Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yep!...More rain!!!

You know, I could be really irritated at all of this rain, but...I'm finding the best things to do while it's ping pinging and thunder clapping outside. Look! I finished the brown hat!!!
As you can see, I even put one of my babies (flower) on it! I didn't make it a permanent fixture though. It can be removed. But why would anybody want to remove it!!! LOL {Going through a bit of rain logged delusion.}
  While I was inside crocheting hats, hubby was all over town taking pictures! He's really getting into this picture taking thing! I'll show you some of his pictures of our little town tomorrow. Today I wanted to show you some of the ones he took in between the rain storms. I start off with one he took of a neighbor's rose.
   He wasn't as interested in her rose as he was in the leaves of the rose, all drenched in rain water. I think the rose was hiding anyway...Here are a few others he took around our yard.
   The forecast for today is 88 degrees and sunny! But for Thursday...more rain and thunder showers. I guess I'd better start figuring out what my next crochet project is going to be. For sure it looks like I'm going to have nothing but time to work on it!
   I've probably shared this poem with you before, but with the weather, I thought it was appropriate again!

 Spring Is The Rain

Spring is the rain,
when the flowers grow again,
and new life is let remain.
After months of drench and drain,
you now see roses down the lane.

Spring is the rain,
and the budding of the grain,
and birds, out your window pane.
When the weather makes you sane,
and its no longer on your brain,
'cause there's no cold to give you pain.

Spring is the rain-
the time for traveling on the train,
for watching trees, not weather vanes,
and raking leaves-Autumn's disdain.
You lift your head, just like a crane,
and now your thought's no longer vain.
You think of seasons that were plain,
but now its blooming, down on Main,
because spring is the rain.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hat!!! That's my cup o tea!! Wish I looked good in hats, cuz that one would be a goner for sure!! And Jeff, you are getting very proficient with that camera!! I can't wait to see your town photos! Nice post Wug, as usual and nice poem too!

  2. Thanks for the nice words Cin! I'll pass on your complements to my cameraman extraordinaire too!!! LOL

  3. Cute hat! And sweet poem:)

  4. chefswife, Thank you very much! :-)


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