Sunday, June 20, 2010

Now that's funny!

   What do you find funny, or WHO do you find funny? That's what I was thinking about yesterday. I had a rough day. Actually a rough couple of days. I haven't been feeling very good. And not sleeping good either...(but that's just par for the course.) Go figure, we finally get good rain...and my body decides that NOW is the time to act up!...Oh well.
   When I don't feel good, or when something negative is trying to take over my mind, I try to counteract it with spiritually good input and then some FUNNY! The things that I find funny don't always gel with what the other people around me find funny though. In fact, that's always been the case. Every time he saw me looking at something on t.v. that had me in full laughter mode, my dad used to say: "Leave it to you to find silly stuff on T.V.!"
   Everybody probably found Lucille Ball to be funny. That whole sequence when her and Ethel were on the chocolate candy conveyor belt?! F-U-N-N-Y!!! I've had some moments like that in real life!...But not with chocolate candy and conveyor belts. A story for another time! :-) ... And my sense of funny has...shall I say...matured...over the years. Martin Lawrence and Tesha Campbell had a whole scene with a "Puppy" on "Chilligan's Island" that had me in stitches for days back in the day. And so did Monty Python's troup, going up the hill toward the castle, beating on coconuts, mimicking the sound of horses clopping!
  More recently I've found that I like more 'settled every day' humor. I can look at almost any episode of "Everybody loves Raymond" and laugh out loud! I think it's because I recognize myself in a lot of the scenes with Raymond and Deborah. Especially the scene when Raymond was going out of town and he left the stinky cheese in the suitcase on the stairs. Any couple that's been married for a while has probably had some version of that happen to them....and it's only really funny in hindsight!
   Here's my short list of who I think is funny: "Bill Cosby Myself"...hilarious, from beginning to end! Cedric the Entertainer, Lucille Ball (Of Course!), Carol Burnett, Margaret Cho (her stand up...clean version only!), Billy Crystal, Bill Engvall, Redd Foxx, Jeff Foxworthy, Goldie Hawn,  Bob Hope, Don Knotts, Jerry Lewis (especially in the movies with Dean Martin), Bob Newhart, Nipsey Russell (his poems he recited, with punchlines), Wanda Sykes (clean version also), Lily Tomlin, Betty White, Flip Wilson, and a whole slew of my personal friends!!!
In fact, my personal friends make me bust up the most!
Aren't friends great?!...And funny too! They always make me feel better...I've written many poems about my individual friends over the years. Some of them, my poems, not my friends, were not very good. Even I know it! I get a little chuckle at them too when I re-read them...What was I thinking?! :-)))))))))))

At Dawn

I just wanted you to know-Dear Dawn,
that you were named well, my friend;
Because you never give up the fight,
whether its from without, or from within.

Nothing ever keeps you down (that I`ve seen!)
With each new morning you just stretch and yawn;
You jump out of bed, and begin again,
(Like the darkness that's soon gone, at dawn.)

At dawn-is when you begin as mom;
At dawn-is when you begin as wife;
At dawn-is when you begin as friend,
as daughter, as student-"at" life!

So, if you didn`t do it exactly right today,
and your thoughts have fallen darker, with the night,
don`t worry too much, because as your name implies-
you`ll get another chance, at first light!

(Now, that's funny!!!!)

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