Friday, October 15, 2010

Pistachio Hats, Custom Orders, and.....Congratulations! You've won!!!

     Well, as you can see, the Pistachio green hat is done. I wanted to show you a picture of it on my model, out in the backyard. But the weather was not cooperating. It got dark really early because of the storm that was barreling down on us. I can't have my "babies" out in the pouring rain, so....Oh Well!
     You'll just have to imagine what it will look like on someone's head...for now. I'll get the pictures of it actually being worn later. Hopefully before I list it in my Wuglyees shop for sale.
     I got the pattern for this hat from the free pattern section at It was kinda easy working it, considering the pretty difficult looking detailing. (It has 3 rows of treble stitches on the brim section.)
     I love how the crocheted chain cord is laced through it to make a nice bow too.
    Put your hair down, and a cute pair of hoop earrings on, and this hat will just come to life!...But guess what?! *Teehee*....I still wasn't sick of the Pistachio.....I'm sorry. ^_^
     I made another hat! Remember the Razzle Dazzle yarn from this post?! Well, I put a strand of Razzle Dazzle and a strand of Pistachio green together and crocheted this hat.
    It's a bit warmer than the plain Pistachio one. And a bit more colorful! What do you think?!
    I still have to crochet the tie cord to go thrugh the brim section...or maybe I'll make a flower for it. Decisions, decisions! {As if you care anymore at this point, right?! I can hear you yelling at the computer now: "GET OVER THE PISTACHIO ALREADY, LADY!!!" ...^_^ Okay, okay!! Stop yelling!...Moving on!}
      * Insert Big Drum Roll here * I went to the box of all of your names. {Every time you've commented over the last few days I have been putting your names in the Giveaway Box!} I put the box above my head a little and shook it up....and then I shook it up some more! Then I pulled out the folded 4 square paper, unfolded it and looked. Checked to make sure they were a follower. They were! And...THE WINNER of my baby blanket is...........Cathy!!! Congratulations Cathy!! I emailed you for your address. As soon as I receive it, my little "baby" (for someone else's baby) will be on it's way to you!!
    The next giveaway starts immediately. Same rules apply...You have to comment, and you have to be a follower of this blog. The next drawing will be on November 1, 2010. As the day draws closer I'll tell you what the giveaway gift will be. Got any preferences?! ;-)
   Hey! I got some quick news too! I got another crochet request last night. This time for some fingerless gloves! It's going to take all of my creative brain power this time too I think, because they have a drawing of what they want. I have to try to recreate the drawing of some gloves they used to have. I'm gonna be working on that later today. I hope I can do it. I'll keep you posted. :-/
    AND Look what I got in the mail yesterday!!
    Do you remember this button from the post I did on laughter?! Well she sent it to me!!! :-) I love it!!
    The least I can do is point you in the direction of her IAMAGIGGLEBOT Etsy shop as a "Thank You"!! Trust me...You won't be sorry you visited it!! :-) ... Makes me love getting mail even more than I already love getting mail!! ^_^

Ooooo! Mail!!!

I love to hear the sound
of when ribbons hit the ground,
when ripped from a envelope, brown,
brought by the mailman, bound.

I get excited and act a clown,
after seeing it all unwound.
Oooo! A package from out of town!
Well, did you expect a frown?!


  1. LOVE the green hats. Perfect!

  2. Hey there Deb!! I love the colorful hat!! And you know I'm not a hat and scarf person! Live in Michigan and not a hat and scarf person....go figure!!
    The gloves sound great!! Can't wait to see them too! I also love your new button and now I need chocolate!!

  3. Pom Pom, Thanks!! :-)

  4. CinLynnBoutique, Thanks about the hat! I can't believe you don't wear them!! I KNOW it gets REALLY cold in Michigan!...And who doesn't love some chocolate, huh?!! :-)

  5. OMG... I LOVE that hat! Does it work with the celery and moss green scarf? If so, I think you've got a sale! Gonna need some gloves too!

  6. Haha Your poem today is hilarious!! :D
    And you have another great hat ;)
    Congrats to Cathy! :)

  7. Alicia, Yes, the pistachio works perfectly with the celery and moss colors! I'll have to give you a deal too...just because!! :-) We'll have to talk about what kind of gloves you need. I may throw them in for free as the deal! ;-)

  8. Mariann Rea, I'm glad you like that! :-] I was just playing with my beloved words on that one!! You KNOW how much I like doing that...whether the poem turns out good or not! ^_^

  9. I love the poem, love the hats, and love that shop! :-) I think it's going to help me solve some Christmas gift dilemmas this year...definitely something {cute} for everyone! Thanks!!

  10. Congrats to the winner. Love the hat. As things go from colorful to browns greys and white we will be hoping to see the colors in your works. LOL. I told you I was going to go back and catch up with all I missed. Are you tired of me yet? LOL

  11. Kismet1990, Thank you for such a nice and thoughtful comment about my hats and poem. And iamgigglebot's shop owner will be happy you took a look at her stash too! :-)

  12. SnowFlakeDreams1, Don't worry. I can't help but show you color...Whether you want to see it or not!! ^_^ And I NEVER get tired of you!!!! You make me smile! :-)

  13. I LOVE Green! The hats are FAB!!!

  14. Kerri, Thank you!! :-)

  15. like the colourful hat best!
    I do wish I could crochet,it seems to have more texture than knitting.
    I love knitting tho'
    Jeanie x

  16. mythreebeez, Thank you! I have to say, I think I'm more attracted to the colorful one too!...And I actually like the look of most knitted things better than the finished look of crochet, but knitting is too hard for me to stay interested in. It's much more tedious to do...for me!


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