Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crocheting Pistachio....Here We Go Again!!

     Can I just say right off the bat today, I am a..............
      There is no denying it!! :-) Don't get me wrong, as you know, I have some other loves...real my life. My God, my hubby, my friends, my poetry, music, etc... I better stop now. I could be here all day writing down a list of all the things I love. But Oooooooo! I love to crochet!!!
     I picked up my crochet hook and my yummy pistachio green yarn day before yesterday, after almost a week of not being able to crochet {because of the pinched nerve in my shoulder, that went all the way down my arm, to my crochet loving fingers!}. I've been working on pistachio scarves. Pistachio and celery, pistachio and moss, pistachio with white, etc. And you think I'd be sick of this color by now, but nooooooooooooo! LOL
      I love this color yarn!! I have to thank my customer that I recently did the custom ordered scarf for. If not for her I may not have ever met Mr. Pistachio! :-)) I know she, and probably all of you, wish I hadn't met Mr. Pistachio!! ^_^ Bare with me though. I don't have much of it left. That's why I started this hat. I figured I'd have enough to finish a hat, and then maybe use the rest for an accent on something. A couple of crochet brooch flowers perhaps!
    I'll tell ya, if you have things going on in your life that cause you unhappiness, like all the deaths and illness that are all around me lately, there's nothing better than being able to sit down with something, or someone, you love and working it all out! Every strand of this pistachio hat I'm working on is now full of deep thought, figurative tears, and love. Can you see it?!
    Can you feel it?!
      With the Chilean miners being lifted up, one by one, from the mine yesterday, and me sitting here crocheting my hat, stitch by stitch, and watching, I feel like a lot of good, and a lot of love, was accomplished...there....and here. :-) Their experience down in that mine, where they shoveled rock as if they were still on their regular work schedule, and sang Elvis songs, is a testament to how well you can do if your mind is in the right place. Crocheting is one of the things that puts my mind in the right place.
     What,...besides your kids, husbands, and pets,...puts your minds in the right place?! And remember, your comments also put an entry in my GIVEAWAY! {And by the way, the first monthly drawing for my giveaways will be tomorrow, the 15th! So, make sure you do comment today!}
    Before you go though, please meet my AWM team member, Lou!
    Her Etsy shop is LousUpcycles. It is amazing what she does with recycled items...really! Take a look! She really wants everyone to STOP using plastic, and put her out of business! :-))
    She's trying to get put out of business, and I'm trying to find some way to put myself IN to speak...with my crocheting and poetry! Speaking of poetry, Chilean miners, this one is for you!

Mine Darkness To Light

Devoid of light, engulfed in darkness,
now only able to remember sky.
Diabetes, panic and hunger,
But a unity you cannot deny.

The thirty three Chilean miners,
with family waiting at Camp Hope,
portioned out milk, tuna, and crackers,
while in darkness they sang just to cope.

Sixty-nine days they'd endure,
Shoveling the rock that still had them bound.
Seems impossible, yes, but true,
that one said he would still go back down!

Beams of light, in the sky, and on faces,
was what the miners would come up and see,
when the tubular cage was extracted
and the earth finally set them all free.

Years from now what will be remembered?
Claustrophobia? The cheers from above?
Letters of hope sent to loved ones?
Co-workers with lots to speak of?

Grateful for life and for family,
with their spirits still strong and bright,
Days ahead will come the real challenge
of turning this darkness to light.


  1. Great poem Wug!! You really captured it. I love the hat too! I'm surprised you're not sick of the pistachio by now, but I'm glad you've been able to use it.

  2. Thanks Cin! You'd think I would be sick of it, wouldn't you?! I'm sure it'll happen...eventually. But not yet!! ^_^

  3. Taking a stroll in my garden in the evening and working at my jeweler's bench always get me back on track when I start worrying about things. I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to do what I love.

  4. beadsnbangles, How nice. :-) Yeah, gardens...and flowers...can be particularly centering. I think the creator knew what he was doing with foliage. :-)...And being able to do what you love...priceless!

  5. Hey! Don't put words in my mouth! :D I do not regret introducing Mr. Pistachio to you! I'm glad you've become such good friends! LOL And that hat is prettttyyy! :)
    Photography always puts my mind at ease. There is nothing better for me than getting your gear and heading to the local forests on a beautiful summers evening! I never think about the troubles in life when I'm in the forest. Seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat is the best thing there is! :)
    Wonderful poem too!

  6. Mariann, Ha! Ha! Okayyyy! Words of mine extracted out of your mouth!!! ^_^ ... And Yes, I can tell from looking at your photographs that you are completely in your element and at ease. {I wonder if your subjects feel at ease too?!...Yeah, I'm sure they do! :-)}...Thanks very much for the nice words about the poem too!

  7. This color is so fantastic! I have a raincoat this same shade of green which I love, love, love wearing! The story of the miners is so amazing. I can't even imagine what they have been going through the past 2 months!

  8. that is the perfect color of green! I love it. I wish I had the patience for crocheting.

  9. Miss Val's Creations, If you have a raincoat this color that means you love pistachio too!!!! Welcome to the club! ^_^...As to the miners, I'm sure that over the next few months we'll be hearing all about it...and probably more than we want to hear!!

  10. Hollie, It is pretty perfect, isn't it?! But I could be slightly biased! ^_^...I had to teach myself how to crochet, using a book with pictures. You could try that. It's very worth it!

  11. Love the pistachio hat! The color is absolutely delicious. Yes, you can see a lot of love went into crocheting that wonderful hat. Each and every stich is perfection. I can see why you are delighting in the pistachio yarn. The color brings about a very soothing feeling.

    Nature most definitely puts my mind in the right place. A walk outside refreshes the soul.

    Great post, as always!

  12. Thanks Julie! I can see that I'm not the only 'green' lover around here! :-) And as to nature, I agree with you. That's why I love my backyard so much too.

  13. Nice hat. I like the color as well.Photography inspires me and puts me at ease. I wish I knew how to takes talent (which I lack)

    beautiful poem.

  14. Croatian_Latina, Thanks for the nice words about the hat!...And by the way, I've seen your photography. It's gorgeous, and something I struggle terribly with!! I'd say you DO have talent!! So what if it's not crocheting!! Everybody's talent can't be the same. I wish I was as talented with a camera!!!


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