Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good News, Bad News

For a day that started out with rain and fog, it certainly turned out to be eventful. Some good, some not so good. I'll start with good news...I'm getting really good at crocheting wire flowers! I'm not getting really good at photographing wire flowers though, so you'll have to take my word for it that I'm starting to get good at it! I'll try to show you though...Remember this red wire flower? I finally decided to crochet the backing for give it more substance. It doesn't photograph well though.
  As you can see, I've been tweaking it here and there. It now has 3 heart lockets on it. One in the center, a larger one hanging below it, and...
a little one hanging from the beaded necklace I made for it. Yes! I strung and designed the necklace too!
  It still has some tweaking left to be done though. Stay tuned for that. It's still being worked out....Okay...I didn't string it correctly! LOL I wanted it to be A-Symmetrical, but I ended up with my necklace too short! I added some more beads and crystals to one side, trying to make it longer, but I forgot that it had to hang on a neck!!! Necks are not lop-sided! LOL
  Give me time...I'll figure it out! My body is persnickety, but my mind is sharp! :-)) ...My other Good News included the other 2 necklaces I made! This one, made with wire and thread together...
...and this one, with a sterling silver flower, seed and larger glass beads.
  My friend is doing a great job teaching me the ins and outs of jewelry making, isn't she?! She came over yesterday and gave me another "lesson". She doesn't call it that, but I know she could charge me for what I'm being taught. Good friends are great that way. They just love you and want the best for you.
   When her husband came to pick her up though, look at what he found in the road...
 a baby bird! Why he was in the road...we don't know. I started having the same feeling I had about the blue robin egg. Remember?!...He sat so peacefully in her hand.
  Looks like another mommy hunt is going to be underway!!
   Lastly today...BAD news. My friend that had the surgery the other day had an allergic reaction to some medication after her surgery. It resulted in another surgery having to be performed. Her daughter says she's very weak, not keeping food down, and her hospital stay has been extended. I was waiting for an update all day yesterday, as to how this new surgery turned out. I didn't get that call yet. She said that if it was too late she'd wait til today though, so it's gonna be another day trying to occupy my mind. Yesterday's occupied mind was pretty creative. What will today bring?!...Wish I was a little girl again and didn't have to think about friends being sick, or little birds being separated from their mothers, but...! Life "is what it is"! We have to take it as it comes and be thankful for all of the little things...especially when the big things are NOT things you can be thankful for!!

Girlhood Left Behind

Little girls always grow up,
and leave behind their fantasies;
They leave behind their mama's heels
and their skinned and scabby knees.

They leave behind their baby dolls,
and all their childhood toys;
They leave behind their cute, pink room,
and forget their fear of boys.

Remember the Easy-Bake oven?
I'm sure your little girls do!
(That was one thing they left behind-
along with their patent leather shoes.)

They also left behind 'Slinkees',
pacifiers, and breast milk;
They traded it in for make-up,
perfume, and shirts made of silk.

They also left behind tantrums,
and whining all day for their cup.
(Well, maybe a little of the whining
was left behind when they grew up!)

The further away from their childhood
that little girls continue to be,
the more they forget how it was
to be silly and just fancy-free.

To play outdoors for hours;
To have an imaginary friend;
To host their own tea party,
indoors, in their family's den.

They've grown up and had their babies
and left behind their innocence;
Their own little girls they've powdered,
with no thought to their childhood since!


  1. Deb, I absolutely love your new designs!! They are gorgeous! Your friend must be so proud of you too! Your photos are very good too! Don't be so hard on yourself! I went in a childrens store today and guess what I saw! Flower brooches like yours! A bit thinner and with lots of color, but they were pinned on sundresses, shorts, etc.!! The lady said she can't keep them in the store. People love them! Have you thought about consigning them to clothing stores? It's a thought!
    Anyway, I hope your friend is doing better today. I'm sorry it's been such a difficult time for her.

  2. What?!!! Really?! No, I never thought about that at all! Just mentioned what you said to hubby. He says he'll take my catalog Little Fox made me around to some stores next week! Thanks for the tip!

    Haven't heard from her daughter since night before last. I'm HOPING she calls tonight.


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