Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall and Wuglyees Is Popping Out All Over!!

    As you can see from this shot hubby took right before the rain hit us...AGAIN...the other day, Fall is popping out all over here in Massachusetts!! The strikingly colorful trees up against that ominous sky just looked beautiful! I'll show you a few more shots of my backyard and around town in a minute, but first I want to show you some beautiful Fall colors that popped out on Etsy.
   Patti, of pattichic on Etsy, included my new Pumpkin Orange and Brown Brazilian Citrine Crochet Necklace... her new Treasury, entitled I Think I've Fallen For You.
     As soon as I saw it it made me smile! All that beautiful Orange and brown Fall happiness!! :-) If you follow the link you can check out each of the items yourself! I have my favorites in there. No surprise...the photography immediately caught my eye!...Thanks a lot Patti, for including me!!
   Now, as for my backyard, I have a lot of the kind of greenery in my backyard that doesn't change color that much in the Fall.
     But even in my backyard, and a little ways back, in the woods, you can see the little pops of color!
And I don't know what this is,...or what it's trying to do!! ^_^ Hubby says it looks like cotton puffs on top of the stems! But the stem also has those little dried pea pod looking things on them too. The ones that look like little helicopter blades floating by when the wind blows them.
     So, as you can see, not much color in the backyard. But in the neighborhood, a stone's throw away.....
     Even the cemetery is beautiful at this time of year!
    And you already know that the sky is!
     I know it's not gonna last. It never does. In fact, I'm surprised that the trees have held their leaves this long!! The wind hasn't been that friendly. So, I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can....and tolerate the chill that's floating in...and the rain! I can always go somewhere warm in my mind...or on some of your blogs! ;-)
    For instance, Look where I was just yesterday-->
      What. No Mints? took me on their Florida trip!! They didn't even know I was in the suitcase! ^_^ If you want to get a peek at their vacation too, go on over and check out their blog. They have lots of pretty pictures of the vacation. I'm trying to figure out how to become a follower myself.....*New-fangled computer!!!* :-]
     Okay, I'm done talking for today. But I just have to show you one more picture! Look what my one of my favorite-est customers is wearing!!
    It's the Pistachio and Moss Winter Scarf I was working on recently!!! Doesn't she look beautiful?!...And my "baby" around her neck doesn't look bad either!!! ^_^ And to her I say: "Thank you so much for letting me share!!!" :-)
     Now, poem! It's one you've seen before if you've been reading my blog. But it's very appropriate today!

Fall Is The Tree

Fall is the tree,
with its colors all set free
in the orange and red you see,
and the golden leaves in the
honey-colored harmony
of a busy bumble bee.

Its so beautiful that we
don't even have to pay a fee
for the stark tranquility
that just fills our heart with glee.

Fall is the tree,
and it makes us hit our knee,
and thank God so humbly
for the unlocked door and key
to our visual memory.
All the other seasons flee,
but the fall is the tree.


  1. Hubby you took some great photos! Looks like fall popping up there. Our trees are almost bare now. (You know what that means, don't you!) And the scarf DOES look beautiful on her! I knew it would! Like everything else you make! It will ALL look great worn!! C'mon people.....can't you see that!!??

  2. CinLynn, :-) Yes, Fall really is popping up here! I'm surprised we don't have bare trees too!...Thanks for the nice comments about my scarf and my work too! And FYI, I feel the same way about your jewelry!! :-)

  3. I love the pics of the colourful trees! Pretty!!! :) And congrats on the treasury, it's stunning! Got me drooling over here LOL
    Haha who's that weird looking person with your scarf?! Is it really me? LOL No wait, it's not YOUR scarf anymore! :P Mine, all mine!!! (trying to do a proud face)

  4. Those trees are beautiful! It's spring here at the moment so we've got the fresh new growth happening.

  5. Mariann, I'm so glad I could share Fall in massachusetts with you!!...Thanks for all of your nice words about the treasury, and YOUR scarf! LOL You look beautiful in it!!! :-)

  6. Nat, Thank you! Oh! You should let me see your Spring growth!!! I love that it's always a different season somewhere in the world and we can share it in Blog-dom!!! :-)

  7. I love seeing Fall! I wish we had more trees around to see the colors changing! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Anonymous10/25/2010

    Wow - Those autumn shots are so beautiful!

    I have some fall pictures of my own I will be posting tomorrow too :) The changing leaves are just so inspiring!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Astoria Girl, I'm happy to be able to share with you! :-) Thanks for commenting about it.

  10. whatnomints, Thank you! My hubby has become a pretty good amateur photographer, hasn't he?! I'll look forward to seeing yours tomorrow!!! :-)

  11. The fall pictures are beautiful! It's crazy when the leaves die on trees, they turn pretty lol. And congrats on the treasury mention! I'm in love with the color scheme :D

  12. Thanks Niecy! I'm in love with the colors in that Treasury too!! It was curated just in time to show along with my Fall pictures too!! :-)

  13. I love the photos. Especially that tree with the beautiful red leaves. Autumn can look so pretty. Its a shame that all the fallen leaves lead to a lot of raking!

  14. Thanks Jo-anne! I agree....Beautiful, but Oh so much work!! :-)


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