Monday, October 11, 2010

No One Wants To Think....

     Funny how things can change so quickly. I had a blog planned with just a few photos to show you today. One photo being this nice shot hubby took by the river the other day. There was a boat, a pair of blue shoes, and out on the boat ramp a little ways was...
     ...a wheelchair! There were no people around, so all that was left was the question: Why would someone leave a wheelchair, a boat, and a pair of sky blue...yes, I said sky out on a pier?!
           Wish I knew the answer.
      Just to make himself feel better hubby had to take a look down here...
      But all he saw was the current moving, and this little fella.
     I think he just "fish"-tailed himself over to see what all the clicking was about! :-] ....Anyway, it did seem kinda strange. Out here with all of this calm and quiet.
      Oh well, I've got some other things to tell you about today. Remember the GIVEAWAY that gave to my blog readers at the beginning of the month...The one that Becky of the blog Writings on Rose Petals won?! (I mentioned it here) Well Becky took her $55.00 gift and decided to get some pfaslzgraff dishes. She was nice enough to share a picture of some of the ones she got!
    Aren't they beautiful?!! Made me think that maybe I need to get some new dishes! But it also made me think that maybe I better keep that little thought to myself...considering the amount of dishes we already have around here and that hubby might not like my thought about getting some more! ^_^ Thanks for sharing them with us, Becky!!
   Unfortunately all of my news today is not good. First, I had a distant relative die last week. And then I got 2 phone calls last night...{I'm starting to hate the sound of a ringing phone}...One was at 6 O'Clock. My dad called to tell me that the girl who was my best friend in junior high school died yesterday...Cancer. She was the same age as me. We have relatives in common, so I have heard about her through the years, but I hadn't talked to her in about 35 years!! Yet, as soon as I heard her name, and that she had died, all of the childhood memories of us together came flooding back. Funny how that happens, isn't it?!
      I immediately started crying, but not just because she died. I was kinda angry that no one had told me! She apparently had been in and out of the hospital over the last several weeks and everyone kept thinking she would beat it, so there was no reason to tell me bad news. But now she's dead, and all I can think about is that I didn't get to share a laugh, a memory, a smile, or a hope of future things, with her.
    Then, a half an hour later...NO KIDDING....I got another phone call. Long distance. Another friend called to tell me that a girl I studied the Bible with many years ago had also died. Cancer again! She was cremated last week... *sigh*...What's with people giving you this kind of news AFTER THE FACT?!! Seems kind of cruel to me! I would love to have sent a meal, some flowers, made a phone call, or shared SOMETHING with them. Is that just me?! Would you rather not know when someone you cared about passed away?!!
    And as a little bit of salt in the wound, while I was on the phone with her, long distance, she yelled: "Oh No!!!" She was watching T.V. and saw on the news that Solomon Burke, "The King of Rock 'N Soul",  just died too! We're both music folks from waaay back...It's a good thing my pinched nerve is much better, and that I can do some comfort-bringing crocheting today. I think I'm going to need something to do with my mind today. YAY for pistachio yarn!!
    Yep! A poem came immediately to mind. But first one other photo hubby took. It might be a clue to who the blue shoes belong to, but we don't know for sure.

No one wants to...

No one wants to think of death,
the eventual certain coming end.
No one wants to contemplate
the death of loved ones and of friends.

No one wants to have to think
of how to lift the family's chin;
Of how to put a good face on it;
and give death a positive spin.

No one wants to shed hot tears.
To know the enemy, Death, will win.
That it's call we'll have to answer,
whether young boys, girls, or men.

No, no one wants to face it;
that death's next victim it will find.
They'd just rather not believe it,
or try to push death out of mind.

No, I don't want to, but I will.
'Cause that's what's needed here and now.
To be a shoulder they can lean on,
and share the faith I now endow.

And while I know that God has promised
no more death, pain, sorrow, tears;
Still I'll miss my friends and loved ones,
family, workmates, buds, and peers.


  1. I'm so sorry for your bad news my friend! Seems to always come in 3's! I think a day of mind comfort crocheting is definitely in store for you today! Enjoy it and keep your mind off things. Remember our hope!!

