Friday, June 11, 2010

New Designs...and Rain!

  Oooo! Fun! I'm working on a few new things. One of them may be my blog design. I just saw how I can modify the colors...You know how much I love color!!! I'll be 'fiddling' around with that within the next couple of days, so don't be surprised when you show up in my backyard and things look a little different. :-))
  Some things stay the same the New England rain! In fact, my backyard is almost looking like the foothills of Georgia in the early morning fog. Of course, I can't capture it...not with my photography skills...BECAUSE I don't have any photography skills!! LOL This is the best I can do.
I was trying my best to get a picture of the rain dipping off of the leaves. Guess you'll have to see it with your mind's eye!
   I did get some fairly good pictures of my new necklace creation though! I got some fun and colorful beads from a very good friend of mine, and hubby bought me the gold tone necklaces that I blogged about before. I crocheted some 100% cotton turquoise thread into one of my flowers...what else besides a flower?! Then I did something that I've never done. I sewed 3 of my friend's glass beads into the center. See!
    The bead dangle at the bottom,...I made it myself! I put 2 spacer beads on either side of another one of the glass beads. I thought it came out pretty good! At least...I like it! :-)) I'll be putting it in the shop before the weekend is over. Then we'll see if anybody besides me likes it!
     Who wouldn't love this little baby?!...I want to stay in my delusional stage, so don't tell me if you don't! LOL ... I must admit, though,  I CAN create some things that are not that...well...palatable. I cooked this dessert for my hubby one time, a cherry tube mess (that's what I called it when it was done!)! Oooo Whee! That thing was terrible! It was suppose to be cream and cherries filling a home baked 'like' bunt cake tube. It would have looked something like "The Pioneer Woman" Perfect Pound Cake.  Needless to didn't!!! I had cream in a milk consistency, and flat cherries, and the hollow baked tube didn't come out tubelike...or hollow! UGH! As usual with my creative endeavors though, hubby was right there with his encouraging words! :-)) Poor 'almost many times food poisoned' man! LOL
  After years of trial and oh so many errors, I'm a pretty good cook now! I do my Georgia upbringing proud!...Now, if I can get good at jewelry making...before I hurt somebody...I'll be really good!!! :-))


Flipping, Frying,
Flambeing, Filleting,
Burning, Browning,
Paring, Pureeing.

Boiling, Baking,
Mixing, Making,
Simmering, Scaling,
Sifting, Shaking.

Cooking, Crackling,
Cutting, Coring,
Sprinkling, Spattering,
Patting, Pouring,

Broiling, Battering,
Steeping, Steaming,
Timing, Tossing,
Cubing, Creaming,

Slicing, Scrambling,
Turning, Toasting,
Melting, Measuring,
Rinsing, Roasting.

Dipping, Dicing,
Skimming, Sauteing,
Poaching, Peeling,
Mincing, Microwaving.

Gathering, Grilling
Basting, Barbecuing,
Hacking, Heating,
Scoring, Skewering.

Standing, Stirring,
Rough, Tough,
Kitchen, Ditching,
Had Enough!


  1. LOVE the new necklace idea!! Love that you sewed the beads in the center! Great idea! Don't feel bad about the kitchen mishap! I've had plenty too! Like the time we were hosting the speaker and I set the timer on my oven, put the item in the oven and left for meeting. When we got home, I checked it and it had glad wrap melted all over the top!! I forgot to take it off!!! Thankfully it peeled right off, but we all still talk about it!! I've ruined many a dish also! Glad Jeff is still alive to talk and laugh about it!

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Ha! Again...I am not alone!!! Hmmmm...Glad wrap IN the casserole! That's a novel idea too! I know your hubby survived too!!!

    Jeff is laughing!

  3. I have tried some Pioneer Woman recipes too... and... in fact... I tried her perfect (not so much) pound cake. It flopped. I'll stick to what I know... butter... sour cream... cream cheese... and cheese. Just about everything I bake has one or all of the following. Sometimes she is just too fancy shmancy for me!

  4. Taking Heart, Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm sorry to hear that the pound cake didn't work for you! It looked so good too! I haven't tried that one. I just know that my 'Cherry Mess' LOOKED like that pound cake!..I make my pound cake with loads of butter too! Haven't made it in a while though.

    I'm originally a Georgia girl. Where would I be without at least a little fat in something?!! LOL

  5. I know I messed up quite a number of recipes, yet my husband still manages to like them lol I tried making homemade donut holes not long ago that came out more like rocks. It was a horrible introduction to American food for my Turkish husband lol You made such a beautiful necklace! Love the colors, and the rain ^_^

  6. CrimsonPetalCouture, More and more I'm starting to realize that my mishaps are just like everybody else's!! LOL Thanks for sharing your story with me.

    And thanks for the nice complement on my necklace too!


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