowl, of your choice, from her Etsy shop
      The drawing will be on February 14th. All you have to do is comment on her blog to get in on it!!
     Elaine, over at A Scattering,  is looking for information on a mural painter by the name of Eric R. Dwyer. She has photos of his work and the story behind her hunt on her blog. If you know anything about him, you can email her there.
      Hanna, over at the blog bouffe e bambini is home from the hospital with little baby Ginger.
     She had completely natural childbirth....YES SHE DID!!! ^_^ The whole birth story...which some of you women who've had babies already may hate her for after reading it...is up now. Just follow this link.
    Alittlesprite ventured into my neck of the woods, and wrote a poem. It's called "If Only", and it's REALLY good!! Check it out HERE!...I'm gonna have to keep my good eye on her! -_^
    There's some other Giveaways going on. Slumber Designs is featuring an etsy shop owner, absolutequeen, whose giving away a beautiful headband...leather!
     Details for how to enter are HERE.
     Elle The Heiress is expecting her baby real soon. She's going to be listing some gorgeous new jewelry in her etsy shop later this week. You have to get in there to see it quick though, because her shop is going into vacation mode all the way up to March just as soon as the baby arrives!

     If you like Diana Ross, and a good and funny anniversary story of a couple that have been married for a while, you need to go over to Facing 50 with Humour and check it out. It's so funny!! It's entitled "Why should leopards change their spots?" ^_^
      I threw in this guitar player from Nat's Natterings' blog.......Just because I wanted to!!! ROCK ON little one!!! ^_^
       The countdown for little Baby Frye, over at Oh What Fun, has begun!!! WOOHOO!!! :-)
    Okay, one last giveaway....I KNOW!!!  On the blog Jewelry by Janelle  she's giving away this ebony bangle on January 31, 2011.
      It's so pretty, isn't it?! Once again, get on over there and enter if you want it!!
     The only things left for me to talk about are, of course, how much I'm enjoying the tennis this year...I thought I'd spare any non-tennis lovers the over-excited details. ^_^
        And how much I enjoy  Nicole's Homemade Treats blog, especially on Wordless Wednesdays. That's the day she shows off these cakes....And YES!! They are cakes!!!
       Aren't they fabulous?!! I almost can't wait to see what theme the next Wednesday cake is gonna take!! :-)
      I hope you enjoy checking out my blogland  features. Be thankful I didn't spend this time telling you the play by play of my hubby's nervous week, getting ready to go for his Colonoscopy on Friday! He's at the age for this routine piece of business now. He's not happy about it, but since I need someone to take care of me in the manner to which I have become accustomed...^_^...and I have to make sure he's in shape to do it!....it's got to be done!
    And therein lies the rest of the story, probably the reason I've been craving chocolate and having wild dreams of comfort food!! ^_^ And a repeat of this poem was in order too!

Around the Bloggie World

Blue birds, with tails extended.
New tutorial writers too.
New cameras at the ready,
all enhance my bloggie view.

Face sketches, eyes so pretty.
Flower earrings to give away.
And all kinds of crafty candy
also being given away today.

A painting of weeping skies;
a musical horn made into cake;
a miniature calendar
and a snow scene by a lake.

A new haircut, all snazzy;
A butterfly print. It's her first win!!
A Himalayan trek,
and baked cookies in a homemade tin.

I love the things I see
when I look at my Bloggie world.
It's exciting for a writer
whose a curiously nosy girl!


  1. Goodness, girl, first you make so hungry I am drooling on my keyboard and then you plan to keep my busy for the rest of the morning with all the links and giveaways. The blogworld sure is exciting, isn't it? Especially on the dreary day we are having today... Hope you are doing well and have plenty of chocolate around... Love, Silke

  2. Thanks for mentioning my shop!

  3. Silke, Ha! Ha! I figured that if it was exciting to me, it might be exciting to somebody else!! ^_^ And yes! the blog world is exciting...especially when you have lots of chocolate to eat while you read!!!

  4. Elle, It was my pleasure. I'm awaiting your little one's arrival too! :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing the blogs you follow! Fun to see and read. I went to see Hanna's blog and left her and her cute baby a comment too. If only all the child births would be like hers was ;)
    And WOW!!!...those cakes that Nicole makes...I mean WOW They are gorgeous! :P:P

  6. Mariann, I KNOW...about Hanna's birth story! If I ever got pregnant, that's the kind of labor and birth I would hope for!!...I'm glad you enjoyed the links. :-]

  7. Mmmmmmm... cake and coconut! Yum! What a fun post, sharing the inspiration you find around the blogosphere. Babies, cakes, and crafts... oh my!

