Friday, October 29, 2010

"Say What You Need To Say" Day and Give It Away!!

     Before I go on to any other subjects today, I wanted to remind you that Monday, this coming Monday, is the day I will be doing the drawing for the green and white afghan. This box  ↓  is where I've been putting all of your names when you comment every day.
    Kind of 'make-shift' I know, but it works perfectly! :-] To avoid any embarrassment, for me or you, ^_^ PLEASE follow the link and read up on exactly what you'll be getting if you win the afghan. And if you'd rather not receive it, offense will be taken,...just tweet me, convo me on Etsy, Tell me on Facebook, or leave me a comment below. That way if you're really not interested in it, someone else who is can get it!
    Now, let me ask you: Do any of you have family members, or people that you've never met, that you have something that you want to say, or need to say to them, but you haven't, for one reason or another?! I do. And I've been debating on doing a blog post, for my own amusement, that's basically a letter to this person, saying all the things I would say to them if I had the opportunity. Nothing mean-spirited or rude, just saying what I need to say. {The person I would write my letter to is my biological dad who I never met.}Would that be something you'd be interested in doing yourselves?! Maybe to your son or daughter, grandfather or grandmother, pet, boss, grocery store owner...Whoever!
    I ask because I'm thinking about maybe encouraging a "Say What You Need To Say" blog hop day. All of us with blogs can link to each other's "Say What You Need To Say" letters! Let me know what you think, and what day of the week you think would be the best to do it. I think it would be kinda fun!
    Let's face it, it's not some rocket science idea that's going to change the world...nor is that my intention {I kind of take the world as it least for now! ^_^}...but I do think that if we promoted it, it could be a way to get some new traffic to each of our blogs and also get to know each other a little better! I'll look forward to hearing what you think!
   On some unrelated news, I made it into another Etsy Treasury! I know!!! I don't know why I'm so popular lately either!! ^_^ But I'm thankful!! It's called Sun and Shadow!
    I think MaritimeArts did a great job with her picks too! A lot of my favorite folks are in it!  Please go by and check it out!...I found a shop here that I'd never seen before, and it has me wishing I had a dog!! If you love words, and you love dogs, you're going to love goingplaces2! This Schnoodle Art Inspirational Dog Print is one...I said one...of the prints that I have fallen in love with!!
       I muster up courage every day!! I'm almost grown-up too! :-) 
    Okay, I'm off to get my weekend started. Nothing special planned except 'Date Night' tonight with my hubby, visiting with family, and doing some reading...and listening! What's on your agenda this weekend?! And what about 'Saying what you need to say'?! You can...

If You Live Long Enough

If you live long enough
and experience you earn,
there is one great big lesson
in this life you will have learned;

that if you laugh your way through it,
and you're positive all the time,
then your heart becomes a magnet
and whats bad stops on a dime!

Love is drawn into your life
like a butterfly to a flame;
People's smiles drop from the sky,
like the rain that does the same.

And because you're lifted up,
there is nothing you can't do.
If you live long enough
your date with "Life" is never through!   


  1. You are a hoot! And yes writing letters like that can be very cathartic and healing. I wish you the best! COngrats on the treasury!!! no doubt you are listed!

  2. Robin, Yes they can be. I started keeping a diary when I was a pre-teen and have been writing every since. Very cathartic!! I think I'd be in pretty bad shape without my writing and my poems!

  3. Hey there my friend!! Yes, it IS an great idea! I would love to say a few things to my mother who died when I was 10. Or to my father who died 14 years ago! Some things have been bottled up for a long time!
    Love the treasury too! Wonder why?

  4. I'm thinking of doing it on a week day, like a Wednesday. Yeah, my biological dad is gone too. Can't write to him, but there are some things I would like to have said to him. :-/ I'd like to write letters to a LOT of people!! LOL...Oh! And could be you love the treasury because....YOU'RE IN IT TOO!!!! :-) And they're some great little orange earrings too!!

  5. I would like to be a part of your letter blog hop. There are family members that have passed away and there are things that I should have said to them but never did. I really love your poem today. You really need to put your poems together and publish them. Your ability to write words down that we all feel is just amazing. Congrats on another treasury.

  6. SnowFlakeDreams1, I'm so glad you're going to be apart of the 'Letter Blog Hop'!! I'm thinking about doing it next Wednesday. I'll let everyone know this weekend, so they can start thinking about their letters ahead of time. I think at the beginning of the week everyone is recuperating from the weekend, and at the end of the week they're planning for the upcoming weekend! So, right in the middle is the time for a calm letter to "Say what you need to say"!...And thank you so much for the nice words about my poems. I thought about doing that too. I started with the book of 20 poems that are in my shop right now. It's gotten a lot of views, but not one sale!! So, the rest of the series was never produced for sale!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! I figured that if I shared them on the blog, at the end of each post, I'd have a captured audience and less rejection!! LOL I think about it all the time, but so far I haven't been motivated to do it!....I'm CHICKEN!!! ^_^

  7. Deb the problem for so many of us is that we are afraid of rejection. If everyone didn't take a chance we would never have things like knitting needles, or fancy scissors. Then we sit here saying to ourselves I had thought about that and never followed through and look someone else became rich on that idea. Push push.....LOL

  8. SnowFlakeDreams1, I here you loud and clear!! Now...what bag do I have my 'anti-rejection spray' in?!! LOL ... I think if it was my crochet they rejected I could take it! But my poetry is so much a part of who I am. It would be literally rejecting...*gulp*...ME!!! :-/ One day I'll get up the nerve...for sure!

  9. All of your posting about Etsy has turned me into an addict!!!! <3 so glad I found it!

  10. Astoria Girl, Yikes!! I'm a Etsy "Pusher"?!!! Ha! Ha! Well, at least it's handmade!! ^_^ {I'm an addict too!}


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