Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A River, A Skunk, and a Scarf!

    Thank you all for the encouraging comments and hugs you gave me yesterday. You'll be happy to know that I'm feeling much better. In fact, as soon as I wrote all of my frustrations down on the blog yesterday, and hit the "Publish Post" button, I felt better!! It's always been like that for me. Writing is like therapy. And YOU all are my "couch"!! ^_^
   So, on we go!!...I've got some more photos to show you that hubby took around the Connecticut River, and a new pistachio scarf. But first I want to show you the 2 treasuries my Wuglyees shop was featured in! One was called Kindness Spreads. MaritimeArts curated it.
     I'm thankful that she spread her kindness to me, putting my little White Czech Glass Button Flower Fly Brooch in there!
    And if that wasn't nice enough, then prairieprincess curated this fun treasury, entitled Stinky, and added my shop item in there too!!
    This treasury is all about the skunk! So it was fitting then that she would include my Black and White Skunk Beauty Scarf!
     But It doesn't smell like a skunk though. I promise!! ^_^
        Okay, what shall it be next? River area pictures or scarf?!....Pictures!
     I don't know if you can tell from these pictures but we live in a kind of mountainous area. In fact, we live kinda on the top of one. We come down it to get to the river. These last two shots are overlooking the area above where the river is. You can kinda see the leaves changing, although we're not at peak yet. Hubby was just saying yesterday that he hopes we actually get to see the gradual change of the season this year.  Last year the leaves started to change color just a little, and then we got a ton of wind!! We had a pop of color here and there one minute, and then bare naked trees the next!!...I'm sure all of the tourists going leaf-peeping around here hope the leaves stay on the trees for a while too!
   Okay, now for the scarf,...my last pistachio scarf.
      At this point you're probably thinking one pistachio scarf looks exactly like the other pistachio scarf! ^_^ But actually all of the scarves are slightly different. This one has a row of pistachio green, and then a row of celery/white stripe, all the way through it. (My pictures are not doing it justice, but you get the idea!! LOL) The celery/white is a cotton yarn, whereas the pistachio is 100% acrylic. Soft. This one won't be as warm as the other ones because of the cotton. But it'll be warm enough. Trust me! :-)
     Okay, one last picture. This is a train track that runs kind of parallel with the river. I think it's pretty cool that if you take a train to the Massachusetts area or more Northward, via Connecticut or New York, you'll probably be looking at water along the whole ride...except for some breaks of trees. The trees kinda like the river too. :-)
    I wonder if love, described in a poem, would have as a stanza: 'Love is a train ride with the river as your view'?! I suppose I could add it to this one that I wrote a while ago. I'll think about it! ^_^

What Is Love?

Love is doing the 'Loser Dance',
when your spouse beats you playing cards.
Love is flowers for no reason,
and a date, on the fridge-that's starred!

Love is saying that you're sorry,
when every fiber says 'You're 'Right'!
Love is wearing your wedding band,
though you've gained some weight and its tight.

Love is wearing cologne and perfume,
though you won't  be leaving the house.
Love is buying a top at the store,
'cause he'd  like the feel of the blouse.

Love is thinking of each other,
and then picking the phone up to dial.
Love is remembering it all,
and writing a poem, while you smile.


  1. Love the poem! No pun intended. The photos are great Wug. Gives me a feel of the area you live in and it makes me itch to write part 2. Not today...no time. I really do love your new scarf too! Great color combination! Hope you sell it quickly! :)

  2. Thanks CinLynn! YES!! Get on Part 2! I'm waiting!!! I'll try to be patient though since you have a busy day...And thanks about the scarf. It'll be the last SCARF in pistachio for a little while, unless I get requests. But I'm working on a hat!...*Teehee*

  3. Wow you live in a beautiful area! I so miss the trees and the green...sigh. Moving to the desert it has it's own beauty but I long for the green and the trees. The strength of the trees and nature is glorious.

    And....I love you scarf. In fact I think I will tweet it...lol. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi Maritime! I've never been to your area, or lived anywhere where there weren't trees. I did live in an area where we hardly had snow! When the winters hit here I sometimes long for that area again!!! ^_^ But the seasonal change and watching the trees is wonderful! I'm thankful to live here...And thank for the tweet about my scarf! Tweet about your treasury too while you're at it! :-))

  5. Great pictures! And love that pistachio! :)

  6. Thanks Cathy! Hubby will be glad to hear that complement. :-)...Thanks about the pistachio too. I'm not making anymore pistachio scarves right now...but...shhhhh!...I am working on a hat! :-)

  7. love the river, the skunks, and the scarf!!!
    but i especially LOVE the poem. :)


  8. Diane, Thank you so much!! I wrote that poem about me and hubby. He does the best loser dance ever when we play UNO or Scrabble! ha! Ha! And unfortunately for him, he does it a lot! ^_^ ...I'm glad you liked it.

  9. Wow you certainly live in a very beautiful area. It reminds me of where I live but our river is much smaller.

  10. Yes Joanne, it is a beautiful area. But the earth is a beautiful area. This is just one section of it, right?! :-)

  11. Well at this time in my life i'm into the colors balck and white and I just love that scarf. Your peom is wonderful made me really think.

  12. SnowFlakeDreams1, Great! Thank you for such nice words about my skunky "baby"!! And about the poem too!...And exactly what 'time in your life' are you talking about? Do tell!! ^_^


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