Monday, June 14, 2010

Looking Up!

I've got to find something funny to laugh at today! I spent the last few days staring at the telephone, waiting for bad news. Finally, some news came! Just like the sky, and the backyard after all of the rain,...things are looking up! 
 And it's a welcome sight too!!!
   I was staring at the telephone, and the phone never rang. Then I checked my email and there was a letter, a long letter, from my friend that had the surgery. She is weak and recovering, but things are now on the upswing! As if the allergic reaction to the anesthesia wasn't enough, they apparently also went in to remove 4 fibroid tumors and found 15 of them!!! So the surgery was more complicated than they expected. Also her blood pressure dropped to a scary 83/53, or something like that, after the surgery! She's not 'fine' now, but the fact that she's writing me long emails is a sign that she's starting to feel better. It's going to be a long recovery, and she said she's feeling exhausted....No kidding?!!! But things are heading in the right direction!
   I'm still gonna keep my eye on I have been doing with the phone!...All of this phone watching reminded me of how my hubby and I used to laugh hysterically when my grandfather would call long distance from Savannah. He left the funniest messages! I don't think he knew how funny he was!
   My grandfather, at 93, was totally done with doing things other people's way! He got up at 5:00 in the morning...even when he was visiting from out of State! It used to drive my sisters crazy!! And not only would he be up, but he expected breakfast to be on the table by 6:00! When your eyes are barely open and you have a 90 something year old man sitting in front of you, tapping his cane on the floor occasionally in impatience, with a linen handkerchief tucked in the top of his shirt, and fully dressed in a tie,'s funny!!!
   And his messages, when he called long distance were funny too. Especially when he got the answering machine because we weren't home. The messages went something like this: "Gurl!!!...Gurl!!!!! You don't answer your phone?! Every time I call you're in the Streets! Next time I call, pick it up!!" Or "Now, you know I don't like this confound machine!! I wanna talk to you! I don't have time to be looking up your number just so I can talk to this machine!!...You there? Pick up!!"...I think he thought there was some conspiracy on my part to make him irritated! LOL
  He had the cutest, most mischievous smile. And always talked straight from his heart, bad or good. Just watching him and my dad telling stories and razzing each other was enough entertainment to last me for a week or so! I sure wish it was one of his phone calls I had been waiting for this week! :-)
   If I happened to be home when he called, and actually picked up the phone, he would always say: "Ohhhhhhh! You decided to pick up this phone today, huh?!!" And then he would gush over me and try to tell me all of the exciting things that were going on in his 'get up early, sit in the chair with your tie on, and watch the birds flit by' life! They would always start with: "I ever tell you about the time....." And Yeah, he always had...My grandfather died about 5 years ago now...Aren't memories wonderful!!

  As I'm smiling, I'll tell you that I'm going to have hubby go into the box today and draw out the name of the winner of my green hat. I'll post the winner on tomorrow's blog.


Granddaddy, I never told you this-
but it`s important to me now,
to let you know how you change my life
in ways you know not how.

Memories of my infancy
do not belong to me;
Though I smile when they come from you,
so clear and sarcastically.

I love you more than you`ll  ever know;
and it just dawned on me why:
Because you are the touchstone to my past,
and my future`s alibi!

Everyone has their place in our lives;
and that "place" may change-due to view;
But, as I`m sure right now, that the sun will rise-
no one will ever take the place of you!


  1. Great post! I'm so glad your friend is doing better!! And I can tell you loved your grandfather dearly. I'm sure you miss him, but won't he be fun to get to know again! I look forward to getting to know my relatives too. But I also look forward to getting to know you!! Won't that be fun?

  2. It sure will!!! I look forward to hearing your voice and REALLY getting to know you!...And my granddaddy was, indeed, fun! It's too bad that he lived so far away in the later years. He refused to move too!!! He had 'done hid traveling', as he put it.

    My grandmother was even funnier than him! I'll have to tell you about her sometime too! :-))


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