  8. Hi Carrie! Nice to meet you in the backyard! I look forward to getting to know you in upcoming months...cake in hand if need be! ^_^

  9. Those cakes are amazing! I feel good if a cake from the box mix comes out OK! Tell your Hubby not to worry about the test on Fri...he doesn't have to study for it! (sorry, couldn't resist) They will give him lots of drugs and it won't take that long..he'll wake up, go home, sleep all day and I'll say a prayer that it's all good!

  10. OMG this is not the first time you have made me want cake for breakfast. Honestly...I may have to start waiting until after dinner to read yor blog! ♥

  11. What a fab post. and Boy your making my mouth water at all those cakes and at this time of night cake is sooooo not a good idea ;-)) Dee x

  12. yaya, Thank you sooooo much for the information about the test my hubby is taking. I had a Berium test before, but this is all new. He's been very nervous about how long it would take and everything. You don't know how much your simple comment just made everything better. I thank you...sincerely...Wish I could make you a cake just to say thank you. :-]

  13. Michele, Ha! Ha! Sorry!......Not really. Go ahead girl!! Eat some cake for breakfast if you want to!!! ^_^

  14. delia, Thank you...My mouth waters every Wednesday when I visit her blog!!...Hey! Do like I just told Michele...wait and eat some cake for breakfast!! ^_^ Then you have all day to burn it off doing something fun and fabulous! {This logic works great for the self esteem and mind...not so good for the body. BE WARNED!! ^_^}

  15. This is a great post my friend! Thanks for re-posting my photos and recipe! It really is a delicious recipe!
    I love all the blog mentions you made. As for Hanna having all natural childbirth, I'm proud to say I did too, with both of my sons!! It's the way it's supposed to be, if there are no complications of course. I'm glad things worked out for me and for her!!
    I have a dear friend here whose husband is ALSO have the "procedure" done on Friday! What a coincidence!! If they were having it done at the same place they could hold hands or something and us girls could get together and have breakfast and giggle about it!! Tee Hee!!!
    Seriously though, I hope all comes out good in the end! Ha ha ha!!! "In the END!!!" Sorry (giggle)
    There's a bakery here that makes similar cakes as you showed in the photos. They ARE awesome! So real aren't they! Too nice to eat!........NOT!!

  16. CinLynn, I can't wait to try this recipe! I'll let you know when I do it too!...And YOU GO!, having both boys naturally! I'm not sure I'd be able to do it. I look forward to the time when there's 'No more pain'!! :-]...And what a coincidence, the two hubbies having the procedure on the same day!! Where is a 'tricorder' {"Beam me up Scotty!" LOL} when you need one, huh?! A breakfast with the friends giggling away is just what I'm going to need on Friday!...Oh well, in the end I'll just have to deal with it. But not as "in the end" as he will. OOPS!! ^_^ I need some cake!!

  17. The headband is gorgeous.
    The images here are fantastic!

  18. WOW! Those cakes at the end are fantastic! Thankyou so much for mentioning my page :) You are too lovely.

  19. Oh my- I love this. How fun to share little snippets from blog land with your readers! I am thrilled that you choose me to be one of the little blog jewels that you shared. The cupcakes are totally sinful- and that sweet baby is so precious. Congratulations to his new Mommy. The headband, the bangle, and that CAKE-- too much fun !!!

    You are so sweet to share these with all of us!

  20. Fantastic post! How wonderful of you to share many of your favorite blogs ... a very kind gesture. Fabulously sweet recipes, gorgeous photos, talented artisans, a precious baby, mouthwatering, incredible looking cakes and a delightful poem, all included in this terrific post. Hoping your husbands colonoscopy is not too uncomfortable and he receives excellent results.

  21. Priscila, I think the headband is gorgeous too! It's a great thing to give away...I wouldn't! LOL Thank you for your comment. :-)

  22. Alittlesprite, Those cakes ARE fabulous, aren't they?!...And it was my pleasure to share your good poem. Sharing the spotlight with another poet...GOOD! :-)

  23. Vicki, It was my pleasure to share all of the things I love, and your Giveaway! {It's a really good one too!} Thanks, too, for all of the nice words! Have a good day! :-)

  24. Julie, Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it...Thanks too for the encouragement for my hubby. I'm sure he'll be fine...AFTER it's all done!! ^_^


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