Wednesday, June 16, 2010

People and Shops I Like!

Have I told you before that I LOVE ETSY!!! Not only the shops, but the people who own the shops! They're supportive and helpful, funny and creative. I'd like to share the things I like in their shops and the things I've bought from them. Afterward I'll show you the new and different felt and bead necklace I made yesterday!
  You probably will know some of these shops if you follow me on Twitter because I'm always nosing around in their shops and sharing what they do!
"CinLynnBoutique" is a great shop full of Purse Pulls and other jewelry. I LOVE this shop...and I've spent the money in there to prove it! LOL If I showed you all of the goodies I've bought from her I could fill up this blog...REALLY! This "Black and White Stripe Zipper Pull" is one I bought.
Isn't it gorgeous?! I can't wait to add it to one of my creations. Either a crochet necklace or a purse. Probably a necklace. I just bought some beads I think would accent it perfectly!...This is something she has in the shop now. It's a "Carved Carnelian and Afghani Purse Pull"
I'm partial to her purse pulls, but if you're looking for sheer beauty...check out her whole shop! She has bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that are exquisitely designed. Can you tell I love it!
  I bought this gorgeous "Reversible Carved Brazilian Citrine Puffy Heart Pendant" a little while ago from "GlimmeringGems"
She's got a whole shop full of beautiful gems!! She has something new in there almost every day. That's why I'm always nosing around in there! :-) This is in her shop now...
It's a "Pretty Bright Violet Purple Amethyst Unpolished Point Pendant Inv. 32" Check her shop out...and be prepared to Oooo and Awwwww!
This buy, my Product Catalog, was purchased thanks to the help of "LittleFoxPhotos", or Little Fox, that's what I call her. ...
Her shop is a photo dream of wildlife and nature photography! She makes banners too! The "Blue Mountains Panorama Print" shown in a mounted room setting here...
is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of what she has in her shop. Check it out for yourself!
These next shops all have things in them that I just love and think you should love too! Like "Myatticstreasures"  These are a couple of vintage goodies she has in her shop...
like this "Vintage Yellow and White Daisy Half Apron" and this "Vintage Character Garfield Glass 1978"
She has so many wonderful vintage items that you just have to check the shop out yourself. I KNOW you'll find something you'll like in there!...Just as a side note, I owe her great thanks for all of her help in navigating the whole SEO thing too! Thanks to her my shop is finally visible in the internet world. Thank you!!!
  If you haven't seen "Monikadesign"'s shop you must be living under a rock! :-)) I dream about her beautiful crocheted coasters! Look...
This is a set of 6 "Crochet Pear Coasters" Look at all of those beautiful colors you have to choose from!
  And this one is my newest favorite.
 It's a set of 4 "Ladybug Coasters"! You just want to smile looking at them! :-) While you're smiling, go look at her shop and see all the other beautiful coasters she has to smile at!
   This next shop belongs to my "Flyers" fan pal. It's "NatCraftsandPhotos" or "Craftgal" to her twitter friends...I'm a crocheter myself, so I can tell when someone is good at it. She's good at it!!! Look at this beautiful "Down By The Sea Lap Blanket"! 

 And this "Black and White Crochet Scarf"
   You'll have to see the rest of her goodies for yourself!
Lastly, "Catcanpaint" And boy can she ever!!! Her name says it all! Look at this "American Kestrel Original Art Greeting Card"!
Need I say more?!...But lately she's been doing some photography too!
"See the Saw-Whet Owl" is one of them! With this photograph on your greeting card you won't need a whole lot of words!...Please check out the rest of her original work!
  Okay, that's what I like. I'd love to see what you like!...Oh Yeah, I almost forgot. I also wanted to show you my new necklace! Here you go!
It's my NEW "Felt and Bead Love Bird Necklace", with a crocheted backing of course.
It's in my shop right now...My photos will make sure it's never gonna be on Etsy's front page...but I did get there once...and I wrote about it too! I'll leave you with that poem today. Have a great day everyone!!!

Etsy's Big Front Page!

Lance Armstrong in the Peloton!
But that's not my good day's gauge.
My handmade button necklace
just made etsy's big front page!

The year's 2009,
I'm almost 50 years of age;
On July the 17th,
I just made etsy's big front page!

My little Wuglyees shop
that barely even pays a wage
just got its first real touch of famous
making etsy's big front page!


  1. Thanks so much Wug for including me in with such a wonderful array of talent! I love ALL their shops too! You picked the best of the best!! Great job on your new necklace too! I tweeted about it earlier today!

  2. Thank you so much! It was quite a job to do this morning because I got phone calls and some other things had to be done immediately too!..But I finished it! I could not do it and leave anybody out!!!

    And thanks about my necklace too! :-))

  3. Debbie, I really love the way you write about people. I can see how much you care and love the featured items and the people who made them! I am very honored to be in your amazing list! Love every single item that you have featured here. I just bought a couple of earrings from Cindy and can recommend her to everyone :)
    And your new necklace is awesome!!!
    Thank you! xoxo

  4. Hi Mariann, Little Fox! Thank you so much for the very nice complement. Yep! My words say it all! I really do love each and every shop, and person, I picked...including you!!!

    Thanks for the nice words about my new necklace too! :-))

  5. Congrats to you on the FP! Love all your featured artists too...great work ;)

  6. Alicia and A Stone's Throw, Thank you so much for the nice words and for the follow! I hope you find future blogs an interesting read. :-))

  7. Hi there - Thank you so much! I am so touched that you included me with all of this amazing talent! I just love the etsy folks you picked today & the pixs are great! By the way, I love your new necklace - it's beautiful. :-)

  8. I love the shops you've featured, but my favorite part was your poem! I made the front page once too, and the joy in your poem really sums up the rush being featured there can give someone.

  9. Craftgal, It was my pleasure! How could I not feature your beautiful work...and such a beautiful person too?!...And thanks for the complement on the necklace too! :-)

    Sarah, Thanks for the nice words about the poem! I wrote it as soon as my little necklace hit the front the joy was immediately down on paper! It's only happened that one time for me, so far. All creators should feel that joy about what they do at least ONCE!! :-)

  10. I'm little bit late, but thank you so much for featuring, Debbie! I love read your blog, I really love how you write about people. I know and I love all the shops too...Congrats to you on the FP!

  11. monikadesign, Never mind WHEN...I'm just glad you saw it! It was my pleasure to feature you and your shop!

    Thanks for the complement about my writing too. I really love to talk, so it's easy for me. Sometimes I think I talk too much!!! Poor readers! LOL


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