Friday, June 18, 2010

Excited?...No, disappointment

   Hubby and I were so excited on Tuesday, after the 6th game of the NBA play offs, and after another hard Celtic loss, to see that the Boston Celtics Basketball team was still in it!. To our dismay, the L.A. Lakers evened up the series to 3-3. After all of that excitement, we decided that for the very last game of the series we'd spend it alone, just the two of us, in our Pajamas, with snacks, a T.V., Twitter, and the chronicle the win!
   Please forgive my photos. Frankly, I thought hubby would refuse to let me use these photos...they're so bad! LOL He looks like a homeless man with a 5 O'Clock shadow!! Oh well...that didn't matter. It was 8:30 p.m. The commentators were giving the stats on the 2 teams, and on individuals that would be playing. Some would not be playing because of injury....Blah! Blah! Blah!...I didn't care about that. I let hubby listen to that. I was getting ready!
Popcorn, peanuts, Cheetoes, the T.V., and Twitter! (I had to list a new necklace and do some SEO linking during the game...All play and no work?! Not in this house?! :-))) Mind you, we didn't eat all of this junk...We just felt better knowing it was going to be there in case we needed it...if our team was losing and we needed some solace!
But after the 1st quarter...
Boston was leading! We high-fived each other and laughed and giggled about some of the plays. The L.A. Lakers were trying their best, but the Boston Celtics were better!!...At half-time...
We were so excited!!! Boston was STILL in the lead!!! They had been playing their little hearts out! We wanted them to get a little better at rebounds off the glass (basketball fans will know what we mean),  but otherwise they were doing great! Now we had to suffer through some more commentator speak...and then the game was back on!!!
At the end of the 3rd quarter...
Woohoo!!! With 3 quarters down and 1 to go, the Celtics were STILL leading and looking good!!...The 4th quarter started and the Lakers decided that NOW they wanted to play....! About half way through the 4th and last quarter they took a slight lead!
All of a sudden the game became a nail-biter!!...The Lakers took the lead close to the end of the quarter...and it stayed that way for what was left of the rest of the game. :-(  We went from total excitement, to nervous, to this...
Even after the game was over, we were still in a state of disbelief.
Then came the resolution that "It was only a game! Oh well, maybe they'll get 'em next year."...But still...
 Good thing we were alone, just the 2 of us. This would have been a hard loss if we had friends or family in the room, jumping up and down in glee! Let's face still was a hard loss!!!
   This morning, while we were eating breakfast, we talked about the "what ifs" and "if onlys" of last night's game. Then we starting talking about our day's plans and itinerary for the week. The game became a distant memory!...................................................................Kobe!

Controlled Happiness

Don't  be happy,
or at peace.
Don't  rejoice
at sweet relief.

Don't  'gut' laugh,
or feel serene,
'cause if you do
it might be seen.

Don't  relax
Just be on guard.
(Not "you"-that's best!)

Don't  be concerned
or even talk;
Just look for bad,
just like a hawk.

Don't  think out loud
that things are good;
Please don't  trust it-
even if you should.

To criticize
is not their goal;
But this helps them
be in control.

And that control
is their real key;
To make me feel
I can't  be me!

They start to stare.
I think: "What's  wrong?"
The day-I know,
will be real long.

When all is calm,
I try again.
They're there for me.
They're my best friend.

We joke around.
I feel adored;
But that same day,
I get ignored.

I strive to share
what was my day.
My feelings seem
to get in their way.

This up and down
may work for them,
But I am not
a jungle gym!!

I need to be happy
and at peace,
and to rejoice
at sweet relief.

To  just relax,
and every day,
just be myself
in every way.

To be controlled
It will not work-
No! Not on me!!!"

I will be happy,
and carefree,
'cause Thankfully
I still love me!

Even  when
I am alone
my thoughts are in
the happy zone.

They'll  find me laughing,
making friends;
Not changing moods,
just like the winds.

So, don't  be happy,
or at peace;
Don't  rejoice
at sweet relief.

But all alone
is what you'll  be,
'cause I'll  be happy-
being me.

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