Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm In The Dark...Are You?!

    Well, it's November....and Mariann has given us another beautiful Calendar to put on our computer desktops for FREE! Isn't that nice of her?! Just follow the link to her Nature and Photography Blog to download it! And PLEASE leave her a comment to let her know how much you appreciate all of the work she goes through to give it to us...Or a little donation, if you like. {That's not required though.}
    With it being so dark and gloomy earlier in the evening...and later in the morning too, here in's nice to be able to have this warm and cozy calendar to look at. When I'm trapped inside the house with it too dark to even look outside at the backyard, at least I'll have this nice image to keep me company. All I'll need to do is get me some warm apple cider or some cocoa to sip on....and let the dark times come! :-] I'm a little bit delusional, and overly optimistic about how cozy I'm going to be in the DARK!! UGH! It's only November 1st and I'm already sick of it! ^_^ It's almost 7 a.m. right now and it's STILL dark outside!!
     I'm sure people are up, even in the dark, getting ready for work, stirring the kids from their drowsiness so they can eat and get ready for school...
     ....getting out of their pajamas and putting on their sneakers, {I call them tennis shoes. Hmmmm...wonder why?! ^_^}....getting ready to go out for their morning jog, or to give the dog a little walk around the block, heading just down the street to 'Dunkin Donuts' to grab a mocha latte doo da doo da {Okay, so I don't really drink fancy coffees, but I have heard the words mocha latte put together with some other words behind it. Ha! Ha!...I like to say the words Mocha latte. I'll say them again...Mocha latte!! ^_^ Of course when I hear it it makes me think of music,....that 'Lady Marmalade' song! NOT GOOD! UGH!....It's so dark I'm going nuts!! LOL...Back to my list-->} ...or just doing some newspaper deliveries...
     ...taking a little ride on the interstate to clear their head and think about what they're going to do when the sun finally comes up!
    It IS going to come back up again..........isn't it?!!! LOL
    Well, there's one person who is no longer going to be in the dark. The winner of my afghan Giveaway!! :-) Wanna know who won?!.......*Insert 'The sun will come up tomorrow' song here, while you wait*.........
     Hubby is my "Picker". He shook up the box......Then he stirred up the papers.....Then he shook it up again. And then.........*he really needs some lotion on those ashy hands of his!*........
      ......the winner is mythreebeez!!!!
    It's going to cost me a little bit to get it to her all the way in the United Kingdom, but I'm glad to have my "baby" travel to a part of the world that I have never been! And knowing that her interests include yarn, buttons, eating chocolate, photography, country music {especially Vince Gill}, and reading blogs makes it all the more my pleasure to send it to her!!! :-)
     The next Giveaway, followers, starts immediately. The drawing will be on November 15th. I haven't decided what the prize will be yet. If you have some know what I got!! ^_^...let me know.
    Over the weekend I did the rough draft of my "Say What You Need To Say" Letter for Wednesday. My plans for today include tweaking it a little...just a little...and getting it ready to "cut" and "Paste" for Wednesday. Also I'm going to really get a good start on the Winter White {or Off White} Floppy hat I'm making for a customer. I've never made a completely white hat out of my soft yarn before. I'm looking forward to it! Who knows..... if it gets dark early enough I may finish it! {I'd rather be looking down at a crochet project than out the window at the darkness now anyway!!}
    {The poem today was about a very different kind of dark period in my life. Forgive the really personal nature of it, but I hope someone can relate and my darkness gives them some comfort. On a good note, my life is very much in the light now!! :-)}


Darkness was my friend.
My cloak of invisibility;
When Mama came home drunk,
it worked, so, she would not see me.

Darkness gave me food-
(The kind that only feeds the mind.
The kind that tells you all is well,
because all bad is left behind).

Darkness was my water;
A peaceful trickling I could drink
when Mama was in a bad mood
and talked so much I couldn't think.

Darkness kept me safe-
protected from her nightly stare,
when it seemed the world was cold
and there was no one there to care.

Darkness was my home-
The softest place I had to fall,
when my sisters and my brothers
were too young to heed my call.

Now, Darkness is my memory-
my slow journey toward the light.
One day soon our paths will part
and confusion will be "sight".

