Friday, June 4, 2010

Doctor's Visit

  Today is the kind of day when a big pint of Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk might be in order! That''s my "Go To" for comfort when things really stress me out. I used to have to eat the whole thing in one sitting before the medicinal benefits of it would start to work, but not anymore. Now, just a couple of big table spoons...with an especially big chunk of the chocolate in one of them...will do the trick!
  I guess a whole ice cream truck on the beach watching the waves could do it too...but since that's not a possibility today, I'll settle for just looking at this beautiful "Ice Cream Truck on the Beach Fine Art Photo Print" by icanspellit on etsy. Her shop is amazing!! And I'll sit with my little spoonfuls of goodness.
  The reason I'm stressing is because hubby has a doctor's appointment today. He has a hard knot right around his naval that's been paining him for a few months, unbeknown to me until about a week and a half ago! He didn't want to worry me! UGH!!! Of course, I'm not the least worried!!!...What really makes me crazy about this whole thing is that I might not have known at all if I hadn't noticed that he was messing with his stomach at odd times, and had that cringed look on his face! And at least two times when I asked: "Are you okay?!" He said: "Oh...Yeah. Just a little pain in my stomach. Probably just need to eat something."  But then I started noticing that he was fooling around with the flank of his back all the time too and I dug a little deeper and made him tell me!
   Are all men like this about taking care of their health?!!! He is the best husband in the world when it comes to taking care of me, but himself...."Ah! It's alright!" is the reply to everything! I MAKE him take vitamins and supplements, drink water, and holler at him when he's eating badly...he's a junk food and pastry nut! Up until just recently he's been pretty healthy. Actually, except for a few dings and dents, we both have. But we're approaching our 50's...FAST! and our bodies aren't as forgiving as they used to be!
   I am now using a C-Pap machine because of Sleep Apnea and taking two blood pressure medications, and he, on his initial visit to the doctor last week...that I MADE him go to...found out that his blood pressure was elevated too! So he's on a blood pressure pill now too...Now, today, is the follow up and the testing to see what's up with the naval tenderness where the hardness is. Hopefully he'll just find out he's pregnant and things can go back to normal.......What am I saying?!!! LOL
  Obviously I need some more ice cream!!! :-) I'll let you know what's going on as soon as I know.

 ...And Ice Cream

Butter Pecan ice cream
and Strawberry Jam;
Country Fried Chicken
and clove-studded Ham.

Banana-Split ice cream
and French-Fried Potatoes;
Macaroni and Cheese
and Fried, green Tomatoes.

Ben and Jerry's ice cream
and Shepherd's Pie;
Candied Yams and Marshmallows
and Turkey on Rye.

Chocolate Swirl ice cream
and Jelly Beans of all kinds,
Double Cheese Burgers
and Barbecued Pork Rinds.

Cheesecake ice cream
and Foot-Long Hot Dogs,
Lay's Potato Chips,
and Warmed up Pecan Logs.

Orange Dream Sickles
(and Fudge Sickles too),
Mushroom Chicken Breasts,
and Chocolate Charleston Chews.

Chocolate Chip ice cream
and Oven-Baked Pork Roast,
a Cinnamon-Raisin Bagel,
or simply a piece of Toast.

Ice Cream is always on the menu.
It always adds that extra "Zing".
No matter whatever else you're having,
it smoothly goes with everything!


  1. Oh Wug! I'm sorry that Jeff hasn't been well. I'm no doctor, but do you think he has a hernia? Or is it worse? I sure hope it's nothing serious anyway. I'm with you on the ice cream thing. Ice cream can make anything better! Nice poem too!

  2. CinLynn, By the was a hernia, but nothing too serious. :-]


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