Sunday, June 6, 2010


The picture of my backyard, through my bedroom window, says it all!
Yep! Dark clouds and......more rain! I suppose I should stop talking about it at this point and just get on with it!!!...So I will!!
  I'm planning another Giveaway. I'm kind of at a loss as to what to Giveaway though. I kinda wanted it to be something that was really popular from my shop, something that I know someone would want. But since I'm not really selling ANYTHING in my shop right now I don't know what I should Giveaway! Maybe I should Giveaway my shop!!! LOL ... Now you know that's not going to happen!!!
   Hubby's not going to be much help to me. He's just looking out the window, staring at the weather, and saying: "Why?!!!!" This rain is starting to get to him. All of his plans...working on the car, going for a walk around the block to exercise some of those pastries off, and planning a gathering of some of our friends to have a barbecue in the backyard...are being delayed and destroyed completely by the rain, lightening, and thunder! He could just go for it anyway I suppose. But he might end up looking like one of his T-shirts. It has a picture of a man standing at a barbecue grill, holding a big grilling fork. It looks like the grill blew up! The only visible part of him now being his huge eyes, and a line of black smoke coming up from his head. If the lightening hit my hubby outside, that's exactly what he's going to look like!...Might break up the mood of the weather....*slapping myself on the back of the hand*...STOP THAT!!! Ha! Ha!
  Okay....moving on! What should I Giveaway? Here are 3 choices. Please leave me a comment below and tell me 1, 2, or 3...or if you've seen my shop and have a suggestion please leave that too.
  1.) This "Green Multicolored Ribbon Hat"
2.) These "Cow Mark Brown And White Wheel Flower Earrings"
  Or 3.) This "To DREAM Of Two Painted Seasons" Necklace
  I'll wait for you to tell me...In the meantime, I'm off to tweet on Twitter for a few minutes before my creative rainy day has to get started! But, always, I'll leave you with a poem. A kind of fitting poem because at some time we all have to make an emotional investment in someone. Today I have to make an emotional investment in myself. Thank You Rain!!!

Emotional Investment

An emotional investment
in the bank of your child's  life.
And you make the same investment
in the future of your wife.

You'll  get much interest back,
from the deposit that is made;
Interest, not withdrawal,
because emotions will be paid.

An exchange of free cash flow-
cashing in on feelings spent;
spent on heart-felt conversations,
where you had to bet the mint!

All emotional investments
are the price you pay for time-
Time to check relationships,
to make sure that things are fine.

If you put yourself into it,
giving all you have to give,
your emotional investment
will compound this life you live.


  1. The hat is so cute, so 1!

    I saw this in your shop too, - also really cute!

  2. Love them all. But I guess if you want a suggestion, I'd say #1! Sorry it won't quit raining there. :( Raining here too, so you're not alone. Nice post!

  3. The hat is adorable! #1 has my vote =)

    Hope the rain moves out and lets a little sunshine in!

  4. Thanks Abby, Cin, and Kellie! Looks like so far the hat is getting the most votes!

  5. Rebecca6/06/2010

    My vote goes to the hat too.

  6. I love the hat! However the earrings are cute, too. I vote fo the hat.

  7. definitely the hat :)

  8. Rebecca, Amy, and Zoe, Thank you all for your comments. I just now realized that I never answered you! How rude of me!!


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