Monday, June 28, 2010

Daisy, Pretty Daisy!

This is another photo that my hubby took the other day of the daisies in our yard. I did a whole post about them yesterday. They made me so happy that last night I wrote a poem about them. I know....I'm sappy. :-) What can I say? That's me!...I'll share that poem at the end of the post today.
    I was so inspired by those gorgeous daisies. I think everybody should have some! And since mine are not for sale, I decided to show you some daisy inspired things on ETSY that 'Are' for sale!
  The first is this "Daisies Print by Todd Young" of "ToddYoungArt"
   These "Vintage Daisy on a Pedestal Mugs-Set of 4"  by "melanieperalto28"
   This dress, entitled "Vintage 80s junko shimada, sexy little mini-dress with daisies" by "pistolpoppy"
    This "Golden Daisy bouquet...fused art glass pendant" by "jochris12"
   These little "Glow Daisy-Silver Flower Dangle Earrings" by "SerendipityLicious"
   And this "HOME Acessories--White Daisy Spoon Rest" by "SincerelyApril"
   I love each and every one of these items! And I can't believe how reasonably priced they all are too! So, buy yourself a few daisies! And while you're wearing, looking at, or using them, I hope they make you smile as much as mine have made me smile the last few days.

Daisy, Pretty Daisy

Daisy, pretty daisy,
with your petals all sprawled out;
Making sunshine, bees and children
wonder what you're all about.

All spread out in the garden,
up the sidewalk, down the lane;
So much prettier to look at
than all those street lights down on Main.

Daisy, pretty daisy,
in your red or white or pink.
Letting bees and flies land on you
so that they can take a drink.

It's hard to see you basking
in the sun and not just smile,
'cause you look like friends just hanging out
and talking for a while.

Daisy, pretty daisy,
rain or shine you have no care.
You just smile at passersby
and make us happy that you're there.


  1. Love the daisy theme! You should do a treasury on daisies! I told you last night how much I enjoyed your poem too! Glad you posted it!

  2. Thanks Bead! I had another theme for today, but I couldn't get those daisies off of my mind! Ha! ha!...Thanks for the complement on the poem too!

  3. Great blog! Awesome daisy picks and LOVE the poem!

    Kim :o)

  4. These are ALL cute! Nice post.

  5. Love daisies or is it Beautiful pictures and a lovely poem. SO much talent :o)

  6. Awwwww! VabeachQuilter, ArtistiKat, and Maritime.
    Thank you all for such nice support. I really appreciate it! :-)

  7. I love daisies too and my grandma loved them very much! Lovely items and I just love this vintage mini-dress :D

  8. Reet, Thanks so much for your comment, even though I am really, REALLY late saying so!! ^_^


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