Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is That A.....MONKEY?!

     Isn't he adorable?!!! I met him yesterday. I'm sure you've all probably seen this plush stuffed monkey before. Apparently, he's the new craze, or rather OLD craze by now. As usual, I was 'out of the loop' and behind the times! :-]
   As a matter of fact I'm behind the times about a lot of things. That's why I'm dedicating this post to my girlfriend, one of the 'bestest' girlfriends in the world!!! You've seen all kinds of pictures of her in my shop. You've seen her hand showing off my "Hand Sandal" bracelet...
   ...you've seen her neck, showing off one of my necklaces...
   ...and if you were searching for a white brooch in my shop, you saw her face!
    Every since I started my Wuglyees Etsy shop she's been a staunch supporter of me, as TRUE girlfriends will do!! She's modeled for me, bought dangles and yarn for me, and anything else I needed her to do,...she did! She even had me teach her how to crochet my flowers...
                                                  {Internet Image}
    ...so that we could get more flowers into the shop faster! {We didn't actually end up doing this because Etsy rules require me to make what I sell in my shop} She only ended up making a couple. I think she figured out pretty quick that crocheting was not going to be for her! LOL
    But I did something the other day that a TRUE girlfriend should never do.....I forgot her. :-( She had reminded me that her wedding anniversary was coming up....because frankly, with my lack of memory lately, I NEEDED a reminder! But even then.....I still forgot!!! I am so upset with myself! She NEVER forgets mine! She has done some nice things over the years for hubby and I, and she's always thinking of me. That's why I got to meet the monkey in my header photo!
    So, today, I'm making it up to her!!! "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my dear, dear friend!!!! My life, and your husband and family's, would not be the same without you in it!! I love you and I value your friendship, even if sometimes I'm a little forgetful, distracted, and absent-minded. Please know that thinking about our giggle fests, and serious talks, and all around foolishness sometimes, always makes me smile!! :-) ... I'm smiling right now!!"
   "Oh Yeah.....the new hair-do, with the perm curls,...
      ...looks GREAT on you!!...So grown up!! :-] {Anything that makes us look grown up should be desirable....shouldn't it?! ^_^} But of course I don't think you ever look bad! Even in black and white you would be gorgeous,....
     ....but not because of your hair, or your clothes, or even your grown-up responsibleness. I think you look great because you have one of the most beautiful hearts I've ever seen. It's all curly!! :-) ...So, me and the stuffed monkey...whatever his name is....would like to do a dance for you!
    And though you tried to make me feel okay about it by saying: "No big deal!" It IS a big deal to me and I'll TRY not to forget ever again!...I love you and I'm sorry."
    (My girlfriend took some moon photos on her cell phone to share with me too. I'll share them with you all tomorrow!) Have a good day everybody!!   

Who is a Friend?

Dependable and loving,
all your jokes make perfect sense;
To keep you happy and unharmed,
they'd gladly spare no small expense.

They know your moods,
Can take the heat.
They know the things
you like to eat.

Will tell you things
that lift your fear,
and even the things
you don't want to hear.

They'll quickly point out
your panicky smile;
and pull up your slip
that's been hanging a mile.

They'll be your cheerleader-
Pom Poms in the air!
And when others are gone,
they will always be there.

Laughter and glee,
sobs and deep pain,
are shared by this friend,
in the sun or the rain.

Your accomplishments cause
only joy to their heart;
When they see your success,
it's as if they're a part.

And even though they know
the very worst that you do,
they map your intentions-
and they still love you.

So who is this friend?
It's your mother, your wife,
your neighbor, your kid,
someone who's sharing your life.

They may be close, and related,
or live very far;
but this friend is your friend
and they know who you are.

Your secrets are safe,
your feelings secure,
their shoulder is ready,
and their motives are pure.


  1. You are a very lucky girl, to have a friend like her.

    ..."Your secrets are safe,
    your feelings secure,
    their shoulder is ready,
    and their motives are pure."

    It was my favorite part and I had one person in mind when I was reading this!thank you for sharing

  2. Croatian_Latina, I am very fortunate to have such a good friends...actually, many good friends. :-) And thank you for the nice words about my poem too!!

  3. Yes, you are a very blessed girl! And those lines remind me of a dear friend I lost a couple of years ago. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Teresa, Friends really do hold a special place, don't they?! Sorry for your loss. I'm sure you probably still smile when you think of her if those words reminded you of her.:-) Here's to good friends!!

  5. awww bless you what a lovely post. Your friend sounds a lot like my best friend and i would be lost with out her to. Friends are the best. Enjoy all the lovely moments in life that you have yet to share. Have a lovely week. Dee x

  6. Your friend is very pretty. The thing is that friends understand that sometimes we forget but we will eventually remember. True friends forgive our mistakes. Glad your blessed with a good friend.

  7. delia, Thanks for such a nice comment. And yeah, I think if you have a good friend they do kinda all behave the same, don't they?! They always think of you!! That's why we love them so much!!

  8. SnowflakeDreams1, I agree. Inside and out! :-) She would probably think your saying that was crazy though, knowing her! ^_^ And you're right. She forgave me on the spot. But I still wanted her to know it was important to me not to forget again!......*Note to self: DO NOT FORGET YOUR FRIEND'S ANNIVERSARY AGAIN!!!...Hopefully that'll do it!*

  9. I would love to meet your friend one day! I think we would be friends too! :) If this had been for me and my husband, the tears would be ruining my keyboard right now!! And you would have to know me very well to know that I don't cry easy. (a throwback from childhood)! I'm sure she loved it and the poem!!
    You are the bestest ob the bestest friends!

  10. CinLynn, I'm hopeful that you will meet her one day soon!! And I think you guys would be friends too!! :-) You don't cry easy?!! That surprises me! You're always so open and sweet. I was sure you had sappy sugar in your veins!!! LOL

  11. Anonymous11/16/2010

    Nice post Debbie.Close friends are special people.Have a nice time sharing good times.

    Have a great wednesday!

  12. Your friend will understand I'm sure! That's the mettle of a good friend. I have a few nice friends, but really the truly "good" friend I have is Donna from "Starkey Hollow"..the last stanzas in your poem have described her to a tee! Thanks for letting me know you shipped my blanket...I'm so excited to get it! Thanks again!

  13. Becky, Thank you! I agree. I agree! You have a great Wednesday too. I can't wait to see what your drifting snowflakes will bring! :-)

  14. Yaya, You're absolutely right. She did! I knew she would, but I needed to say it anyway! Sometimes you just do! :-) Good friends are worth 'eating crow' for!! ^_^ ... And please let me know when you get my "baby". It was all giddy with excitement when it left for your house this morning!! :-]

  15. Friendships are priceless - you are very blessed!
    (that purple scarf on your sidebar is fabulous!)

    Thank you for being one of my faithful bloggers - for your visits and your support - you mean the world to me~~


  16. Vicki, Awwww! How nice to come over to the blog and see such nice words first thing! Thank you! And, all of the links to my scarves and everything are hot links that will take you directly to my Wuglyees shop. There are 5 pictures of each item there...As to being a faithful blogger, that is my pleasure. In fact I try not to follow so many that I can't keep track of them. I don't follow anyone just for the numbers. If I follow you I'll keep track of you...I'm just that nosy!! :-)


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