Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New of the Class

   Hubby and I have both been keeping ourselves busy the last couple of days. Me, collecting my thoughts and re-collecting my creative motivation. Hubby, cooking and organizing. Since my physical condition has caused me to not be able to do some of the things I used to do, he has taken over those things. The cooking has been a "work in slow progress" for him. He's sure giving it all the "TRY" he can, but...*I'm trying to say it nicely so that I don't discourage him, but at the same time not encourage him!* doesn't come easy for him. (Some of the NEW meals he's been cooking lately have shall I say...interesting!) I was going to try to take pictures to show you, but...Shhhhh! REALLY don't want to see it!
   As a mental 'picture', think of 2 fried pork chops...sound good? Well, one was very dry on the inside, but the outside had a soft, grayish look. No, it wasn't gravy...poor was a thick coating of flour! I told him you  have to coat pork chops in flour before you fry them, but I forgot to tell him to shake off the excess so that you just have a thin coating. He apparently thought that he was making a big biscuit with a pork chop in the middle, because that's what it looked like...but the biscuit wasn't done!!! LOL Oh, the things I've been eating with a smile lately!
     My creative motivation hasn't been as good as his. I've been finding that because ETSY has been so slow, I've been slowing myself down as well. But I have got to do something with all of these beads and buttons, thread, and yarn. This is my start at doing that...But first, let me alert you to the BEST BEAD GIVEAWAY EVER!!! You have to see it...well over $350.00 worth of beads!!! Okay, now...
   I love this big clear glass drop! I decided to try black and white crochet in a more classic looking flower dangle. I don't have a name for it yet. Maybe you could give me some suggestions. That would be nice! Actually that would serve 2 purposes. I could get some help on what to call it, and also I'd know that I'm not talking to myself...again! LOL
   It must be the time of year it is that made me think about this classic look. But whatever it was that led me in this direction, I'm very glad about it because look at my real work of art that came next!
I don't have a name for this one either, but I have a few ideas. I bought this gorgeous dangle at CinLynnBoutique a little while back. It was so beautiful that every time I crocheted a flower for it I ended up not using it because it didn't feel right! So I decided to do a classic look crocheted flower and to make my own bead and crystal necklace to hang it from. Now I love everything about it: the glass button...
...and the arrangement of the crystals, spacers, and black beads.
The only problem I'm gonna have with this one is how much to charge for it!! I practically give away most of the crochet necklaces in my shop, in my opinion anyway!  But for this one....I've got to get what it's worth...or keep it for myself! :-)) Maybe I can get hubby to make me a biscuit to hide it in! LOL
   I tease him about his cooking, but I'm very thankful he's such a good man. Most husbands probably wouldn't even "TRY" to do what he does! A good man...and I know what a good man is! Wrote a poem about it! (Was there any doubt! LOL)

How Can You Tell a Good Man From a Bad One?

How can you tell a good man
from a bad man nowadays?
The truth is there are many,
many, many, kinds of ways.

A good man, when he meets you,
looks straight into your eye.
A bad man, will look down,
and show his tendency to lie.

A good man, when he owes you,
pays your money right on time.
A bad man says: "I'll pay you."
But he never has a dime!

A good man wants to help you
if you're ever in a pinch.
A bad man, if your car breaks down
won't  even loan a wrench.

A good man, when he dates you,
is not concerned with just 'right now'.
A bad man wants his milk' for free',
and never buys the cow.

A good man is a good boss,
and a sparkling employee.
A bad man likes to take control,
and complains exhaustingly.

A good man brings you flowers,
just because he thought of it.
A bad man, if you ask for them
will quickly throw a fit.

A good man, 'cause he's loved by all,
will know the world is his .
A bad man gets a poem wrote
to show how bad he is!


  1. I'm sure you really appreciate all the effort Jeff has put into caring for you....even the cooking! He IS a good man!! Thanks Jeff!
    Love the necklaces!! Thanks so much for linking my shop here! I'm honored.....again! You SHOULD get what its worth!! It's gorgeous!

  2. I do!!! Not many men would put up with me. I tell him that after 28 years, he's now REQUIRED to love matter what!! It's the "matter what" part that scares him!! Ha! Ha!

    And thanks for the nice words about OUR necklace! :-) What? No name suggestion?!

  3. Hi Debbie--How about "Ebony & Ivory"? Black and white is all the rage for clothing this season. I went into Marshall's a few days ago and was "ambushed" by the black, white and gray, too. Here are some off-the-top-of-my-head ideas:

    "Sheet Music" (the colors remind me of reading the black notes on white paper)

    "Calligraphy" Rich black ink on a crisp white sheet of paper. Hmm..not very creative today, can't get my mind off of paper. :-)

    "Keys on the Grand Piano"...more of that ebony and ivory idea.

    "Stormy Night" black sky with streaks of lightning as they strike.

    "I Love My Dalmatian"...haha

    Have a great day! See you one Friday!

  4. SpanishLullabies, I love "Ebony & Ivory"!!! That may be the one! (Although I like "Sheet paper too, and the "Keys on the Piano"...Maybe that's not the one yet! Ha! ha!)

    Your mind is working just fine!!! :-))

    See you on Friday!


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