Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boo To The Rescue Too!!

      I thought that this Hammered antiqued copper heart pendant with rainbow fluorite dangle would be the perfect thing to show you to describe my feelings for the maker of this beautiful necklace! The maker is Boo, of boojewels on Etsy.
     In yesterday's post I mentioned that while Shannon of gifteddesigns did everything she could...and then help me fix my 'picture situation' on Etsy day before yesterday, I actually didn't get the revelation of how to initially fix my pictures from her. The help actually came from Boo! I went to the forum on Etsy and found a chat thread that was talking about the new format layout and expressed my frustration about not knowing how to fix them.
         Then Boo left me this message:
"....I don't have a current version of Picassa to give you accurate detailed instructions (so the details may vary from what I've described), but in my very old version, if you go to crop and select 'manual' it allows me to drag the mouse over the image and choose the area I want to crop from the original. You can move that selected area around to your satisfaction and tweak the shape by dragging the sides of the square with the mouse, then 'apply'. Then if you go to 'Export' the photo, it asks you what size you want it - the original or Resize, so choose Resize and you can select your final size, say 800 pixels, there and save it ready for upload."
      I was like a baby with some candy then!!! I went to Picassa and did exactly what she said....Funny, but while I upload pictures with Picassa all the time, and hit 'Upload', I had never even SEEN the section where it asks you if you want to 'resize' or whatever!!! DUH! I would go through this whole process, hit 'Upload' and then....TOTALLY ignore the sizing thing so that I can MAKE SURE the date on my pictures was correct!!!
    I mean when I focus, I FOCUS baby!! LOL So, anyway, I want to thank Boo from the bottom of my heart for that invaluable information! If there are any of you that never knew this either...I KNOW!...I hope this makes your life as easy as it has made mine!!...I've got a LOT of pictures to fix....gradually....but I've already been at it, a few at a time. Easy, Peasy!!!
    But now I want to show you her shop so you can really get to know why I took her photo advice so seriously! Her shop announcement says that 'she carefully hand crafts her jewellery in Sterling silver and copper, also using semi-precious, crystal and decorative beads. She's in the UK, but loves shipping globally, wrapping for all orders and UK postage being included in her prices, with a modest postage supplement for overseas buyers.'...I'd send WHEREVER to get these! ↓
     They're Honey opal briolette earrings on gunmetal oxidised copper loops...and they're gorgeous!! And if you want to see some gorgeous photos of a product, click on the link and look at the other 4 photos too!!...Oh! One day, day, my photos are gonna look like that...all grown up! :-)
      And as if we needed more assurance, she also says in her announcement that 'all her jewellery items are hand made by her - in a smoke and pet free home. And that if you don't see exactly what you want, or would like a slight modification, please feel free to ask.'...I think that's great! But, no worries, I don't think anybody would ask for a modification on this Antiqued copper ring and fossil coral bracelet!
     If you click over there and look at the other photos of the stones, up close, you'll see that it looks like it has little flowers on the stones! And you know how much I love a flower!!! :-)
    So, now you can see why I'm sporting a much calmer, non-ranting spirit on this lovely Sunday morning. Thank you Boo!!!...After my meeting this afternoon I'll be spiritually fed, smiling from ear to ear, and ready to continue the work on my crochet set I've been working on. I showed you the mitten yesterday...
    ...and I asked for your thoughts on whether to add buttons or a flower. Thank you, because I did get a couple of good suggestions, but...I had already finished the mittens by then! ^_^ See if you like what I added. ↓
    I put a green dragonfly button on the cuff of the left hand one!
    With my "Creator's Brain" I decided to put the dragonfly on just one mitten. The left hand one, so that when you go to wear them you don't have to do that thing that people do...putting both gloves on before they figure out whether it's the left hand one or the right! With the know which one is the left! :-)
    And what did I do with the other matching dragonfly?!
     I put it on a brooch flower that can be worn with the scarf I'm making to complete the set!.... ↓
    I's a lot of blue! But I'm hoping someone will like it, if not LOVE it!...Would you sell the whole thing as a set, or do you think that's too 'matchy, matchy'?! Maybe I should just sell each piece individually. I'd love to know what you think.
    Okay, Tomorrow I'll show you the Fall foliage pictures that hubby took around our neighborhood. I think we're at peak now...or close to it!! It's like a picture post card around here now!
     And while I finish my lovely breakfast hubby just made me, sauteed cube steak, grits, and home fries, {are you drooling yet?! I AM!!! LOL}...I'll leave you a poem. A poem that any parents with teenagers will totally understand! ...Have a great Sunday everyone!!

Its Not What It Seems

Embrace their quirks
(they just seem like jerks!)
Forgive their thoughtlessness,
and their rooms-always a mess!

"Why did they say that?!"
"Do I really look fat?!"
They didn't  mean to let that come out.
And there's no reason for them to pout!

So-they act a little silly;
Did you expect something else-Really?!
Just remember where their heart is,
though their words, like bullets, whiz!

Embrace their quirks.
Look, not at words, but at their works.
Look past the mire, and the muck;
Oh Yeah-and don't  forget to duck!


  1. Okay now you need to stop before you get all of my money! I can definitely see that ensemble with a nice denim jacket and jeans. And regarding breakfast: grits AND homefries? Like they make 'em down south? Uhmp umph umph!

  2. Love the new mittens, brooch and scarf!! I think it makes a wonderful set!
    I'm so glad Boo was able to spell it out for you with picassa. My program does the same thing, but I had no idea how picassa works.
    Glad you're happy.
    Rats...just got more bad news. Back later

  3. Alicia, Ha! Ha! Ha! You didn't get the other package I sent you yet, have you?!! ^_^ And you're right! Some denim jeans, a light jacket, and this ensemble and...BAM! LOL ... And yes indeed! He made them home fries, grits, and cube steak just like his granny...and me...taught him!! And it was goooooood too!! ^_^

  4. CinLynn, Thanks my sister! Okay then! I'll list it as a set! How much?! That'll be my next decision. :-] And Oh No!!! More bad news?! I'll catch up with you on Twitter to find out what's up. I hope it's not too bad :-/

  5. Anonymous10/24/2010

    I love your new set of lovlies! The colours are soooo pretty! And that necklace at the top and...well all it! Beautiful, beautiful!!

  6. Michele, Ha! ha! Sorry I gave you so much that you couldn't focus! ^_^ Thanks for the nice words!


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