Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wacky Day!

  Me and hubby woke up sore this morning. No, we didn't go dancing til dawn or anything...although that would have been an interesting under-taking! :-] For me, the soreness has to do with the weather...OF COURSE! We're expecting thunder showers again and my body doesn't like the drop of the barometric pressure right before a storm. I feel like I've been in the pool all day and just coming out. You know that feeling like somebody said: "Oh, you're getting out of the pool now? Here, carry these 100 saddle bags full of bricks and wet sand over to my friend, will ya!"...I'll tell you what happened to him and why the rest of the day was wacky in a minute. First let me show you the new place I'm putting my flowers...on combs!
I put my little necklace loops on the back the same as I always do, so that if someone wants to wear them as a necklace or as a brooch all they have to do is add a chain or a pin. The flower will just slide right off of the comb.
   Okay, back to my wacky day...It started when a load of wash put the washing machine off balance. The 'clumpah-clumpah-clumpah' kept getting louder and louder! No big deal, right?! That happens to everybody. But as I said, that was only the beginning!...
  Then the phone kept ringing with odd numbers from people I don't know, showing states instead of names on my 'Caller I.D.'! I ignored that, turned the sound off...Then the lady that usually comes to clean for me called...I answered that one!...and said she was really sick and wouldn't be coming today. Okay, so I'll have to clean my own dusty house. :-)) No problem.
  Then hubby, on his way into the grocery store, tripped over one of those cement parking bumpers and put a nasty gash in his leg...and everything else took a nose-dive too, including his pride! He says he was more embarrassed than anything. I say SO WHAT if people laughed!  He's in his 50s and can't be expected to remember where his feet are every minute! Ha! Ha!
  By the way, that's why he's sore this morning too. His whole body, because of the fall, feels like he got hit by a Mack truck, he says. GREAT! The two of us are awake, with a Beautiful Saturday morning in front of us...and we can't get out of bed...I should say don't WANT to get out of bed!
  This would have been wacky enough for the day, but it wasn't the end. We also were totally forgotten about by someone who was suppose to call us. We were sitting staring at the phone for 20 minutes before we realized we had been forgotten!...And then, the piste resistance. We were getting ready for bed and WHOA! Out of the other room we heard a loud steady noise, like someone switched the vacuum cleaner on HIGH! It wasn't the vacuum cleaner though. It was the air conditioner! It made that loud noise for a few minutes and then DIED! FINE...JUST FINE! Now, if it wasn't 86 degrees, muggy and humid, there would be no problem. And if the repair person was coming today...even better! But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The air conditioner can't be fixed until Monday, right after this current heat wave we're having is going to break.
  So, yea, me and hubby woke up sore this morning...and sweaty. Now we're fear!...if that was the end of the wackiness, or just the beginning! UGH!We're kinda wishing we could be babies again. None of this stuff would have phased us then.

First Baby

"Hello! I'm  the first baby ;
First child of my mom and dad;
Before I came into their world
the face of my mom was sad;

Not because she didn't  enjoy her life,
or the pace of life was bad,
But because she wanted a little boy-
one thing she had never had!

Now, I'm  here; and I love to smile,
and love to eat! (I'm  a growing lad!)
Very seldom do you hear me cry;
But, if I do, you know I'm  mad!

My daddy says I'm  really smart.
(But I'm just an 'Imitate-U' grad!)
I love to watch, when he's  watching me,
and giggle just to make him glad.

That's me!-Baby Boy!
Occupation:-Laying on my pad;
and looking out of the window;
and loving my mom and dad!"


  1. Wow!! What a horrible day you've had! I hope you're feeling better now. I think you need this button the next time you're having a day like this! Tee Hee!

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Ha! You always can make me laugh!!! Thank you very much for that!...And so far today, no more wackiness has ensued...Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. Hey there Wug! I've been missing you! I forgot to tell you how much I love your new crocheted flowers. What a great idea to put them on combs!! Yes....that's the ticket! :)

  4. CinLynn, How did I miss this comment before?!...Well, anyway, thank you, my friend! :-)


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