Sunday, October 17, 2010

All Of My Ducks...and Mittens...Are Almost In A Row!

     Ha! Ha! Go ahead...Laugh! I was looking through my crochet patterns early yesterday morning and came across the pattern that inspired the baby blanket for my girlfriend.....and that inspired the creating of Oscar!! Look at all those birds everywhere!! UGH! ♫ "Ah Yes! I remember it well.... ♫ I just thought I'd share it. Okay,.......moving on! ^_^
    You'll be happy to know that pretty soon I will be out of Pistachio green....*And the crowds came to their feet, and let out a mighty cheer!!!*... ^_^The last of it is probably going to be these small size mittens.
      It appears that mittens, leg warmers, and fingerless gloves may be where I start to focus for a little while now. I've certainly made enough scarves, don't you think?! I'm at a loss as to what colors to start with though. Should I make white? Brown? Blue? What?!! If you have some suggestions, colors you think people would buy now, please leave me a comment and let me know. I really need to put some more of them in my Wuglyees shop.
   Right now I'm working on a custom order. A pair of fingerless gloves. It's kind of a new design to me for crocheted fingerless gloves. She drew me a picture of what she wanted, and I worked on them all day yesterday. Making them,....taking them a loose. Starting again a different way.....taking them a loose!! UGH!  They drove me crazy!!!
     After I finish the project with my customer I'll show you what I mean...Yes! I have pictures. I needed them to show her what I had so far. I'm not happy with them. The gloves or the pictures!..Not happy with them at all!!! :-)) I'm hoping I'll be able to make the gloves a bit more structurally sound. I'll be working on that today...before and after my meeting.
   Speaking of which, I have a poem I wrote a few years ago that chronicled my road to my being a Bible student. I figured that a Sunday, a day of worship for a lot of people, would be a good day to share it. So, I'm leaving that for you to read...You're gonna learn a bit more about me in this one!!! :-]

Before I Learned The Bible

Before I learned the Bible,
all my life was just a fog,
that consisted of Soap Operas
and me eating like a hog!

Jeff would leave for work real early.
I would sleep til almost noon.
I would watch T.V. til four.
Every day the 'same old tune'.

Unhappy with my marriage,
with myself, and with my life,
was my constant state of being
as Jeff's nagging, cranky wife.

But then one day there came a knock-
The house was dark; The shades were drawn.
"Jehovah's Witnesses!" I said,
"But Ryan's Hope is coming on!"

It was a woman who was nice.
She started preaching at the door.
She showed me scriptures from the Bible
I had never seen  before.

I got excited, and I read
everything she left for me.
I started studying the Bible.
I had finally found the key.

I couldn't help but share with Jeff
all the new truths I had found.
He now saw his cranky wife
wear a smile, and not be down.

The Bible helped our marriage too;
There was more time we spent together;
And as we worked to make a change,
there was more love for one another.

I got baptized in '84'.
It was the 30th of June;
And Jeff did too-that October,
and it was not a bit too soon.

Next year it will be twenty!-
Twenty years of serving God.
Looking back at where we started
kind of feels a little odd.

Sleeping til noon, and eating food-
these things were what I called 'The Rival'
to my Really living life-
But that's before I learned the Bible.

I learned to love Jehovah God
more than the choices I had made;
And now I'm happy with my life-
I think it was a real good trade!

{Now it's been 25 years....actually 26!!...and we're still going strong! :-)}


  1. LOVE the poem Deb! I wondered about the things you wrote in there!! Wow! 25 years!! That's great my sister! I do like your mittens and fingerless gloves idea. I think in a lot of different colors. Brown, blue, green, multi colored.....the sky's the limit!!

  2. What a beautiful poem! I think fingerless gloves are awesome! Great for phtoographers :)
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE those Green Mittens!

  3. CinLynn, Thanks! What things were you wondering about?! What? You didn't know I used to be a 'cranky Mama'?! LOL And thanks for the Mitten color suggestions too. I'm gonna start making some this week. And some fingerless ones too.

  4. Kerri, Thank you so much for the nice words about the poem, and the green mittens!...And for all those photographers out there, I better get right to work on those fingerless gloves then!!! ^_^

  5. Anonymous10/17/2010

    I just loved your poem. Brought a tears to my eyes, in a good way. Great Afgan and mittens. Peg

  6. Peg, Awwww! Thank you so much for the appreciation for my poem and my mittens! Makes me feel much better about sharing something so personal. :-)

  7. Love that blanket and the mittens. You've got some great things in your store!! And the poem is wonderful - I love reading about what happens when people find their passion, whatever that may be!! Love, Silke

  8. Thanks Silke, I'm hoping to get some more things in the glove and mitten section soon. I just have to decide what colors. Fun, fun, fun!!...And, by the way, I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. :-)


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