Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chocoholics Anonymous, Here I Come!

    I have a thing about chocolate, as you no doubt remember by THIS POST, where my header picture is from, and this button that I won! ↓
     It's just a good thing that I don't eat as much of it as I talk about, or as much as I like looking at and drooling over it! :-) In fact, the chocolate brown yarn that I use regularly inspires my chocolate creations all the time...Like this Chocolate Brown Spotted Leopard Button Flower Necklace.
     Well, apparently, I'm not the only one with a thing for chocolate! Look at this gorgeous "Chocoholics Anonymous" Treasury that Denise of niecynotes curated!
      Every single item is amazing! And some of them are no doubt delicious too! I mean a Triple Chocolate Diva Cupcake and Belgian Dark Chocolate Butter Caramels?! YUM!! They we would say in the South...'Smack yo Mama' good!! ^_^
    But this treasury is so good that even the things that are not eatable, LOOK good enough to eat! Look at this Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae Pendant or these Hostee Cupcake Painted Bottle Cap Dangle Earrings!!...{My hubby will get a kick out of seeing those!} As I said, everything is fabulous in this treasury. You can follow the link and check them out for yourselves!
   Since I couldn't really focus too closely on anything yesterday, because of my headache...which is gone this morning, by the way...I just sat around and looked at all of the pretty pictures of things online to make myself feel better. I really got in a good and calm mood when I saw this high quality satin paper page of Mariann's new calendar....of the Jaguar!!
    Isn't he just beautiful!! Oh! A me!! ^_^ And he was beautiful to me all day....even when I didn't know what he was! I kept saying he was a cheetah! ^_^ So....I don''t know my animals that well! Don't judge me!! ^_^ I DO know art when I see it! And this calendar needs to be, not just on your laundry room wall where you can scratch off which day you have to do the sheets or pick Johnny up from soccer practice, but in your studio, or in a corner wall of your living room, where when guests come over it can be an artistic conversation starter!Head on over to her Facebook page and take a look at it, and pre-order one if you like too!
     For the next week or so, until November 1st, you can get it at a lower price, just $20.00! That may sound like a lot for a calendar, but for what you'll be getting, and the information that your kids will learn and be able to use in school, it's a real bargain!
    Speaking of bargains, I've been running into some real bargains on some of the blogs I follow...FREE stuff!! I've been telling you about them, not because the bloggers and etsians are telling me to, but because I really think they're great and I wanted to share with you, so you could get in on them too!
    Some of them have been things you could download, like Mariann's desk-top calendar that she gives us every month or Denise's printable To-Do Lists in different colors. But some of them have been some amazing Giveaways! And I just got wind of some more!!
   Could you use one of these amazing quilted coaster sets?! Well, go to art life's blog and follow the link, or go directly over to lillyella's blog, where she's being interviewed...and where she's offering this fabulous Giveaway!...This is the set I like!
    One more...and it really is fabulous! Sara, over at her blog called Twillypop's place, is having a Giveaway celebrating her brand new blog! You have a choice of what you will win! You can win her Genevieve 3-pack of necklaces for layering or gifting in the colors of your choice...
     or you can have a brand new ribbon and chain like this one designed just for you!
          And you choose the colors!...There's all kinds of ways to get extra entries too, if you want. Just check out the link to her blog above....I think this is a magnificent Giveaway. Her necklaces are so unique! I've been ogling her Etsy shop for a long time now. If you go there you'll see why!
     And guess what?! In her etsy shop she even has a Chocolate Brown Genevieve Ribbon and Pearl Necklace!
    Do you believe it?!! ^_^ Oh Yeah! I could really go for some chocolate right about now!! :-) ... And since I'm all about doing something to make yourself feel better when things aren't just as you would like them, and i don't have any chocolate in the house,...and it's raining....I need to think good sunny thoughts. This poem might help!...Have a nice day everybody, and be careful those of you dealing with the really bad weather across the country!


You make water cycles flow.
You give green to leaves and doe.
You add shine to a new rainbow,
and you make the flowers grow.

Without you, we could not sow,
there'd be nothing there to hoe.
There'd be no grass for us to mow.
And our mood would be real low.

Because of you, we go, go, go,
and all our 'ducks are in a row'.
We so appreciate your glow.
Our sunny smile is how you know. 


  1. Thank you! I do love it! :) I hope you have an excellent day, my friend

  2. Beautiful finds, with gorgeous photos too! There's certainly some amazingly talented people on Etsy.

  3. I think you do this deliberately!!! You've got me drooling over my keyboard AGAIN! :P :P :P And I just ate a swiss roll that was really sweet! But then again it wasn't chocolate ;) The treasury is great too, found some cool stuff to drool over some more ;)
    I have thanked you already so many times for sharing my calendar but thaaank youuuu! :D You're such a good friend! :)
    That first necklace is gorgeous that Twillipop is giving away! I want one! :P
    Anyway, I'm glad that your headache is gone and am sending you some sunshine since it's been sunny and calm here all day :)
    That poem is great too! Really says it all! :)))

  4. Briana, You're very welcome! My pleasure. :-)

  5. DalkullanJewelry, I agree with you! That's why I love having Etsy as my selling venue...and my shopping venue too most of the time! :-)

  6. Mariann, Drool away!!!! ^_^ And get your name in that giveaway for twillypop's necklace. You could win it!!...And thanks for the nice words about my poem too!

  7. Thanks, still drooling ;)
    I entered her giveaway with a full force already and I'm going to win the necklace too!! :P

  8. Anonymous10/27/2010

    Drooling big time here,lol.If I look at one more blog with yummy things on im going to have to bake hahaha.Blogger puts on calories before you eat,lol.

    I love Twillypops things, She makes adorable necklaces and its always nice of you to feature these wonderful people.I will go and check her out debbie thanks!

    Have a great day!By the way I dont usually see a box of chocolates til Christmas time and Oh my do they look

  9. Mariann, Not I if get it first!!! ^_^

  10. Becky, I know exactly what you mean!! That's how I got started...looking at those chocolate dipped chips from a little while back!!! ^_^ This weekend I'm going to have to make my homemade peanut butter chocolate almond coconut cookies and get it all out of my system!! :-)

    By the way, have fun at twillypop and go ahead and get a "piece" of chocolate too!! ^_^

  11. Look at that delicious chocolate! Now I feel like going to the supermarket to buy something scrumptious to eat!

  12. Anonymous10/27/2010

    Oh YUMMO!

    Now I need chocolate.


  13. Joanne, Awwww! I didn't mean to tempt you!!....But then again, why should I be craving chocolate alone?!! ^_^

  14. Michele, Me too!!! ^_^

  15. I love chocolate too! Nice post and a gorgeous treasury. Congrats!

  16. CinLynn, Thank you very much! I think this was only her 2nd one she's ever made too! She's good, isn't she?! :-)

  17. Just got back from Hershey...I too am on chocolate overload. Those ribbon necklaces are amazing!

  18. Astoria Girl, Oooo! Hershey Penn.? Yum! I would love to go there just to smell it! ;-)...And I agree about the ribbon necklaces. Better enter the Giveaway!


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