Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Rasperry Treasury!

     I couldn't hardly believe it yesterday! I had just finished going through the long process of listing my Raspberry Purple Suede Scarf in my Wuglyees Etsy shop ...(No small feat, considering my one-handedness these last few days due to the pinched nerve)...
   ...when BLAM!!...I got a convo saying that my newly listed scarf was in ForElephant's Black Raspberry Treasury!! I guess exposure works a little faster than I thought on Etsy!! :-) It's a really interesting Treasury too! There are some great items in the Treasury. And PLEASE follow the link and check them out!
     But I found some other things in some of these shops that were not in this particular treasury. Things I'd never seen before, like this Hand-Painted Wood Firkin I saw in Syrendell's shop...
    ...Or these colorful, mushy, Ragballs I saw in wvluckygirl's shop!
    I could see these sitting in a decorative bucket next to my grandma's kitchen my mind's eye. Us kids would have had a pun intended...throwing these around and squeezing them just for fun! I love the plaid colors!! I say again: People are so creative!!!
    As to more personal things, my pinched nerve is healing. Not as fast as I would like!...But it's healing. I'm getting much more proficient at using my left hand too. But I used my "bad" arm too much yesterday. I overdid it a bit. You know how it is when you're in pain constantly, and then the pain subsides, but you know you still should rest it, but you have so many little things that you can just DO, and so you DO, and your arm.........DOESN'T?!!!
      Well, that's what happened. Last night that constant ache came back! It's not as bad this time, but I know what it means. It means: I have to sit myself down somewhere and "STOP BEING A BAD WUG (Poetesswug to you! LOL), AND JUST RELAX UNTIL IT'S BETTER...IMPATIENT GIRL!!!!" Ugh!! This infirmity is wreaking havoc with my emotions!!! Wrote a poem about it too! :-) Hey! My mind is not in a sling!!! LOL ...But first... introduction to a member of my AWM Team. This time it's Heather Warwick.
     Please follow the link to her Etsy shop here and check out some of her great photography!! Oh! If only I had this kind of camera comfort!
     Oh! By the way, for those that were wondering about my father-in-law. He's gotten some rough news. He has stage 3 kidney disease, an enlarged artery in his leg, and some other debilitating issues he'll be dealing with in the coming period of time. :-( He's not at home just yet either. He went from the hospital to a facility to try to give him some rehab first. Unfortunately that leaves my mother-in-law in a bit of limbo for a little while. So all of the family is pitching in. Unfortunately my "pitching" arm is out of commission, so....*sigh*. And so I say again, emotions all over the place!


Frustration, excitement,
Great anger, Pure joy!
Deep sadness, Elation,
intent to annoy.

Loving, disgusted,
triumphant, afraid.
Affection considered,
uneasiness weighed.

Cheerful, proud,
optimistic, despair.
Euphoric, in anguish,
gloom hanging there.

Emotions experienced,
the good and the bad.
Without feeling, sincerely,
what life have you had?!

You need hope and peace,
kindness and love.
An unemotional life is
Not much to speak of.


  1. Wow! 3 things: #1....congrats on the treasury! Saw it yesterday and already commented too! #2....glad your arm is a bit better. You MUST take care of it and get better my sister! I'm sorry it's getting you down! That leads to #3....It's always bad news to hear of someone you love dealing with a horrible illness and being helpless to help out. Just keep them in your prayers and do what you can and be supportive to Jeff!!

  2. As always, thanks Cin, for all of your loving words of encouragement. I'm trying to do all that you said...especially the supportive part. Of course, with the arm, I don't have much of a choice anyway!! Makes me really thankful for prayers! I have Jehovah on a hot line!!! :-)

  3. Congrats on the treasury! The color of your scarf is lovely!

    Sorry to hear about your father in law. The most important thing is to be there for them. And I am sure you will do all you can to help out when you are feeling up for it.


  4. Cathy, I appreciate your encouragement! And thanks very much for the complement on my scarf too! Have a good day! :-)

  5. looks like your yard is still green (your first photo) that is a very pretty color.

    Sounds like you are going through a lot. sorry about your father-in-law. It's always nice to have a loving family for support. I'm sure you are emotionally there for yours even if you can't help out 'physically'.

  6. What a nice post! Thank you for featuring our fingerless gloves pattern in the treasury, and then the firkin from the Etsy shop on your blog. :)

  7. Yes, Croatian_Latina! Further back I can see the reds and browns of the changing season, but the yard itself is still sporting it's green! :-)...And thank you for the encouraging words about my family. You are exactly right too. I am trying to be here for them emotionally and in other ways where I can't be physically.

    Tan Family, It was my pleasure to share the treasury and your really cute shop! And I'm so glad to have met your firkin too! :-)

  8. Love that color

  9. You guys are the best! :-]


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