Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tweeting Twitter Support

      For me, this weekend, it's all about support! So, I thought I'd share with you some of the tweeters from Twitter who give me great support. And first out of the box would be foxtrotcharlie1. The header picture is her Victorian Ascot Tie from her MaritimeArts Etsy shop. Oh! If you haven't seen her Victorian and reenactment clothing, you just HAVE TO check out her shop! If I had known her 28 years ago I might have had her make me a Victorian-inspired wedding dress! I could have seen myself in something like this Striped Bustle Gown.
         She's very good!...And she's a very good supporter too!
    And anybody that's seen me tweeting on Twitter knows that my number one supporter is probably 'Bead'. That's what I call Cindy, Beadlynn7 on Twitter. To put it in slang: 'She picks up everything I'm putting down'!! LOL She's my sister and my friend, and I don't know where I would be without her support.
     She's a great jewelry designer too!! I love her CinLynnBoutique Etsy shop. My REAL favorites are her Purse/Zipper Pulls. But lately I've been loving her earrings a lot too!! But of course this Jasper and Antique Brass Necklace ain't nothing to 'shake a stick at' either! LOL
       And next would be my twitter supporter letamariedesign, or letamariedesigns (with an "S" added, for her Artfire shop). She makes me smile when I pop on Twitter and there she is, showing off some item or the other from my shop, along with the sweetest comments about them! :-) I wish I could show you an item from her Artfire shop, but in order to do that I would have to break their copyright laws about copying pictures. So, instead I'll just give you a link to what I'm talking about...I love her White Mother of Pearl Earrings with Black Swarovski Crystals. She's having a 10% off SALE from now until October 15th on her beautiful jewelry. Well Worth Your Attention!!
   Cat, of catcanpaint (on Etsy), is an original artist and a raptor handler! She has mostly owl paintings in her shop. They have been made into prints to use as greeting cards. Very talented!
      This is her SAW-WHET Owl Original Art Greeting Card....She has my little shop on a Twitter reminder or something. So, no matter what day it is she has the link to my shop out there! I really appreciate her support.
    I could not talk about support without including craftgal! She tweets with me about sports (She's a Phillies fan), crocheting, my shop, and we've even had an exchange or two about recipes. Every time I see the words CROCHET RULES! I know it's her!! :-)
       This is her Black and White Crochet Scarf.
      With the colder months on the horizon for a lot of us, this scarf would be one way to be warm, yet stylish in the same shot!! But she has all kinds of other things in her etsy shop too!
    So, as you can see, in Twitterville I have lots of support. Come by and tweet with me sometime and see! I'm Poetesswug2. (My number one "Wug" place is my Wuglyees shop. ^_^) And frankly, this is only the tip of the iceberg! I'll share others later.
    I have lots of support in my offline life too, in the way of family, congregation, and spousal support. I want all of you to know that I appreciate you very much!! I'll try to be a good supporter of you all too whenever I can!!!...Speaking of which...
        ...I have a team to support too. The Artisans of Western Mass Team. Today I'll introduce you to Becky Lemanski of ATBcreations on Etsy.
     Talk about talented!! Look at this Copper Wrapped Oval Stone Necklace from her Etsy shop!
    Beautiful, huh?!...Okay, I'm off to get some more support for my arm. It's feeling pretty good this morning!! I'll be back to my pistachio soon!!! :-)

 I Am Thankful

I am thankful I can breathe
when I wake up every day;
I am thankful I have time
in which I can spend to pray.

I am thankful that my husband
is a good, hard-working man;
I am thankful I can write
with a steady flowing hand.

I am thankful for good friends,
who are always there for me;
I am thankful for my ears,
and the sunsets I can see.

I am thankful for the Bible,
`cause from it I learned the truth;
I am thankful for the rain,
and my house, with rain-proof roof.

I am thankful for my life,
because without it I'd be dead-
and the dead can't serve Jehovah,
or even practice what he's said.

I am thankful for this poem,
writing it was not a chore,
`cause it made me stop and think
of all the things I'm thankful for.


  1. Good Morning!!! I am so touched that you included me in your list of supporters ~ so very sweet of you!!! I am very happy to have found another crocheter who loves to cook, craft and chat about sports!!! :-)

  2. Thank You so much for the mention! Its so nice to support those who will help support you :) Plus I just love your wuglees!

  3. Wonderful post! So uplifting and such beautiful creations. Enjoyed reading about some of the many talented and kind people on Twitter!

  4. Craftgal, How could I have a list of supporters and not include you?! Thank you very much!!!

    Hi Leta!! It was my pleasure!...And me and my Wuglyees thank you!! ;-)

    Heather, Thank you for the nice words! Yeah, Twitter is a place with a wealth of talented people just waiting to be discovered...Including you! :-)

  5. Anonymous10/09/2010

    Loved the blog. The stripped dress is just adorable. I always did like the clothes from that era. You are so very right about Cindy. The poem is just great and so very true. I just love ready your poems.

  6. Peggy, You are so sweet!! Thank you for all of the nice things you said about my blog, my supporters, and my poems. :-) Now, if I could just figure out a way to become a millionaire from talking!! ^_^

  7. Wonderful post! LOVE the shops that you've highlighted!

  8. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog! I enjoy hearing from you! I love this dress and this scarf!! Cute!! Have a lovely weekend an I hope to see you soon:)


  9. What a lovely post & an equally wonderful poem. That dress is just to die for! Amazing!

  10. Hanna, I enjoy your blog very much. Can't help myself from commenting!! ^_^ And you have a nice rest of the weekend too!

    Joanne, I'm glad you enjoyed the post...and the poem.:-) Thank you!...And if you think that dress is great, you should see the other things in her shop!!

  11. Thank you so much Deb for that poem it meant so much to me today. I really love that scarf its me my husband would say. So glad to hear you have such a great support group. Everyone needs a good foundation.

  12. SnowflakeDreams1, (Velma) How are you?! It's so nice to hear from you! I've been wondering how you were doing! I'm glad you liked the poem too. Sometimes no matter what's going on, you just need to be reminded of things you can be thankful for. There's always something...thankfully! ^_^ And your comment about the support is so very true.

  13. I am so honored that you put me in your blog :-)
    You are a great supporter as well. Thank you so much for all your inspiring words and pictures. I have been sooooo inundated with sewing I have really on been able to schedule tweets. I am so thankful but so tired. After Halloween i want to twitter again and catch up with people. Hope all is well in your world.

    Thank you again and God Bless you.

  14. Maritime, It was my pleasure featuring you! And I think it's great that you've been busy! As my grandma would say: "Strike while the iron is hot!" In other words, you never know how long the work will last, so do as much as you can...while you can! But don't over-work yourself! (I did that with my arm I think...hate to admit it too! lol)... Don't worry about the tweeting. I obviously know how to find you if I need you!! ^_^

  15. Etsy is so addictive! Your support system seems terrific, but all that etsy would get me in trouble!
    Read every word of what you are grateful for. I so admire someone who can see life and all it has to offer. Your list was inspiring.

  16. Sandra, I agree about etsy!! In fact, anything I'm looking for these days, because I know the reputation of etsy folk, that's the first place I head! :-) So far, I haven't gotten in trouble buying too much, and I haven't been disappointed!...And thank you, thank you, thank you, for the nice words about my poem!! It means a lot to me...especially because it wasn't something I did just for money. It's truly my list.

  17. Thanks my dear sister and friend for your nice comments about me and my shop!! It's great to have friends like you and I appreciate the feature!!

  18. CinLynn, You're very welcome my sister! :-)

  19. Thanks everybody, for your constant support! :-)


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