Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fashionista?...Not so much!

I'd like to start off today's post by reminding everyone that today is the last day that you can enter the GiveAway for the hat. I'll draw the name of the winner tomorrow, and post the name on my BlogSpot on Tuesday!

As a quick update, I haven't gotten the phone call from my friend's daughter yet. If I don't hear from her this morning, I'm going to call her! I'm really starting to worry now...But this waiting, at the very least, has focused my creativity...
   Oh Yeah, I had so much to post yesterday, with the bird, my necklaces, and my friend's info, that I forgot to show you the beautiful brass insignia that my friend, the jewelry artisan, made for me...while I watched in amazement! It started out with a long, straight,  piece of brass wire. Her arms and fingers were moving so fast!
  Next thing I knew...I was looking at this beautiful creation! She still wasn't happy with the way the 'ee's came out, but I think it's just beautiful!!! Now I have to decide whether to put it on one of my necklaces, make a brooch out of it, or write a poem about it...and keep it!
   She's been sharing so much of what she's good at with me that I'm feeling like I want to share something with her. . She already has a necklace, and a key chain I made for her, but I'm going to have to share something else with her that I'm good at. I think one day I'll cook her something! I'm known by my family and friends for my cheesecakes. Also my cornbread stuffing. My hubby loves my 'throw together' shepherd's pie...Maybe I'll make that for her! I think she likes casseroles. She's made me some tasty dishes!
  This is my "Wug Ugly Shepherd's Pie" recipe! Brown a pound of hamburger with a whole diced onion and some garlic to taste, add a can of cream of mushroom soup (Campbell's) {if you're in a hurry}, and let it cook all together for a few minutes till well done and the onions caramelize a little [you can make this with some mushrooms and onions, chicken broth, and shredded cheese sauteed down]. In another pot, boil about 4 large potatoes {Southerners, or adventurous people, can make one of the potatoes a sweet potato}. While the potoes are hot, mash them, add milk, butter, salt, pepper, and some shredded cheese {I like mozzarella and sharp cheddar, mixed}. In a casserole dish, layer the meat mixture, then a can of whole kernel corn (without the juice), The potatoes, and a few bread crumbs on top. Put the casserole in the oven on 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. (I do a quick high heat after that, for a few short minutes, to make it a little crispy)...When you dip it up, it may not look that good, but Yum, yum!!!
   Yeah, I think she might like that!...We can sit around, her eating casserole, me wearing my Wuglyees pin...yeah! a pin! :-)) A fashionista and a Eat-anista!!!
  Speaking of which, here are the finished necklaces...
These lobster claw clasps were a PAIN to put on!
Hubby laughed at my black wood bead attachment! The nerve! He says the person that wears this is going to look like she has a mole on her shoulder! LOL What does he know? He's not a fashionista like me!!........I may have to re-think the design, huh?!...Eh! I'll keep and wear it myself if nobody else likes it!!! It IS my very first finished wire necklace!...Perfect time for a repeat of this poem...

 Dress And Feel Better

When I am feeling bad,
and I'm about to drop a tear,
I make myself feel better
putting pearls upon my ears.

When your hair just won't act right,
and you're  feeling kinda fat,
put some perfume on your wrist,
and wear a fancy, frilly hat.

There's nothing better than some frill,
and high heels down off the shelf
to make you stand a little straighter,
and feel good about yourself.

Wear some bold and brighter colors,
and some jewelry everywhere,
and you'll  look so good to others
that you'll  feel like what you wear!
Change your mood-and sport some flare!


  1. Hi Wug! Once again I enjoyed your post! Love the way the necklaces turned out and I LOVE the "pin!" I want to learn how to do that!!!! "Black mole"....what does he know! It looks great! Love the recipe suggestion too! Makes me hungry! LOL

  2. You're always so encouraging Bead! (Cin) Hubby rolled his eyes...looks good on him! LOL

    Thank you!!!

  3. Hello there!

    Just had a moment to read your blog - I am hoping that you were able to hear some news about your friend. Hang in there, I know that waiting must be horrible.

    The necklaces are lovely!

    Take care!

  4. Gorgeous necklaces!!!

    JOYful D*Sign

  5. Hi Debbie! You are so sweet! I LOVE the way the silver and blue necklace came out! What a beautiful flower! I'm catching up on your blog today after a crazy busy weekend! See you soon! Love, Jennifer

  6. Hi Jen! I thought it came out kinda cute too! I had a good teacher! :-))

    I look forward to seeing you soon!


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