Thursday, May 24, 2012

FOR SALE.....Maybe! O_O

        Remember the other day when I told you that my mother in law gave my hubby his father's old car?...Well, this is it!...after some air in the tires, a new battery, and a good wash and dry. :-)  Looks pretty good, huh?!
       Trust me when I tell didn't look like this when he first saw it!! This is what it looked like then...

       Did you see the duct tape on the mirror?! ^_^ ...Even the inside.....YUCK! the inside still looks a lot like this! LOL Cleaning that up will be stage two of this be continued. :-)
        For now though, let me show you how nice it looks from the outside!...

     Even under the hood...not so bad!

       It looks so good now....

     ...that hubby is rethinking the whole 'selling' thing! LOL

         So if anybody is interested in a $3,000 car.....Well, maybe $4,000 now!...^_^ better let me know QUICK!!!! LOL

      In other news, I had a new visitor to the backyard this morning. I haven't even had a chance to check my photos to see if there's a good picture of him. I made hubby take them so quick just a few minutes ago. If there is...I'll show you tomorrow! :-)
     Have a good day, Everybody!! :-)

Double Take

Yes, I looked at it again,
because I couldn't believe what I saw!
Was it meant to catch attention?
Or to make you drop your jaw?

Was it what I thought it was?
Was it real, or was it fake?
Just like life and all it's wonder,
some things need a double take.


  1. Not a bad looking car! Maybe you should keep it!

    Take care!

    1. Ha! Ha! That's what hubby is thinking now! ^_^

  2. It will sell super quick and I'd ask high because everyone will try and get it cheaper....geez, now I sound like a used car salesman! Have a good weekend!

    1. You think so?!!....Okayyyy! I hope you're right, Yaya! Although I'm not sure it'll see the sale as of right now. Hubby is becoming a tad attached I think. ^_^

  3. That car looks amazing, especially since you showed the before photos. I also think you should keep it.

    1. Thanks, Jo! I think it looks pretty good too!...and I think hubby may be leaning toward keeping it...if we can afford to. That's yet to be seen, considering our situation right now. We don't want to have a vehicle that will cost more to fuel than the one we have now! O_O

  4. Hmmm - if some one gave that car to me -- Id keep it! Good luck if you try to sell it - it wont last long I'm betting!


    1. I know what you mean Vicki, but we already have a car. This would mean upkeep on 2 cars! With gas prices the way they are...and an extra insurance, taxes,'s too much right now. And it would probably burn more gas than the one we have already...Hubby is still 'chewing on it' though. Thanks for the input on it!


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