Friday, October 8, 2010

"Look! Up In The Sky! A Bird?...." Yes. A Bird!

    No! It's not a stock photo! Hubby came running into the house yesterday, yelling: "Hey! Give me the camera! There's a beautiful rainbow outside!!" I was so excited that he was going to get a picture of a rainbow! That would have been some good icing on my "cake" experience, being cooped up in this house with this pinched,...aggravating, annoying, relentless,...pinched nerve!
    But instead of a rainbow...which had dissipated by the time he got back out there...I got these beautiful photos of a bird flying over my backyard!!! :-)
    I know the pictures are a little dark, but the sky was dark...ALL DAY! It's been raining, and raining,...and raining here!!...But even so, isn't he just beautiful?! I don't know if it was a hawk, or what,...and it didn't matter. I want to be him!!
    He's like a metaphor for me right now. I want to throw off my arm sling, stretch out my wings, float on the air toward a rainbow, and.....F_L_Y!!!! Can you tell I've been cooped up a little too long now?! ^_^
    If you look REALLY close you can still see some of the rainbow too!...Okay, so I really need to get free, don't you think?!! I'm afraid I'm starting to see rainbows in a dark sky!! Ha! Ha!
    I'm afraid it's going to be at least another couple of days for me too. Like a 'Dough Dough' (spelled it phonically), I got too happy when my arm was starting to feel better day before yesterday, and I strained it again. UGH! I'm having a real problem making myself sit here, with that beautiful pistachio yarn scarf waiting to be finished, and some letter writing urging me to 'get on it!'
    I've got some support to help me through it, coming to the rescue, this coming weekend. So, hopefully, with all of the pep talks, warm compresses, deep tissue massages, and music (provided by my hubby, family and friends), I should be back to speed on Monday....Wait for it!! :-) YAY! I'm going to get some support and be just like the birds!!! Yep! Another bird flew into the shot!!!
     It's as if they were doing a 'Flying happy Dance'!! And Yes! It inspired a poem!...First though, let me introduce you to a couple of my AWM Team members, Chris and Heather of! Click on the site to learn more about them.
    I'm finding that my team members are a pretty talented group!!...And now there's a new member too, Rennata Tropeano! Her art centers on the exploration of various artistic mediums and methods. Rennata explores what medium best shows the idea of feeling, and enhances the image.

Paintings whether they are Plein Air or working in the studio from a photograph or memory, hold a special place in her heart. They call to mind the joy she  found in putting her brush to paper as a child...Please go by and check out some of her work too!
     Okay, my poem. Don't judge it too harshly. I didn't give it a lot of thought...Just a lot of my feeling. :-)

Free As A Bird

Been all cooped up.
No, haven't stirred.
Been on lock-down.
Weighing every word.
But I want to be free!
...Free as a bird.

Been sitting still.
My mind all blurred.
Time moving slow.
Nothing has occurred.
But I want to be free!
...Free as a bird.

Been a good girl.
Don't care what you heard.
On 'How To Be'
I could be referred.
But I want to be free!
...Free as a bird.

I almost lost my grip.
That's why my speech was slurred.
A little teary? Yes.
My words now ungird.
Happy to be free!
...Free as a bird.



  1. Love the photos of the bird! Rest that arm!! Hope you feel better soon! :)

  2. Thanks Cathy. I have myself on a timer right now! :-)

  3. Great post!! Hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Love your sky and bird pics, Debbie. Feel better soon :) xx

  5. Thanks Mary Ann! I hope to be soaring just like them soon!! :-)

  6. Anonymous10/08/2010

    Cute bird pics.You can see it just a bit the rainbow.

    I will remember today the pic of my dishes.Hugs have a good day!

  7. Becky, Thank you!! So I'm not the only one that can see that rainbow!! ^_^ And Great about the dishes too!!! :-)

  8. He's no rainbow, but he certainly is soaring. Ever so sorry to hear about your pinched nerve. Hope you feel well real soon. **kisses** Deb

  9. Right Deborah! ^_^ And thank you for the well wishes. It's feeling better even now. I've really been not using it much today....Have a good weekend!

  10. Gosh, you are really not feeling well - I am so sorry!! That's got to be frustrating... Wonderful photos, though!! Love, Silke

  11. Anonymous10/08/2010

    Feel better soon!!!! Fab photos! ♥♥

  12. Silke, The arm is feeling a bit better. I sat it still most of the day yesterday and I can see the progress. So......more doing nothing for me this weekend!! :-) And thanks about the photos!

    Michele, I'm on the road!! And thank you!!


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