Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finally...You've Got Mail!!!

    After pouring rain for days now, and an aching shoulder that...OUCH!...won't respond to pain pills, heating ointment, cold, heat, or nothing...YAY!! I got mail!! And more than one piece of mail too!...The first though, was this lovely air mailed package from...
    ...Australia!!! Remember a couple of week's ago when I was telling you about being on planettreasure's blog reading about her cute little guinea pigs and then Lo and Behold, I saw that I had won a surprise gift in her Giveaway?! Well, this package was the gift! It came yesterday!!! I couldn't wait to open it to see what I got!! (I hope she doesn't mind me sharing. ^_^) 
    It was wrapped up tight too!...But I got into it alright!! :-]
   It had all kinds of goodies in there!...A beautiful postcard...
    Some cute business cards from two of her etsy shops. planettreasures, ...
   and a shop of hers that I'd never seen before, BoosTees...
    BoosTees is great! It has cute things in there, like these Knitted red strawberry fingerless mitts!
    While looking around her shop I checked out her announcement and found out that she also has a destash shop called planetdebris! I had to check it out too!...These Green Square Millefiori beads were in there...10 for $2.00!!
    Okay beaders, you better run over there!!
BACK to my package!!! Look at the beautiful earrings I won!!!!
    In trying to photograph them I got a little sense of what it must be like for all of you gem beaders to get good shots of your jewelry!
    I'm sure MY photography is not doing them justice!! ^_^ But at any rate, I wanted to share. Thank you so much my fellow blogger Pal!!! I didn't comment on your blog to get the free gift, but boy am I glad now that I did comment!!! I may have to wear these next week on my Date Night with the hubby!! :-)
    The other package was this!!!
     I told you I was going to get him...and I did!! :-)) He might just be responsible for me getting a couple of extra minutes of sleep last night too! Every time I woke up and saw I went back to sleep again!! Ha! Ha!
       (The poem I'm sharing today practically wrote itself yesterday. I was watching the rain out of my windows all day and It kept rambling around in my head. I wrote it down and was going to try to add some more stanzas to it later....but I found that these few lines said all that was needed to be said!)
    OH YEAH! Don't forget to comment below and leave your email for the GIVE AWAY!!!


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A place of calm and peace and rest.

The place from which I never roam.
'Cause it's in my heart, this place called home!


  1. Congrats on the win Wug!! Nice earrings! I loved the cute little poem too! You're right, it does say it all. I'm on my way to view the destash shop now. Later....

  2. Thanks Bead!...And Good Morning! :-)

  3. Beautiful earrings! Congratulations!!!!

  4. Congrats on winning! The fingerless mitts are very pretty, and the earrings are too. You did a great job with the photography. :)

  5. I love getting mail! what pretty things you got.
    have a wonderful weekend my dear!

  6. Lucky you! Those are some pretty earrings that look like they'd go with everything. I love getting pkgs.. especially when I've forgotten what they're for!

  7. DalkullanJewelry, Thank you so much! I can't believe I got a complement on my photos too!!! ^_^

    Croatian_Latina, You have a great weekend too! And thanks! ;-)

    Janet, They are great earrings! They have a little weight to them to. I really love them! It's great to get free stuff every once in a while!!! :-)

  8. Oh congrats to you too.Lovely things.I love the owl cute.I didnt know you were having a giveaway, I just better beat it on down there,lol.

    Happy Sunday ahead Debbie!

  9. Congratulations on your win. The earrings are lovely.

  10. Congrats cuz... the earrings are nice and I love those square beads.

  11. Becky, Thank you. Me and the owl got a FEW Zzzzs together lat night. I found out that he sleeps with his eyes open though...Hubby doesn't like that!! Ha! Ha!

    Thanks Joanne! :-)

    Alicia, Thanks! You can borrow them some time to go with your new hair do!!! :-)...And I love those green flower beads too!


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