Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's Travel and See Some Pictures From Around Blog World!

     Hubby and I stayed home and had boneless spare ribs for our 'Date Night' last night. We hadn't had them in a while....and I'm kinda wishing we hadn't had them last night! I think the restaurant where we got them, Take-Out, has a new cook. And frankly he's not very good....Okay, he doesn't know how to cook!! LOL Everything tasted unseasoned and chewy. And for your information...and his...pork ribs, even boneless pork ribs, are not suppose to be chewy!!!
    So, this morning I was longing to see some things that are always the same. Things I can count on, and that are  not all of a sudden tasting like...or looking like...shoe leather! Guess where this thought took me?! To all your your blogs!! I'm so enthralled at how everybody has their own way of doing things, and their own way of looking at the world. I hope you won't mind me sharing some of your photos.
    The header picture is one of my favorites...hands down....of the photos that I saw around blog world this week! Cindy, of CinLynn Boutique,
       ...and her husband Phil,
     ...went on a weekend trip.
      She did a three part blogging tour to tell the story. The photos I'm sharing with you today are ones from that Part three.
       If you want to know where it is, check out the blog, starting with Part one--> HERE. But please check out the other two parts too. BEAUTIFUL photos!!
     At Twenty-TenFotos there was a shot that took my breath away!!
           Water and sky in Croatia. And a child enjoying it. Awwwww!
     You ever think about going on a balloon ride?! I never did, until I saw this blog post about ballooning, on the "Beautiful Day" blog....
     I still don't think I'm ready to take flight yet, but I enjoyed the blog post and the pictures!! :-)
    Then there was the cute story and pictures of little Emma's excursion to a botanical garden, on the blog "And baby makes three..." There's some really nice pictures there. This is just one.
    I'm so captivated by all of your pictures and stories. :-) And sometimes all it takes is a picture!! Look!!!!
       Wanna learn how to make these chocolate dipped potato chips?! Go over to the blog" I just like saying chocolate dipped potato chips!!...I'll say it again...CHOCOLATE DIPPED POTATO CHIPS!!!! LOL
     There were tons of other beautiful pictures and blog posts around the web this week. But since I can't show them all to you I just showed you the ones that really caught my eye. And I say to all of you talented, wonderful bloggers...Keep up the good work!!! I'm always looking!! :-)
{I found a poem I never shared with you...So, I will now! ^_^}


or cloudy days.
Getting counsel
to mend your ways.

Cuddling up,
or sleeping alone.
Siting quiet
or talking on the phone.

Behaving yourself,
or being a brat.
Combing your hair,
or wearing a hat.

Being you,
or suppressing a cry.
Giving up,
refusing to try.

Either way
you've got to be you;
Living for others
it's too hard to do!


  1. Great post my friend! Thank you for sharing some of my photos. I didn't get much traffic on my blog any of those days, so maybe this will help! I love the looks and sounds of the chocolate dipped potato chips!! Yummmy!!! There goes that diet!!!

  2. Ha! Ha!, CinLynn! Aren't they delicious looking?!! She said, on that post, that she didn't know why she hadn't thought of it before. Frankly, with my potato chip and chocolate loving, I'm surprised I didn't either!!! I could be rolling in the dough by now!!! ^_^ And thanks for letting me share your Fall extravaganza!!

  3. Oh My! those chocolate dipped potato chips ook to die for!!!! And yes it's blue corn!! quiet common here in NEw MExico:) We can buy blue corn floour at the market and make lovely things like blue pancakes and tortillas:) Have a great weekend. Thank you for your lovely comments as usual

  4. Hi Hanna! I know huh, about the chocolate dipped chips!! My mouth starts drooling every time I look at them!! LOL...Blue Pancakes?! WOW! I obviously don't get out enough! ^_^

  5. Hi! Thanks for dropping by and for mentioning my blog. It's good to find other bloggers who love colours in nature like I do.:)

  6. You post reminds me that I need to get out and take some pics of my little world before the leaves all drop and the snow flies! Nice pics and about those chips...well, now you have me thinking. Thankfully I don't have any chips around the house!

  7. Wendy Sice, No! Thank you for letting me share your blog!! I love those balloon pictures! :-)

  8. yaya, Yeah! Get out and take those pictures so I can come by and see!!...I love that blogs take me all over the world and show me how other people are living, or just how other people are seeing the world. Nice! :-) And pretty soon a lot of us will be snowed in....and looking for some chips and chocolate to help the hours go by!!! ^_^


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