Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall, Giveaways, Winnings, and a Treasury!

      It's Fall Yall!!! :-) You might not have known that except for the amazing color of the trees around Holyoke yesterday though! After the rain took off, the temperature went up to around 70 degrees!! (Fahrenheit) It's suppose to be beautiful today too...right before more rain comes in for Wednesday! But unfortunately I don't think I'm going to enjoy it today.
    I hardly got any sleep last night. My C-Pap machine, the machine with the mask that I put on to sleep, wasn't working correctly. For some reason the pressure inside the mask kept dropping every time I put it on. So, I was up and down all night! And this morning...I have a terrible headache. UGH! Machines!!! Hubby is going to take the whole machine over to have the pressure checked in it today, so hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight. What do I need with sleep anyway?!....Said by the "Nap Queen" of Massachusetts!! LOL
    Okay, a couple of "house-keeping" things to tell you...As a reminder, the drawing in the Giveaway for the green and white afghan...
    ...will be on Monday, November 1st!! You can find out information about the Giveaway and the Afghan HERE! I've been putting your names in the box every day you made a comment! I'm excited to find out which one of you will be babysitting this "baby" in a little while! :-)
   And just so you know, I'm not the only one having a Giveaway! Nicole, over at the blog--> Nicole's Homemade Treats is also having a Giveaway. A really GOOD one too! This is what she says: "...CSN stores has graciously donated a $45.00 gift card for one lucky winner, in the USA and Canada, to use as they wish in any of their stores. CSN stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from cookware to fitness equipment to nesting tables. Check out CSN here."
    And then she invites us to look at her favorite,available in the CSN cookware store:
      It's the  Rachael Ray Bubble and Brown 4.25 Qt. Oval Covered Casserole in Green
I love this casserole dish!! I'm already thinking about ways I can use it!! LOL So if you want it, instead of letting me get it...and I won't be mad at ya if you do!!...you better head on over to Nicole's blog and see how you can enter! I know that for one entry all you have to do is visit her Etsy shop here and tell her your favorite treat & why you love it!...That was kind of hard for me. She's got so many delicious treats to choose from!!...But I did it! ;-) There's all kinds of ways to get more entries too! The Giveaway ends Friday 10/29/10 at 12:00 midnight EST. So, you better get on it NOW!!
    I've been doing pretty good in Giveaways lately! Remember the necklace I won last week?! Well, guess what? I just won another one too! On SnowFlakeDreams1's Blog I won a year's subscription to Country Living magazine...
    ...Oh! The recipes I'm going to have!!! :-) ... AND, as if that wasn't enough, I also won a choice of any item from her shop! YAY! I can get my hand on this!--↓
     I love her acetate tags!!....I love sharing all of my goodies with you guys too! I hope you don't mind me spouting off about it! It may sound kinda corny, but I enjoy talking about good things...Yours and Mine!!! :-)
    Okay, one more good thing and then I'll shut up...after the poem, of course! ^_^  My little Up-Cycled Doo-dad Dangle Crochet Brooch was added to RustlsVogue's Treasury entitled Recycled into Flowers and Brooches!
    You can follow the link to check out all of the creativity of the etsy shop owners! That saying about 'a mind being a terrible thing to waste' doesn't have to worry about etsians. They aren't wasting a bit of theirs!!
   Okay, a poem, and then I'm off to nurse my headache. I won't be able to go to sleep...which is REALLY what I want to do! Got no machine!! UGH!!

Logging All My Blogging

What will I talk about?
My camera's ready all the time!
Seems that everything's a subject,
whether ridiculous or sublime.

I upload all my pictures;
Head my post with one I like.
Put the title in the spot
that makes my story come to life.

Then I start the easy part,
talking til my face turns blue!
A little humorous bit of 'ME'!
(Is this what other bloggers do?)

After all my work is done,
and all my photos fit right in,
Then I hit to "Publish Post",
Well, first a "Preview", and a grin.

All that's left is constant checking.
Does anybody even care
that I'm nervous what they think,
and that my heart's all just 'Out There'?!

In the end, I have to like it!
Because it's done, won't hit "Undo"!
It's all fun and being me!
I leave the comments now to "YOU"!


  1. Ha! You hit my blogging experience right on the head with you poem. Isn't it fun?! And I love how I met so many wonderful people like you! :-) I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well and couldn't sleep. Have a rest and take care of your headache and enjoy all those goodies you won! I'm heading over to the giveaways you mentioned... Much love, Silke

  2. ItSilke, Yep! I'm having a ball!...Well, when I'm not nursing a headache, I mean! :-] And yeah, get on over to the Giveaway. It's a goodie!!

  3. As usual you have it right. I also think will they read my post or am I just a nobody out there. It's always good to hear that someone I know has won a giveaway becuase it gives me hope that maybe I will win something soon with all the giveaways I enter like a gypsy or a new cricut expression. LOL I'm dreaming I know, now back to reality. Congrats Deb!!!!!! You should recieve your first issue of Country Living within 4 weeks.

  4. SnowFlakeDreams1, Well, on one thing you can rest assured...I read all the posts that I can!!! I've enjoyed yours! And I've been o the ride with you through some pretty tough times too recently. Oh no, you're not just a nobody! ;-) Would I have entered the Giveaway of a nobody?! And how could I win "something" from nobody?! LOL See how it works?!! ^_^ And who knows, you may win my Giveaway for the Afghan! But wait!....How could I send a huge afghan to nobody! Ha! Ha! Ha! {Fooling around, of course!}..I'll be waiting for my Country Living mags to start!!! :-)

  5. Congrats my friend! You must just be "lucky!" (I hate that word, but it is the best to describe it). I never win ANYTHING!! LOL I do enter things, but I'm not quite as "lucky" as you! I'm happy for you too!

  6. Hi CinLynn! Actually, before just recently, I never used to win anything either!! It amazes me when I go by to see what's up on a blog and see my name as having won something!! :-)

  7. A most lovely photograph! The scene is rich with vivid, gorgeous, autumn colors. Wonderful reflection! Perfection.

    So sorry to hear you are sleep deprived ... no fun! I hope you were able to get a restful afternoon nap in.

    I loved your fabulous poem. I most definitely can relate. Always a joy to view and read your terrific blog.

    Wishing you a peaceful nights sleep ... zzz ...

  8. Hi Julie! Thanks for the nice words. And yes, I did get some rest, but not a nap. No machine. Have to wait until tonight! The headache is gone though, so I am feeling better than I did when I first put up my blog!...I'm glad you liked my poem. I think it reflects how a lot of us in blog-land feel, or at least I hope so! :-)


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