Thursday, October 21, 2010

Project Crochet Unfinished...Sweet!

    Before I talk about anything else today, I first want to say that you guys are FUNNY!!! Your comments, on this blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Etsy yesterday...about my pot pie and hunger post, were hilarious!! You made me smile and you kept me from eating the house down from around me! That doesn't mean that I didn't WANT to...evidenced by the fact that a run did have to be made to replenish my stash box! ^_^
    See...all unopened though!! :-)...But, nevertheless, a girl needs to have things available JUST IN CASE!! LOL Speaking of which, do any of you have stash boxes or stash drawers where you keep candy, T.V. Guide puzzles, cards, and things just to amuse yourselves?! Hubby and I, when we were first married, established right away that our respective stash drawers {I've graduated to a box now! ^_^} were OFF LIMITS!! ... I used to peek in his just the same. *Teehee*
     I didn't eat anything of his though. We like different stuff. He'd have those red marshmallow and coconut covered 'Snow-Ball Cupcake Thingees', 'Bit-O-Honeys', Lance peanut bars, 'Jolly Ranchers' {Flavored hard candies}, and Twizzlers of all flavors in his. While I was more of a chocolate and nuts type of girl...I can remember some fun times we had arguing over each other's stash drawers...Usually because when one or the other of ours ran out of candy, we would raid the other ones!! LOL
    But I digress!! :-] ................... What I wanted to show you today was the custom project I was working on a few days ago that was driving me crazy! I'm showing it to you because I haven't gotten any return correspondence from my customer for a couple of days. I think my suggestion that she get these gloves done with some kind of material instead of crocheted might have been heeded! I may have talked myself out of a sale, but right is right! The design she wanted was not going to last long, in my opinion, being put on, and taken off, over and over.
   You can see what I mean in the header picture. She wanted some short wristed fingerless gloves, with an open section with strings going across.
     Ignore all of the hanging strings. That wasn't part of the design. {And usually I work my strings in as I'm crocheting. But I had to keep working it and taking it aloose, working it and taking it aloose! So, I left the strings so it wouldn't be as much trouble.}
     I actually thought the design itself was a cute idea. I could see how they would look kinda snazzy on a young person's hand. Especially since she also wanted a row of 3 buttons on either side of the open part, sorta like this...
    I only had 2 rows of the buttons so far.  And she didn't want green. She wanted black and silver buttons anyway...The glove just wasn't feeling very structurally sound to me. It was kinda flimsy, and I just knew that what they would cost her was not going to be worth the few uses she was going to be able to get out of them!
       I still may continue to work on this design though. Maybe in some arm warmer fingerless gloves, like these. I might be able to work in some open space up near the wrist on some like that. We'll have to see about that at a future time.
     Also I want to show you a picture I got from a customer. She's wearing one of my crocheted necklaces!!! She looks beautiful, doesn't she?!.........My necklace doesn't look bad either!! ^_^
    I want to thank her dearly for sharing the photo and allowing me to share it with you!! Mmuah!!!
    Another AWM team member, a poem, and I'm done for today...The team member is Paula, of artwink. This is the front and back of her business card.
     Her etsy shop has great jewelry in there like this Sterling Silver Lotus Charm Ring.
    You do know how much I love a flower!!! :-) Please go by and check out the rest of her shop. And if you're in the Massachusetts area and you're looking for something to do this weekend, check out the...

Williamsburg Fall Festival

October 24th, 2010
10 am – 5 pm
Main St., Williamsburg, MA
Sponsored by The Brewmaster’s Tavern and OPA OPA Brewing Company.
We invite you to be a part of our fall foliage and crafts festival this year!
    You might even get to meet some of my Artisans of Western Mass team members!! :-)...Finally, a little poetry.


Poetry, the gift of words,
that help you say whats in your heart;
that puts your thoughts of life together,
but pulls emotions all apart.

Poetry, your quiet friend,
that gives your voice a place to land;
that gives the things you'd  never say
a way to jump out from your hand.

Poetry, done to a beat,
a beat of words, said right in time,
without confusion of the music,
but just the rhythm and the rhyme.

Poetry, phrase harmony;
the way a noun and adverb meet;
the way they line up line-by-line,
and all Not needed they delete.

