Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stick to what you do well!

  Hubby's been in the yard with the camera again, and I've been inside with my crocheting. I'd love to trade  places with him sometimes and let him do some crocheting while I take the beautiful pictures of the yard, but that's not going to happen anytime soon! He has no interest what-so-ever in learning how to crochet. Although a while back I did get him interesting in Latch-hooking! He made a few little rugs and wall hangings for family members, and then Poof! Just as fast as the interest went!
   And me, in the yard taking pictures?! Ha! First, I'm allergic to everything. My eyes start watering up, my nose starts 'twingling', my skin starts itching, and my stomach starts turning over. And into the house I go!!!...And second, we all know how much I "love"...NOT...that camera!!! So, we'll leave things as they are.
  He does a much better job at this 'Outside' thing anyway!...Here's some more yard pictures he took...
   The only bad picture, in my opinion, was this one (because when he showed it to me he was convinced it was as clear as a bell). It's suppose to be a frog up against the house...that's his story! LOL
Is that what it looks like to you?!.......Whatever!
   I'll stick to what I do...inside! (And I took these pictures myself too!)
It's my new necklace that I just put in the shop today! These pictures came out pretty good, with a bit of cropping thanks to Picassa. I had to weed out my usual funky looking photos.I only kept this one...the best of the worst.
  And I'm leaving you with a poem today that's kind of funky too. It's not one of my sappy cheerful ones...sorry. But it is one that said it all for me when I wrote it. I hope it speaks to some of you too.

For The Pain

For the pain that pulls me-still
(The pain of things I've never done);
There is a aching resoluteness
of a hope, where could be none.

For the pain within my body,
that I feel most every day,
there's a thanks for all the effort,
and the price you gladly pay.

For the pain of family loss
(Relationships that didn't grow),
There is a sadness-but a strength,
because 'Myself' I came to know.

For the pain within my heart,
felt for the world, and things gone wrong,
there is a knowledge of the fact
that they'll  be righted before long.

For the pain I've had to fight,
a victim's safe-less mental reign;
not much love from those who count-
Those are just links within a chain!

For the pain of always knowing
that some think my life mundane,
there is a fight -forever going,
self esteem I must attain.

Maintaining love for life and God;
I'd quickly do it all again.
You might not think it really worth it,
But I'm much stronger for the pain!


  1. Great read yet again! And omg how I love your new necklace! As you know how I love dragonflies I also love blue so there you go :D

  2. Thanks Little Fox! :-) I couldn't believe you said you liked them yesterday, and there I was making this necklace!!!...I'm happy you like it. I hope someone else does too!

  3. oh, those yellow flowers are definitely my favorite! xoxo

  4. Melissa, Aren't they pretty?! I wish I knew what the name of them were. The names are my hubby's department. I just look at them and Oooo and Awww! ;-))


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