Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Talented Friends and Inventions!

    In the past I've told you about my friends. About how beautiful they are, how much fun they are, and how supportive of me they are. But I've failed to tell you how truly talented they are! In the next few days I'm going to rectify that oversight.
   The header photo today is a piece of jewelry that was done by my friend who owns...
     ...SpanishLullabies, on etsy. She is truly amazing in what she does with her jewelry. If you remember, in an earlier post she twisted my shop name in wire while I was sitting and looking at her! Well, I have an interview and pictures of her work coming soon.
   I also have two friends who have been making the news press lately! They're both Storytellers. Meaning that they reenact historical times and tell the story from the perspective of the historical person. There's not that many people that do this anymore, especially not in the Northeastern part of the United States. But I have two friends who do!! One is Gwen...
      She's been doing it a long time. Follow the link for all of her info and pictures.
         I'm putting together a package to show you my other friend....maybe even including some video! I hope you will enjoy that. It's coming up very soon too....The truth is that I have lots of talented friends...from painters, knitters and crafters, to actors, singers, and teachers...who inspire me all the time. I guess that's why my brain is working so furiously all the time!
      And because I felt so good yesterday, I was like a machine of productivity!! :-] I woke up ready to go! And good thing too, because I had a custom order that I had to get done...I sold my little Hide Away Slipper Necklace to a customer and she came back and asked me to make her another one!
   The problem for me was that I didn't write the pattern down when I made the original one!! So yesterday I had to figure out how to re-do it, and then WRITE IT DOWN!! :-v It took three tries to get the sizing and everything right, but I did it!! This is one of the necklaces I finished....Yes, I said ONE OF....! :-]
    It doesn't seem like much, right?! But it has a secret...
    ....compartment!! I made it so that when you're washing dishes, or whatever, you can sit your wedding ring in here for safety! It works perfectly for that too! But I suppose you could keep an emergency mint, or a small mailbox key or whatever you want in there too! :-] What do you think of my invention?!
    And since I don't like to waste things, not even the ugly...didn't-turn-out-exactly-how-I-wanted...things, I made something out of them too.....KEY CHAINS!
        The above one was too big as a necklace...The below one was too small.
    So, as you can see, I was busy yesterday. I even got a lot of studying, some reading, and my checkbook balanced yesterday too!! :-)) It was a good day!...Unfortunately it didn't last. I woke up off and on all night with a bad headache....and it doesn't seem to want to go away! So I don't know how much I'm actually going to get done today, but with me....you just never know! ^_^
   Have a good day everyone! What are your plans today?!

One Day!

One day of the week I'm just as good as good can be!
The next day I'm in pain so bad that I can hardly see!

One day I'm a typing, tweeting, fool with humorous banter.
The next day I'm an irritated, angry, yelling, ranter!

One day it'll come together, but unfortunately not now!
Too bad too, because this week is starting with an "OW!"



  1. Congrats on the custom order! Your new invention is great and would also suit to a diabetic really well. They could keep the info that they are diabetic in that compartment so that when something happens the paramedics would know immediately and wouldn't give them glucose or also just keep their candy there. I think it would be good for you to advertise this aspect of the necklace too :)

  2. LOVE the pouches! what a great idea! I also love the one from your shop that looks like it is almost peacock colored yarn. So pretty.

  3. Mariann, Thank you for the encouragement!! And WOW!! It never even occurred to me about how diabetics could use this!! I don't think the opening is big enough for a lot of info, but it's perfect for a tag saying that the person is diabetic, or a little candy!!! Thank you for that! I'm going to add that in the description too!! :-)

  4. Bre, Thank you for the nice words about my necklace and my scarf. If it's the scarf I think you're talking about, it's yarn and threads mixed together! I just held all of the thin thread together with the yarn and crocheted them together! I'm so glad you like it! :-)

  5. What a really cool idea, I love it!!

  6. Somethingxtraspecial, Thank you!!!

  7. Beautiful pieces! Very creative.

  8. looks like we were both studying! have a wonderful week my friend.

  9. Chele, Thank you so much! And welcome to my "Cool" backyard! ^_^ YOU will appreciate that comment!

  10. Croatian_Latina, Yes we were, but mine didn't involve learning another language!! I think that's great of you!! :-) And you have a wonderful week too!

  11. You know what?? I love the small round one for a key chain! Great idea! Love Mariann's suggestion too. But I'm more concerned with how you're feeling today my friend. Headaches are NO fun, especially the ones you wake up with. Seem to stay all day. Hope you're not coming down with something. Take care of yourself!!

    Also, Spanish Lullabys does AWESOME work!! I love that...! Can't wait to read the interview!

  12. CinLynn, I'm so glad to get your thumbs up on the key chains!! And on the suggestion by Mariann too. I already changed the description on the necklace! :-) ... My headache is much better. Not completely gone. You know how these are! UGH! That tight-hat-on-my-head feeling is hanging on. I'm hoping a whole lot of sleep tonight will make the difference!...And you're right too, about SpanishLullabies!! I can't wait to share what she does!

  13. Love the pouches! Great idea!!

  14. Thanks a lot, Kerri! :-)


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