Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Winner...My Dad!

First things first today...The Winner of the GiveAway is "Artistry Jewelry Studios"!!! Congratulations!!! Please Leave me a convo on ETSY or a Direct Message on Twitter with your address and I will get it in the mail for you today!!!

   I had one of those days yesterday where I just couldn't get food off of my mind! I woke up wanting pancakes and sausage!...Hubby fixed two slices of turkey bacon for me...NOT the same! He tried to add to it, giving me something that would make me feel full...a bowl of bran buds and a banana. Do I have to tell you what my reaction was?!!!!
  This happens to me on occasion. I always attributed it to hormones because there is no other earthly reason why I would wake up hungry! Did I go jogging for 27 miles in my dreams? Visit Paris where all of the great food is?! No...Did I eat something before bed that gave me that 'I need some more' kind of feeling? Or didn't eat enough food yesterday, so that I had the feeling that if I didn't eat something I would starve to death?! Also...No!
  I tried to appease the feeling with peanuts...
and actually, this worked for a little while. But then I started to get that pain in the pit of my stomach again. Then came this...
  I'd love to show you how beautiful and red, cold and crisp it was, but...it didn't last long enough!! LOL By the end of the day I had succumbed to a meatball/sausage grinder (sandwich) with chips. I know I should feel bad about it, but....frankly it was delicious!!! It filled up the hole in my stomach, took food off of my mind, and allowed me some time to do other things....like fashion a new 'Hand Sandal' bracelet.
   The metal bangle that I've been using on it is too big for a lot of my customers. So I bought some colored stretchy cord and gave that a try yesterday. It came out...hmmm...al...right, but I'm still not completely pleased with it. I'm gonna try again today. I'll show you what I eventually come up with...Now, if I can just stay away from food...food that doesn't work well with my body...I'll be good!
  I'm sure, now that I think about it, that some of that hunger was emotional. I was talking about my granddaddy yesterday, and my dad's health became a lingering thought too. Oh well, some things 'are what they are'! Aging 'is what it is', and food 'does what it do'!!! And pretty well sometimes too! :-)) I'm not thinking about chocolate, or grilled cheese sandwiches, or spaghetti and meatballs at all this morning................much!
(Wrote this poem a couple of years ago.)

Dad Is Getting Older

I'm  48 years old,
and my dad is 71;
And reality just hit me:
"Growing old is not much fun!"

Dad's dependable and kind,
a step above most other men;
But I feel the tide is turning.
Things are not as they have been.

His health is slowly fading.
(Not to mention-so has mine!)
When we talk, he's still himself,
but now his 'Sharp' has lost some shine.

More frequent Doctor's visits,
high blood pressure, hemorrhoids too;
Needs more fiber in his diet,
and less noise to shuffle through.

He used to take long trips,
driving hours, all alone.
Now he watches television-
all his hours, spent at home.

With a witty sense of humor,
and a colorful point of view,
he's still as proud as he can be-
But like a peacock-in the zoo!

He enjoys all our attention,
and the grandkids love his jokes;
All the neighbors love his gossip.
He's a 'Special' kind of folks.

If things continue going
as they have the last few years,
dad's non-stop aging process
will evoke a lot of tears.

Next year I will be older.
Until then what will I do?...
Keep spending time with dad
who will, by then, be 72.


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