Darkness-Then-will reveal all.
Pain and sorrow will have passed;
and all things "right" will comfort me-
I'll be in the light at last!


  1. Love your poem today Wug!! You're so right, light will come...sooner than we think!! Hip hip hooray for mythreebeez!!! Congrats to her!
    Just remember the dark dreary days are only temporary...soon the days will start to grow longer!!

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to post on Weds. I have a talk Thurs. that I have to get together. Hopefully it will be done by then!

  2. Thanks so much for the feature, you made me drool again for some cocoa! haha
    Congrats to the winner, lucky girl ;)
    Your poem today is fabulous! Love it! I used to write poems when I was about 13 and it really helped to get over the problems I then had. Not entirely but it felt good to write :)
    Mocha latte sounds gooooooood! :P

  3. CinLynn, It was kinda personal, that poem, huh?! But it was one I hadn't shared before, so I decided to let the cat....MEOW!...out of the bag!!! Ha! Ha!...And yes, Longer days are just around the corner. Now if I can just find out where that corner is....! ^_^

  4. Mariann, It's always my pleasure to share anything you're working on! I love your photography. If it was left up to me all of my photos would be done by you!!! ^_^ ... Thanks for such nice words about my poem today. I was a bit apprehensive about sharing that one, but it's out there now! You're right about how much writing helps you to get over things too. Do you still have some of your poetry?! I would love to see it!!

  5. I thought you were going to ask that! :D Well they are pretty intense and you would have to learn estonian to understand them! :D But I'm going to translate and email one for you ;)

  6. I am the lucky winner!!!
    Thank you so much,I can't wait to actually touch it!
    It has a lot of travelling to do before I can do that tho'
    Your poem is very moving.I loved it.
    Jeanie x

  7. Mariann, GREAT!!! I can't wait to see them!! Who knew that you were a poet like me?!! Maybe that's why we get along so famously!! LOL

  8. Yeah Jeanie!! I'm going to check my email right now for your address. You're going to be a Wuglyees crochet "baby" mama very soon!! ;-)

  9. LMAO so I and everyone who have bought from you should have a badge that says: Official Wuglyees crochet "baby" mama! :D :D :D
    Check ur email ;)

  10. Mariann, That's right!!!! I may make an official button for future buyers too!! LOL

  11. Gosh yes, it was past 8am this morning before there was any light in the sky! With the rain it's really dreary today....

    I linked to you in this post and hope you'll have fun answering!

  12. Anonymous11/01/2010

    Congrats to the winner,lucky her that was gorgeous.Its been dark here for many mornings now.I didnt notice,lol.But when Christmas is over I will be depressed LOL.

    Happy week to you!

  13. Janet, Yeah, and it's just coming upon 5:30 p.m. here and it's soooo dark already!! Oh well, I guess we might as well get used to it!!...I'll check out your post too!

  14. Becky, You know, it kind of slips up on you when you're busy...until one morning when you find yourself looking for your glasses because you can't figure out why your eyes are acting so funny! Then "Bing!"...DUH! It's dark outside! That's why!!

  15. Perhaps we should both sing "The Sun will come out Tomorrow" its cold wet & miserable here today. Typical Spring weather though.
    Congrats to the winner!
    Love the poem :)

  16. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! That would be a great song to sing....provided the sun actually does come out tomorrow, or rather today {for me anyway! :-]}. It's almost 5 a.m. right now and I'll reserve judgement about it until I actually SEE the sun!! LOL The forecast isn't showing rain for us today, so I think there might be a glimpse of the sun yet!

  17. I love the poem - you know I can so relate!! And the dark - it has arrived here, too, but it's still fairly warm and mostly sunny, so I haven't noticed that it's dark sooner. Plus, down here, the difference is not quite so marked. I notice though, how it's so much harder to get up at 5:30 when it's dark out... Congrats to the very, very lucky winner!! Love, Silke

  18. Thanks Silke! It was easy to write, but not so easy to share, if you know what I mean...And I know all about the weather in your neck of the woods. I'm originally from Georgia. My grandparents and my parents lived in Savannah at different times too!....I miss it sometimes. I know September through November is especially beautiful there! But it will get dark!! And with those street light-less back roads...we're talking REALLY dark!!! LOL


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