Friday, November 12, 2010

Ooooo! Look What I found!!

   Isn't this photograph fabulous?! {Touch-8x10 Fine Art Nature Photograph-Coneflower Abstract-IN STOCK} I found it in the Etsy shop flandersfield. The green just popped out at me. And the way the shot was taken made me want to know what the rest of the flower looked like! :-)
    I've been doing a lot of nosing around the last couple of between my studying and my reading. {By the way, I'm up to chapter 8 in my new book, The Help, now!! I look forward to reading it every day as if a good meal is about to be put on the table!}
   So, today I thought I'd show you my favorite finds for the week...One being the photo in my header. They're all Etsy finds....what can I say, I love the site!  ^_^ Something about knowing that it caters to creative minded people who support handmade draws me to it.
    Now, being the writer that I am, especially the 'jot-down-a-poem-as-soon-as-it-comes-to-your-head' type of writer, I love to have pretty places to melt my thoughts onto. When I saw this Chunky Eco Journal...Rustic Vegan Hemp and Recycled Rubber with Pen Slot  by NaturesCubbyhole I had to control my clicker finger from hitting the "Pay Now" button right away!
      It's so beautiful, and just what I need right next to my bed for those "I can't sleep" nights.I still may go back and get it! I'm weighing that thought V-E-R-Y carefully! ^_^
    My next find was in the shop of my friend Cindy, of CinLynnBoutique. This is her Vintaj Brass and Glass Pearl Flower Necklace.
     Now, first off, anybody that knows me knows that I LOVE A FLOWER anyway!! But this necklace, with the brass filigree on the flower part, and the gorgeous shimmer on the pearls, is sooooo pretty!!! It makes me want to find somewhere special to go just so I can wear it!...After talking about hubby's "issues" yesterday though, he may not want to take me anywhere for a couple of weeks! ^_^
    {By the way, I asked him if he was upset about me writing about him yesterday and he paid me the nicest complement. He said: "No, I'm not mad. It was true. Even when you tell my bad stuff you still don't dog me! I know I'm not the only husband with issues. Actually, seeing all of it lined up there like that made me realize I have to do better." Then he gave me a little kiss!--How could I not love him, issues and all!! :-)} He was a REAL find, don't you think?! ^_^
    Okay, moving on....For anybody else out there who's about to step into marriage, and you're looking for the perfect purse to have with you all day on your wedding day, put your lipstick, gum or mints, comb, or tissue in...look at this!
     It's a Vintage 1960s WHITE DAISIES Beaded Clutch by RevolvingStyles. It has these little daisies on vines on the front and back, and it has two inner compartments. So cute! the daisies was what attracted me to it, but's still CUTE! ^_^
    And speaking of cute, this hand-painted and decoupaged Enchanted Trinket Box by funkyart08 is what I call a find! Especially because...
    ....there's also this matching Enchanted Little Dresser in the shop too, to go with it!
    I can almost hear my stash of hard candies and every day wearing jewelry hollering at me from these! And with this olive green and pretty paper it would go perfect in my bedroom!...*smacking my hand*...I better keep my clicker finger away from here too! But you can use yours! ^_^
    Now this next find is what I call a "WOWER"!! It's a Handmade Wood Cutting Board...
 deliasophia. What caught my attention first, of course, was the gorgeous color of the wood. I love the streaks of cherry, white oak, and walnut wood. In the description it talks about how the use of wood cutting boards reduces our consumption of plastic, which is bad for the environment and rough on your knives as well! But for me.....'s special appeal is this handle! It would be easier to hold when you're cutting on it, when you're washing it in the sink, or when you just want to hang it up! It's practical and beautiful!! A great find, and a great gift for anyone you know whose a constant cook and already thinks they have everything they need in the kitchen! This baby will change their minds! :-]
    Since I'm always ready for a little nappy-poo, this gorgeous contemporary-designed  Gold Bricks Throw Pillow Cover with the basket weave design on the side by TheHomeCentric really caught my attention!
    I love that it has a flap covered zipper on the back for clean look and easy removal. If I had this in my bedroom I could sleep in comfort and prettiness! And actually this whole shop seems to have a design for everybody! If you don't believe me, take a look! Trust have to see this shop for yourself!
   And last, but certainly not least, is the find that gave me the biggest chuckle this week, and was the reason I decided that I needed to share my finds today! The description on this Cranky Cat Winter Cards-Snowstorm by crankycats says: "Someone forgot to let the kitties in, again, and they are a little bit annoyed!..." Ha! Ha!
    "I feel you" kitties!!! ^_^ I felt just like that earlier this week when we got our first flakes of snow here in Holyoke! Considering how unexpected it was, it felt like a snowstorm!...I think this would be a great card to send to your friends with a sense of humor. Because, really, if you don't have a sense of humor about the weather, how else could you survive it?! ^_^ There's only so much chocolate and old movies to go around!!!
   Okay, those were my finds this week. What were yours?! I'd love to see!! :-)

