Saturday, June 5, 2010


  I should have just kept this picture up here the other day. It so perfectly depicts what's going on in the backyard most of the time lately. YES! It's raining again! Hubby and I both were up late last night, playing UNO, and we heard the thunder rumbling and clapping. Every time a big thunder clap hit I could almost hear my grandmother say: "Uh Oh! God and the Devil must be bowling!" LOL Now you can see where I inherited my delusion from!!!
   As you know if you read my posts, hubby had a doctor's appointment yesterday. It's good news and bad news. Bad news, he has high cholesterol and a hernia. Good news, he has to stop with the junk food, stay away from hot dogs, cheese, and heavy foods. There goes his pastries! YAY!!! This is good news because now I don't have to fight with him about it. The doctor will do that for me!...The other good news is that the hernia is very small. We do, though, have to make some decisions about how to handle it. He could opt for some surgery on it right now, and get it out of the way, or just wait until it really starts to cause him some problems (strangling things off and what not). The doctor says that could be five or ten years down the road!...If anyone of you have dealt with this problem, or one similar to it, please share it with us. We could use all of the help we can get on this one. We are remaining prayerful while we look for an answer.
   I kept myself busy yesterday, before the rain hit, updating some photos of some existing items in my shop.
 Take a look and tell me what you think.
  You can find all of these, and more, here As photos least MY photos...I think they're pretty good. At least better than they were! One more step in the right direction toward great photography! (I don't ever think I'll get to "GREAT"! But I'll keep plugging away at it!)

My poem today is NOT a prayer to be repeated. It's a poem I wrote a while ago when I was just thinking about a problem that I had. It generally depicts the things I keep in mind when I pray...Something I'll be doing a lot of with this new problem we're dealing with.

Dear Jehovah

Dear Jehovah, loving God,
the one whose hand I tightly clutch,
Help me be firm for righteousness,
but never righteous overmuch.

Dear Jehovah, God of patience,
the one who's merciful and fair,
For all the ones who are inactive,
help me encourage them, with prayer.

Dear Jehovah, Sovereign Lord,
who sees the things we try to hide;
Help me relax my pent up fears,
and know which things to just let slide.

Dear Jehovah, always present,
always ready if I call;
Also help me, God, to know
that you will catch me if I fall.

Dear Jehovah, friend forever,
To all those searching hard for you;
Help us know the path to follow,
and execute the follow-through.


  1. Hi Wug and Jeff! I had a feeling it was a hernia (Dr. Newell here!)! I don't have any magical solution. Just do what you think is best.
    Love the poem too! Take care!

  2. CinLynn, Another post I missed commenting on! What was wrong with me?...Thank you! :-)


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