  2. Cin, I will, for sure, my friend. In fact, I'm already on it!! :-) Is it music or crocheting that soothes the savage beast?! :-))

  3. Oh no!!! Isn't life strange sometimes?!! I'm so sorry to hear all this. I have always had big problems when loved ones pass, I just don't seem to get over it, takes a lot of time for me :( We have had many of our good friends die from cancer and at one point couple of years ago there was only a few weeks apart for our 2 good friends. Makes me really hate cancer! That saying is so true: I wish cancer got cancer and died!
    But that's life and I hope that the wheelchair guy was the one on the boat and everything is okay. This reminded me of a spooky incident we too had one summer.
    We were hiking in a local bog early in the morning. It's a known place but it's far away from the city and there were no humans around that morning. The trail goes through the bog and over little lakes. I don't know how to swim and I know that the lakes in bogs are usually really deep. The deep lakes are scary enough but imagine how I felt when I saw a pair of shoes and a t-shirt next to one lake and there was no-one around... That mystery was never resolved :S

  4. Wow cuz... that's a lot of gloom! So sorry for all your loss this weekend. I am glad that you're feeling like crocheting. I'm sure that will help keep your mind busy. I do like the poem. I'm going to save it and pass it own to those who may be in need of an encouraging word when facing a loss. I should have some details of plans for cuz later today. Love you. {BIG HUG}
    @ Mariann Rea: I wish cancer would get cancer and die, too. Think I'll post that as my Facebook status today.

  5. @Alicia: You go ahead and do that! Maybe it will give hope to some people! :)

  6. Mariann, WOW! many friends?! I'm sorry to hear that. Somehow you know that you're not the only one that has lost someone to cancer, and yet when it happens it's awful, isn't it?!...The part about them dying isn't as hard for me as not being there for them when they're still alive, and missing them when you think of calling them on the phone and having somebody to tell your stupid jokes to. :-) {I know what happens to people when they die. I teach the Bible and share the scriptures about it with people all the time. So, I know I'll see them again. It's the NOW part and the other parts that are hard.}...Anyway!...As to the guy in the boat, I hope he was the one whose blue shoes were there. I didn't see anything suspicious about it on the news, so maybe! And where did your shirtless, shoeless guy in the bog go?! YIKES!!!...FYI, you better learn how to swim!!! ^_^

  7. Alicia, I know it's a lot of gloom, huh?! Sorry about that. Seems like a lot of stuff has been randomly happening around me lately. I share it because.....I don't want to keep it to myself!! ^_^ Writing it down is sort of like therapy for me. It slows my brain down and helps me compartmentalize and deal...after prayer! Lots of prayer!!...I'm so glad you like the poem! Please, share it with whoever you want. It helped me. I hope it does help someone else. That would be a nice added bonus. :-)... Great about the details too! I'll keep my eye out on FB for them. Love you, Cuz. Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  8. Oh Yeah, forgot to tell both of you, Mariann and Alicia, I entered both of you in the Giveaway too! And now I'm off to see if Cancer gets Cancer.....! :-)

  9. Sorry to hear about sad news not once but twice. Sending you a hug! The photos are lovely . . . .

  10. Thanks for the hug Cathy! :-) Taking all the hugs I can get today...I'm doing much better than I was when I wrote the post though. {Writing it helped!}

  11. Anonymous10/11/2010

    Oh dear. You are not having as wonderful time as you should be! Sending you a hug also! ♥

  12. Thanks Michele. It's getting better. I'm not moping...much! :-) Thanks for the hug too!

  13. Sending you some cyber hugs, my friend!!

  14. Thanks Craftgal! :-) Hugs received!

  15. I hope today is better :-) ((hugs)) Your post was something we all know too much about and have felt. I am so sorry to hear your sorrow. But I guess that's what makes us stronger and blessed to have known the people in our lives. Lots of hugs my friend.

  16. Thanks Maritime, for the hugs and the nice words. I'm glad that my Bible hope is such that I can look forward into the future with a smile, even though I miss them now. :-)

  17. So sorry to read that you have lost friends and family members. Never easy to go through. I am glad to know that your faith carries you through your tough times. A hug to you even though late because we all need a hug every now and then. Love your poem

  18. SnowFlakeDreams1, Sorry I'm late commenting on this. I just saw it. Thank you for the nice words of encouragement. I appreciate your taking the time to do it too. And thanks for the poem love too! :-)


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