Sunday, June 27, 2010

♫ A daisy a Day ♫

Some things don't need a lot of words...I don't believe that I, the jabber jabber queen of Massachusetts, said that! :-)) But when I saw these beautiful daisy pictures hubby took from the yard I was just speechless. So my post today will be sheer daisy love!
They don't love them in the same way, but the bees and flies, yes flies, LOVE these daisies!
They just look so happy! They're out there saying "Hello!" to passersby, and soaking up the sun. They don't even need an air conditioner!...Don't get me started with that again!!!
See! Not much talking needed. Just peacefulness for a peaceful day. :-) Reminded me of another peaceful day I had a while back. That day it was the waving treetops that rendered me speechless. I wrote this poem on the spot that day. Guess a daisy poem might be in the works!

~Happy Treetops~

Oh! To be a treetop,
pressed up against the sky;
Waving at the clouds all day,
when breezes trickle by.

Oh! The happy movement,
when a group of trees unite,
and wave at God together,
as they sway with all their might.


  1. Wow Wug! My daisies are still in the bud stage! Those are gorgeous! Great photography Jeff! Yep and you should get a daisy poem written!

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! I'll work on that poem today. Right now I'm just in the looking at them stage. ;-)

  3. They were beautiful to look at...wish I could be a daisy today...

  4. What a lovely blog post - I love daisies too! The pixs are wonderful! Enjoy your garden today and everyday. :-)

  5. Spanishlullabies, I wish I could be a daisy today too! The heat doesn't seem to be bothering them a bit, and they're still smiling! :-))

    Craftgal, Thank you for the nice words. Can you believe how good my inexperienced hubby's pictures are coming out?! I 'shutter' to think what he would do with a real camera!!!...Off to enjoy!

  6. Oh, yes, you are right! This is just a joyful as our zinnias!! Thanks for bringing me here. I can't believe I wasn't following your blog yet - immediately remedied that!! Here's to happy gardens with beautiful flowers!! Hugs, Silke


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