Friday, October 22, 2010

It's A Gray Etsy Day!

    If you're wondering what this is, it's ME! Well, one part of me, my gray hair. It's kind of in a rat's nest right now, but it's early and I haven't combed it. Also, I took it myself...blindly, with my arms over my head. I did it as a joke because I was wondering how gray I was getting. Yikes!!! ^_^
    Whatever! I earned every one of those curled up gray swirls too. And Etsy is going to make me grow some more, I'm sure! UGH!!!! I went over to the site this morning and all of my photos are all off-sized!! Apparently they "IMPROVED" the photo upload section on the site and now your items are SUPPOSE to show up larger and more professional looking. Mine now look worse than ever!!!
   Just to show you what I mean, look at the new photo of my Pistachio Razzle Dazzle hat that I just uploaded to my shop--> HERE. See how much smaller it is in the space now?!!
   But look at how gorgeous Cindy's earrings look--> HERE! They're so pretty!! Well so is the rest of her shop, CinLynnBoutique. ...Honestly, I just feel like crying this morning. As if my photos weren't bad enough!!!
   I went to the Etsy Forum to chat with some other shop owners about the new change. There's lots of complaining going on, but mostly about why this change is taking place and not some of the others they've been complaining about for so long. Not very many are complaining about the look of their photos.......from the forum thread I was reading anyway. I asked what dimensions I was suppose to be using now and they gave me some gobbledygook about 800 to 1000 pixels, as if I know a pixel from a hole in the wall!!!! Grrrrr! I asked if they could tell me in simpler, lame-O terms. UGH! Bottom line.......I'm taking my pictures at the wrong size. I need to re-take the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;'_'; I'm not kidding, I am so frustrated right now!! I may end up closing up my shop.
   I just don't think I can go through re-taking, which I can't stand fiddling with in the FIRST place!!! I just barely had them looking at least decent, and here comes Etsy and burst my little delusional bubble!.....Yep! I can feel another gray hair growing right here...↓
      Oh Well, at least I know what day it is!!! LOL And that's going to get a lot easier pretty soon. Mariann Rea of LittleFoxPhotos has a beautiful NEW Calendar coming out for 2011!!! ....{Okay, so that wasn't the smoothest segway I could have done!!  But anyway...^_^}
        ...Isn't it beautiful!!! I love that she has the info about the little Swan right on the front of the Calendar. And guess what?! You can start pre-ordering your Calendar right now if you'd like. She's offering a bargain on them that will go up later.You can follow and chat with her on Facebook, on her blog, or on Twitter about it now. Or you can just keep an eye on her Etsy shop to see when it's actually here!
    Okay, So it's suppose to rain again today and tomorrow here. With the way I woke up feeling this morning, either I need to go back to bed and grow some more gray hairs, or develop the attitude of this little ant, from the Etsy shop becmudd... 
      ....Just don't let it get me down, turn on some music and start Dancing In The Rain!!!
{The poem today is from my archives! I realized that I hadn't shared it on this blog yet...and frankly, there will never be a GOOD time to share it. But since I'm not in a very good mood today....THANK YOU ETSY!!!...why should my poem be in a good mood!!! So, today it is!! ^_^ But I don't really remember why I wrote it in the first place!  :-)}


When the people that you love
leave you-just like Noah's  dove;
When the ones you care about
expect your trust-But cater doubt-
you don't  give out!
When the ones you take care of
don't  reciprocate the love;
When you cry-they hear the sound,
but want to push you further down-
you stand your ground!
"I love you" is what they claim.
Taking advantage is their aim;
They may claim to be your friend,
but they want something in the end-
you don't  give in!
You just give them a little nod,
and put your total trust in God.
Even if they go too far
you don't  let them change who you are-
or leave a scar!


  1. Oh Deb....I think your photos are fine!! You can't let this get you so down that you want to give up! You've had a good week so far, haven't you? ......Yyyyeeessss! So take those photos back to picassa and change the size! Doesn't that program let you do that? Most do. I don't have picassa anymore cuz it slowed down my computer, so I can't check it out to see. But I'm sure you can crop them to the correct size in my program.
    I'm not much help....but I do feel for you.
    Thanks for mentioning my shop. My photos are NOT good either. Not good at it! Take care, my friend!!

  2. Okay....I just looked at your photos! What's wrong with them?? They look great! It brings out the best in each item! Don't worry so much about it! Please?

  3. Cin, They're not filling up the space at all!!! All of the other shops I looked at have their pictures filling up their space. Mine don't even zoom to get bigger really!! {Mah! Wah! Wah! I know I sound like a baby about this, but it's really discouraging because of my ALREADY not being good at the photos...not to mention being so computer illiterate that I can't even understand the technical words people are using to try to help me!! UGH!!}

  4. Why do we live so far away!!!! I could help you!! Frustrating!!

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  6. I think your photos look fine! Please don't let the new format get you down. :)

  7. Don't worry about the photos. Mine look the same and I probably wont make them bigger because I just don't put such big pics on the net for copyright reasons. But....I'm gonna make your day so much more better now!!!
    First of all thank you so much for the feature! :D
    And second - I got the scarves today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It only took a week!