Poetry, the passing thoughts,
and all the others I hold dear,
of all the people and the places
that I've written down right here.

Poetry, the gift of words,
and putting them together too;
Without the pen and paper
what in the world would my mind do?


  1. Love your stash!! I don't have a stash drawer except for the drawer in the bathroom that houses my Sudoku puzzle books. Hmmmm, wonder why I keep them there??!! <<<Don't go there!!! Anyway, I can see what you mean about the fingerless gloves. They don't look real sturdy. Don't feel bad about losing out on the custom order. I lost out on one recently too and I'm trying real hard not to let it get to me.
    Your necklace looks gorgeous on your customer!! Really helps to see them hanging on a person like that. I need to use real models I see!
    Take care, my friend and don't raid hubby's stash drawer!!!

  2. CinLynn, Oh! You need a stash drawer! You don't have to put bad stuff in it. Just stuff that makes you happy. I have all kinds of stuff in my box. Including pens and pads, thread and crochet hooks...Go figure! ^_^ By the way, sorry about your lost sale recently. It's tough knowing where to focus in my little business, but FOR SURE I want people to know that I at least put my heart into it, even if it's not everything they thought it was. I won't send it out if I KNOW it's not good!!...And thanks about the necklace too. That made me feel so good! Maybe one day my necklaces will be the talk of the town!! I can dream!! ^_^

  3. Hahahaha I love your blog post today! Not only your readers are funny but you are too ;) of course you already knew that :P We don't have a secret stash here, everything is out in the open LOL But when I was little my mom did have it and I we had candy Sundays.
    I have to literally slap myself now to keep me from going to the store and buying some chocolate! The pics you have here are delish ;)
    About the gloves I have to say that I really like the idea and I'm sure you will find a way to finish them and they will look soo pretty!
    Congrats on the customer pic, it's always great to receive them :)

  4. Mariann, Thanks for the vote on my humor!! :-] I'm not sure everyone would agree with you, but oh well! ^_^ And YAY for moms and candy Sundays. I never heard that one before...Thanks for the encouragement about the customer picture, and the gloves too. They are cute gloves, so I'll keep trying for something similar anyway...Okay, go get a LITTLE bit of candy! LOL

  5. Shoot, I lost my post..... let me try again....

    I have a junk drawer and then I have a candy drawer. Strictly candy. Of all varieties. I have to have a chocolate category, (preferably with nuts - almonds are best to me) a caramel/toffee/marzipan category (this can be combined with category 1), and a fruit/gummy category (like gummy bears and/or Twizzlers). I'm like a smoker without cigarettes if that drawer goes empty.

  6. sMacThoughts, You are a SERIOUS stash drawer person!! LOL And I totally get you! Me and hubby don't have children and we COULD have our stash in the same place, but I didn't want his Twizzlers all half stuck to my chocolate packages of M&M with Almonds, etc... Those candies CANNOT share the same space!!! ^_^

  7. Anonymous10/21/2010

    I have a junk drawer as well.Nothing cool or yummy in it though darn!lol.maybe I should go get something just for there lol.I love your necklace on your friend, looks very nice.Maybe i should take a pic of me with the one I bought;) lol.

  8. Becky, Yeah, a junk drawer is different. A junk drawer is where you throw all of the stuff you don't want right now! A stash drawer is where you put all of the stuff you're going to want at any time of the day...A 'quick fix' if you will. :-))...And YES! Please take a picture! I'd love to share it!!

  9. Gosh a stash drawer or box sounds like a great idea. We don't do that at all. I don't think there would be any goodies off limits though. The males in this house think they're allowed to have anything & everything as far as food is concerned even if I was saving it for something else (ie: a birthday/bbq/weekend treat). Perhaps a 'secret' stash would be a good idea.

  10. A secret stash is really the whole idea Jo-anne!! It's suppose to be something you "stash" away from everybody else to keep for yourself! I had to go through a period with my hubby where my stash had to be literally hidden. He was sooooo bad!!! ^_^ If he runs out...all bets are off!!!

  11. I think I have the perfect box to put my stash in too. 'Hidden' in plain sight. They would never think to look in it either :)

  12. Jo-anne, *Teehee*....You go girl!


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