Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's The One-Handed, Slow, Poster! Ha!

     I want to introduce you to one of my friends...Mr. Pain Pill. I HATE Mr. Pain Pill!!! And I hate his buddy too...BEN-gay! But I wouldn't have even met them if it was not for their cohort...ARTHUR-itis!! I think I have the wrong kind of men in my life these days!! LOL
   As much as I like to talk, this pinched nerve and this one-handed typing is really cramping my style...and my fingers! It is starting to ease up a bit though. I'm just going to have to rest my arm for at least another couple of days. So, to you is the only talking (typing-wise) I'm doing with any necessity...except to customers.
   And YAY for me...I had a couple of sales over the last couple days!! It's been a long dry spell. Not a long non-crocheting spell...because I HAVE been crocheting!!! 'Can you say PISTACHIO'?!! LOL And NO!...Smarty-Pants!...that is not why I have a pinched nerve!!! That's my story.....! ^_^
    Before I go though, I did want to share some great things going on in blogland. For instance, on Denise's blog she's sharing a wonderful opportunity for you crafty types to be published in Bead Trends Magazine!! Follow the link for directions on how to submit your original work!
    Also, One Artsy Chick is having a Romance Necklace Giveaway! This necklace...
     If you have Facebook you need to follow this link and enter. It's very easy!!! I did already. It was too pretty to pass up!
   And one last thing. I'd like to thank ladynera for including my Hearty Pink and Black Stripe and Block Scarf in her Etsy Black & Pink Style Treasury!
     You can follow the link to check out the other shops!
   Okay, my one hand is about wore out!! I'm going to stop typing now, before the other arm gets a pinched nerve and I have to go looking for books on 'How To Type' with your teeth or tongue!!! LOL
   Oh Yeah!! I almost forgot to tell you who the winner of the GIVE AWAY was! It's Becky! Congratulations Becky!!! Check your email for info!...I'll be doing another one soon. Have a good day everybody!

Fall Is The Tree

Fall is the tree,
with its colors all set free
in the orange and red you see,
and the golden leaves in the
honey-colored harmony
of a busy bumble bee.

Its so beautiful that we
don't even have to pay a fee
for the stark tranquility
that just fills our heart with glee.

Fall is the tree,
and it makes us hit our knee,
and thank God so humbly
for the unlocked door and key
to our visual memory.
All the other seasons flee,
but the fall is the tree.



  1. Glad the pain is easing a bit! Sorry it's still there though! Nice treasury!! And a great giveaway too! On my way to sign up! I never win anything, but it's worth the try! LOL

  2. I'm so sorry you're hurting! You need my hubby! (He's a Chiropractor who can fix anything...really!) You are too talented with poetry and beautiful handiwork to be hindered...so hang in there and hopefully you'll be 100% soon! Your poem about our aging bods made me laugh because I'm living every bit of it!

  3. Debbie I hope you feel better soon. That stinks!

    Glad you had some sales though!

    Congrats on the treasury! :)

  4. Sorry for all your aches and pains.... I have my own, but for now am anti-medicine of any kind, (let's see how long that goes) and congrats on the recent sales. May that be signs of good things to come for the Holidays!

  5. Morning! Hope you feel better...I feel your pain. Had a small visit from Sci Atica a couple of days ago but he is in the process of leaving. It can't be too soon for me. LOL.
    congratulations on the sales, it has been a bit slow lately. I hope the holiday season picks up.

    PS. beautiful scarf! Not surprised it was included in the treasury!

  6. Hi Cin! Yep! As long as I leave it alone, it's fine! But that's hard to do!...Thank you for your concern...I'll be having another Giveaway soon, for one of my scarves I think. Maybe you'll win that....Maybe!! :-)

  7. Yaya, I sure wish I could get your hubby!!! I used to go to the Chiropractor all the time a few years ago. He had me feeling the best I ever felt!! ♫ Memories! ♫...And thanks for all of the nice words about me and my poetry! * Blushing....Well, you know what I mean! ^_^ *

  8. Cathy, Thank you! :-)

    sMacThoughts, Welcome to aches and pains central, huh?! :-) I knew I wasn't alone!!! I try not to take medication unless I absolutely have to! Especially pain pills. But this nerve was HOLLERING!!! I only had to take them once though...Thankfully...so far!...Thanks for the nice words about my sales too! Have a good rest of the day!

  9. ArtistiKat, Yikes! It was "Sci" that sent me to the Chiropracter a few years ago!! I know that pain very well...This shoulder/arm pinched nerve rivals it!!...And thank you for the complement on the scarf too!!

  10. Oh my- how have I missed your amazing bog!! Absolutely beautiful! So so sorry that you have been visited by "Arthur"! Kick that bad boy out!

    Thanks for your sweet comments about my nests! I hope Miss Maddy picks you as the winner!

    Feel better my friend--

  11. Hi Vicki! It's so nice to have you visiting my backyard! And thank you for the complements too!...Oh, if only it was that easy to get rid of "Arthur"!!! Soon though!! In the meantime I'll just wait for better weather days, so I can just 'deal' with him! ^_^ And Pssst! Tell Miss Maddy Girl that that nest would look so pretty next to my backyard exposure! :-)

  12. Anonymous10/05/2010

    Debbie hi! I hope you get feeling better too wow.But you know look at what you do on Etsy you inspire me really.Amazing things.

    Oh yes congrats to me lol.Lucky me, I have been looking at the dinnerware sets.Problem is I cant decide LOL.

    You know I love sweet potatoes anyway as well....baked with just butter on and last year I tasted my first sweet potato pie.Yum!So good.So if you ever come to visit thats what we will have everything sweet potato LOL.

    Have a nice day! HUGS!

  13. Becky, Hello!! Now that we know who each other are, right?! :-] My arm is trying to get better. I can feel it. Another massage coming up and then who knows...Watch out typing fingers!!^_^ Thanks for such sweet complements about my shop. That little shop gives me lots of smiles, if not lots of money! I love it!...Oooooo! Dinnerware!! That's a good idea! Use every bit of that $55.00 Girl!! Get something you can make sweet potatoes in!!! :-) And thanks! Now you have me craving sweet potato pie!!

  14. Thanks for the support and comments, everybody! :-]


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