    I was sooooo excited to get a package from you! It felt special from the first time I saw it :D Then after arriving home I opened it and found everything neatly packed. It smelled nice too! :) Fist scarf I opened was the pistachio one. It looks so good, I love it! :D Exactly what I wanted. Then I opened the brooch package and hurray, it's pistachio too LOL Thank you so much for this free gift! I really really love what you wrote on the card too:

    My Wuglyees represent my heart;
    a heart as big as all outdoors.

    And now that you have purchased it,
    a part of mine is yours!

    Awwwww I feel like it too and the feeling is great! ;)
    But then I opened the other free scarf that you sent me and I so love that too! Soo pretty! Really, I'm so happy with everything that you sent me that I feel I'm overdoing it here LOL

    Hopefully my hubby can take some pics soon of me wearing them and a smile ;) Btw, it's snowing here today!!!

  8. DalkullanJewelry, Thank you so much for the vote of confidence! I'm trying!!! Someone is trying to help me right now! :-)

  9. Mariann, You did make me feel better!!! First, about the pictures. I just knew yours would be filling up the space! I never even thought about having a reason not to!! Thank you for that!!!..Then, You're very welcome for the feature. My pleasure!...And Last, YIPPEEEEEE! You got your scarves!! And it didn't take long either! I'm very happy that you have a piece of my heart, my "babies"! :-) And I'm even happier that they are what you wanted!!! That's important to me! Just in time for the snow too!!! ^_^

  10. I'm glad you are happier now! :)

  11. Deb your pictures look great compared to mine. I don't like the new picture fromat at all. My items look so huge like they jump up and slap me in the face and that hurts. If you really want to cry lets cry together
    and I have M&M's to share. I need
    a whole box of ding dongs!!!!
    What would you like from the store? LOL

  12. SnowFlakeDreams1, Ha! Ha! Ha! just reading your comment made me feel better!!! I'm done crying over those.....PICTURES!!! Whatever!...But the Ding Dongs and the M&Ms would be great today!!!! ^_^ I'm also having emotional hormonal issues too!! Them big old pictures should be a big old bag of chocolate dipped potato chips!!! Then I could handle this whole thing with ease!! ^_^ Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support and encouragement!

  13. Mariann, Yep! happier...much happier! ;-)

  14. Awww sweetie... the full moon must be playing tricks with your emotions because your pictures are fine and so are your beautiful gray curls. I wish mine would come in like that instead of yellowish dingy white. And the poem today... well sniff-sniff says it all. Love you much! Be encouraged!

  15. Leesha, :-) Thanks to some help from some great folks on Etsy I FIXED EM'!...Well, some of them! But now I know how to fix them!!! YAY for poor old computer-illiterate me!! LOL And YAY for the great and patient abilities of some great girls. I'll be doing a feature of them over the weekend so you can meet my 'run to the rescue team'!! ^_^ ...And I'm planning to do something about these gray curls this weekend!! Ha! Ha! I won't be changing the color. Vanity about that has long since gone, but they do need a little straightening out!! {Oh yeah, thanks for the nice sniffs about the poem too. I suspect that you know where the emotions might have come from for that one!}

  16. I'm happy to read you got some help and that you are feeling better, because I went to your etsy shop and for example I saw your black and white skunk scarf and that photo looked beautiful and I went to click more and they were fine, maybe it wa after you got the help. So yipee!! and I know it helps when you talk about it, it helps to know one is not alone.

    sending you hugs and have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your sweets comments, they always, always bring a smile!

  17. Croatian_Latina, You're right. It does, indeed, help to talk about it!! If I hadn't I would probably have been here crying in my soup STILL!! LOL But thanks to my helpers I was able to fix my pictures and my mood! :-) It was later on that I got the help and went back to the shop and fixed a few pictures. I have a lot more to go, but a little at a time. At least now I know how to do it!!!...Sending big hugs back to you and wishing you a good weekend too!!...And I'll be checking out your blog too...I can't help myself!! ^_^

  18. So glad you got your photo problem solved! Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful weekend. :)

  19. Thank you DalkullanJewelry! You too! :-)

  20. I hope I don't curse myself by writing this, but i keep checking my hair thinking as nutso as my kiddo is making me lately, surely I've sprouted a gray one by now, but nope! I can't believe it.

  21. Hollie, Ha! Ha! Embrace those grays!!!! That's what I say! You've certainly earned them!! ^_^


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