Saturday, June 19, 2010

See the light of day?

   Have you ever made something, either a blanket that you crocheted, a piece of jewelry where you thought that a certain bead was going to look just perfect on it, or whatever, and then got it finished...and didn't like it?! Well, that's happened to me MANY times! I guess that's what they call the creative process!
   Today I want to show you a few of the items I made that, in my opinion, started out as a good idea, but didn't QUITE get there!...But before I do that, let me show you the backyard this morning. We've had a couple of rainless days and the backyard likes it!...OKAY, I like it!!!
It may be a good day for a little grilled hamburger...
Or just to sit and look at our flowers grow!
  Okay, back to MY creations!...I made this key chain because I thought that maybe I'd start doing a line of crocheted and cotton filled items...
After it was done, I liked the way it felt to the touch, but not the way it looked. It looked liked an over-cooked biscuit! LOL Nobody would probably buy this...but me!
   There was the other bright idea of making hair accessories for toddlers. I'd seen lots of babies with big over-sized flowers in their hair. I figured I'd make a line of crocheted flowers, in lots of baby colors, and with butterflies on them, and they'd just fly out of my shop!...
A quick stop came to that when I realized all the trouble it was to sell items for babies in my shop! CPSIA's guidelines about permanent labels on each item, and testing of materials and buttons for children under 12 (I think that was the age they mentioned), etc....was too much for me to have to deal with! Especially since it would cost me WAAAAAY more than my little shop has even made the whole time I've been in business!...So I still have these. I don't know what I'm going to do with them. We don't have any big head babies. And hubby doesn't look good with butterflies in his hair...He doesn't even have much room for HAIR in his hair!! LOL
   Lastly, was this little beauty...
Frankly, I LOVE IT!!! It has a really vintage button on it and a whole lot of personality! But boy was it a pain in the neck to make!!! I had to change colors all the time, crochet over and sew in the loose colored threads so that they wouldn't be seen in places they weren't suppose to be seen, and put a backing on it that didn't take away from the integrity of the whole flower....WHEW! Now who is ever gonna pay me for what it's worth?!!! It hasn't gone into the shop because I don't want to give it away, and I don't think anyone would care about it as much as I do! So, here it sits!!!
   Would you like for me to show some of your projects that you've had dilemmas about? I'd love to show them. Contact me and I will!...I'm leaving you with a poem that I wrote as an answering machine message...that I also never used. Thought it was too cutesy and long for the callers to have to wait through. :-))

Answering Machine Message

You have reached the home
of Debbie and Jeff;
There's  no need to speak fast;
There's a lot of time left.

If you leave us a message,
and your phone number too,
just as soon as we can
we'll get right back to you.

Now, please don't  hang up;
We want to hear what you say;
And after your message-
you have a nice day!


  1. Love the poem! You should leave that as a message! It's memorable! I'm with you on the keychain. It's pretty, but not my style either! I LOVE the hair flowers for kids! I know a little girl that would look so cute in those or put on a headband!!! And your last flower is awesome! It looks like a LOT of work too! Yes, I have SO many things that haven't turned out the way I hoped, that I could keep you busy all day! LOL

  2. Bring it on, Bead!!! Ha! Ha! If you want to show them, just send them to me...If you can take it, I can! :-)


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