We're In This Together

Supporting one another
with our smiles and hugs and care.
Gathered as a group
with all our crafts and things to wear.

Thankful for the weather,
bringing people by the mile.
Showing what we do
to every mother, dad, and child.


  1. Great finds Wug!! I love the journal and of course, the cats! They are adorable! Everything is great that you found! Thanks so much for including my necklace. You are a sweetie for sure! Yep, your best find is Jeff! He sounds like a wonderful man! A real keeper.

  2. CinLynn, Good Morning my friend. Thanks for such a nice comment! Jeff is gonna be smiling all over the place when he sees it!...How's the headaches by the way?!

  3. I had a headache on Monday. I have low blood sugar problems and it would feel better if I ate protein. Guess I need to be more aware of my diet. Thanks for asking. Keep smiling ARE a gem!!

  4. Ahhhh! Low blood sugar! Okay miss missy, you better watch that protein thing! We can't have you passing out and stuff! :-]

  5. Great Finds ! Etsy is a fabulous place to shop! I love it too, I just recently listed a few things.Have a great weekend!

  6. Beautiful picks! Thanks so much for including my photo in the company of such incredible items! I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite.

  7. Beautiful picks, that card is just too cute!

  8. Deb, you always find such wonerful items on Etsy. You have an eye for beautiful and special things like your hubby. Most men would have seen that as nit picking. He is a gem (a diamond in the rough that still needs polishing) LOL...... just kidding about the roughness. You too are a gem.

  9. SisterJewelry, I agree! I have to watch my pocketbook over there! :-]

  10. flandersfield, It was my pleasure! Your photo is an 'incredible item' itself!! :-)

  11. Elena, I agree! It's too cute! It was the catalyst for today's post! :-]

  12. SnowflakeDreams1, I don't know about other things, but I agree with you about my eye for my 6 foot tall "Find", my little diamond in the rough! :-) Thanks for the nice comments.

  13. Anonymous11/12/2010

    Hi Debbie!Im soooo loving that trinket box and little dresser, how cute is that.Its adorable.I have to check that out.Just gorgeous.

    Hope you are enjoying the day!

  14. Becky, I love it too!!...And yes, I'm having a pretty good day. The house is full of the smell of a kielbasa and cabbage stew (slow cooking), while I'm crocheting the 2nd of a pair of fingerless gloves for my hubby...Hope your day is going well too! :-)

  15. Anonymous11/12/2010

    Lovely photo and gorgeous little box and dresser. I love the green flower muchly!

  16. Michele, I thought so too Michele! I was very thankful that they allowed me to share them!! They're all for sale too....or they were when I posted them! ^_^

  17. oooh, I love that first photo!!! I always buy those kind of flowers, but never knew what they were called. Hope you have a good weekend!

  18. Hollie, Me too! It looks like beautiful green sunshine! :-)...Have a good weekend yourself too!

  19. Thanks so much for including my Enchanted pieces in your wonderful blog, great job!!!!!!
    Happy Holidays to all!!!

  20. Virginia, It was my distinct pleasure! I love both the dresser and the trinket box!! Nice job putting that beautiful paper on them! :-)) And thank you for letting me share them!

  21. Hi, Debbie! Thanks so much for including my Cranky Cats here, and I'm glad they gave you a good chuckle!

    On another note, my aunt highly recommended The Help to me but I haven't gotten it yet. Looking forward to reading it.

  22. Cindy, It was my pleasure to share your cranky cats! Me and my hubby went through your shop giggling. You're good!! :-)) ... As to "The Help", I LOVE this book! I'm on chapter 15 now!!! Half-way! I hardly ever read books this fast, but OH! it's so worth it!!


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