Saturday, October 30, 2010

Backyard Treasure...and other stuff and things!

      Have I told you before how peaceful my backyard makes me?! :-) I'm sure I have....probably at least a hundred times! But it's crisp fall/Autumn mornings like this morning that really make me feel that way. The grassy hill is scattered with leaves that are slowly releasing themselves from the trees when the wind blows,...
    ....the trees look like they're just about to do their morning stretch so that they can get all of their blood flowing. Wait a minute! Trees don't have blood!.....Okay, so it's ME that's doing the morning stretch thing! ^_^ {And hubby didn't want to wake up either! He was just about to meet Captain Picard's friend, Ming. He saved Captain Picard from some battle and.......*Charlie Brown's Teacher started talking to me right about there* ^_^}
      And just behind the trees lining the outer edge of the backyard is a little pop of color from a couple of golden trees. Just enough to make your mind wander, wondering what else is going on out there. I actually saw a huge rabbit running around out there yesterday! It was the first time I'd seen a rabbit in the backyard! He looked kind of scared as he was scurrying around too. With all of the critters that are known to be in the woods around here....foxes, black bears, skunks, etc...I suppose I would have had a scurry about me too, being all exposed!
     When hubby pointed the camera up this morning, this is what he saw! A beautiful blue sky....but the moon is still there! I guess we're not the only ones not quite awake yet this morning! ;-)
    I am awake enough to tell you though that I've decided that the "Say What You Need To Say" letter hop day will be on Wednesday, November 3, 2010. I'll be writing my letter to my biological dad, to 'say what I need to say'. Some of you have expressed some interest in doing the same. Great!!
    What I'll do on Wednesday is add all of your links to the page where my letter is, so that anyone interested in reading the other letters can do that. And you can do the same on your letter pages! I'm also going to tweet about it on Twitter and add it to my Facebook page too. I love writing, which you know! But I also love reading, especially letters and experiences from someone's life. I find that I always learn something. We all have similar life experiences, no matter where we live, when it comes to our relationships with one another.
    I'll be checking my whole Blog list of I always do...on Wednesday to see if you have a letter posted. If you do I'll add it to the list of mine. It's easy with the 'Google Friend Connect'. Any new posts are immediately added to my blog updates. I love it! So, I look forward to all of us 'saying what we need to say' on Wednesday!
    To end today's post I want to show you the new treasury I just got put in. Yep! Another one! I'm feeling so special. I hope I'm not building up animosity and making you sick of me! Oh No!!! ^_^
     OhMyAmpersand curated it. It's titled Follow Friday on Twitter. She included my Beige and Yellow Fire-In-The-Hole Two Painted Seasons Necklace.
     But there's some other great items in there too! And once again, things I'd never seen before. Here's a few of them. You can follow the link to the treasury to check out the others.
Finial Tealight Treasure Keeper
Double Lily Wedding Hair Flower in White 
Raw Citrine and Copper Necklace
Cotton Knitted Tote-Cafe Au Latte
    Okay, I'm off to get some things done, and do a rough draft of my letter for Wednesday. Have a good weekend everybody!...Oh Yeah, Poem! It's a repeat...but appropriate. :-]


There is a need inside of us
To just connect with someone else;

To look at them and somehow know
that who they are, can help you grow;

That if you just could somehow feel
the way down deep, that makes them real,

Your words will, then, no longer hide
the 'who' you are-the you inside;

And then, if you should laugh or cry
or lean your head, and give a sigh;

And if they mimic back to you
the same reactions that you do,

Then there's a real connection made,
and all your inhibitions fade.

All the walls that you put high
will fall away-into their eye,

Where you can look and see intense
emotion-and their innocence;

And you no longer must explain
the need inside, you now must claim;

The need to be the 'who' you are.
They've taken stock-and raised the bar.

Now-if you touch, or if you don't,
or if you will, or if you won't;

It doesn't matter-not a one,
the things they think, or what they've done;

Because connection has been made-
the needed, real, foundation's laid.

Now-there's a real relationship
that you give action-not just lip!


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  3. Anonymous10/30/2010

    Hi Debbie!Your yard is lovely.The grass looks blue green how pretty.The animals all sounded so cute in the woods there except the brown bear LOL.We have those up the mountain a ways in Pennsylvania I hope to never see them ha.

    I think your idea for "Say what you need to Say" is a great one.But I have no ideas yet.I will be sure to think of something.I dont want to get political for fear of harassment LOL.Heheh you never know some people cant take a tongue and cheek look at things.But anyway,I will think on that.

    Enjoy the weekend!Awesome painted seasons necklace.Love it!

  4. Congrats on the treasury! Looking forward to Weds. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Becky, Yes, the grass looked like that this morning. I think it was because it was so early. Maybe still too dark out to be taking pictures, but we couldn't help ourselves! ;-)...As to the letter, I know what you mean. Sometimes what you say is misinterpreted. It's happened to me before. But I was thinking of letters in more of a personal nature anyway. I have enough people to personally write letters to to not have to go looking for controversy or a fight with somebody! I even have a dog that I loved that took off on us when I was a teenager. I never got over it. We never knew what happened to her. One of these days I'm going to have to write her a few words too!! ^_^ Just saying what I need to say...

  6. CinLynn, Thank you my friend! You have a good weekend too!! :-)


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