Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Fur and Rainy Mondays!!

     This photo, one of the many beautiful ones courtesy of Silja Erg, gave me a warm fuzzy feeling about the morning...and about the weather. And I needed it this morning's raining, sleeting, and snowing all together here in Holyoke! I want to sing "Here comes the sun", but I'm not sure it will!!!
   Oh well, as always, I'll have to keep my head down, keep moving my fingers so they don't stiffen up, and crochet, crochet, crochet!!! I'm thinking of starting some fingerless mittens today. Either red or gray. What would be your preference?!
   I just finished listing the two new things I finished over the weekend. Look--> ↓
     It's a very soft scarf with a washable fun fur yarn on the end. I made the fun fur at two different thicknesses on either end. I don't know why, but I like things a little uneven, Asymmetrical, or a little me!! ^_^
     This reminds me of the cute little cartoon I saw on the blog Blooming Lovely..I'll go get it and share. First, though, let me show you the other project I finished yesterday!
     I made a matching pull-on hat to go with the scarf! What I was really trying to do was use up the rest of the winter white yarn so I wouldn't have another little ball of yarn laying around! It WAS going to be just an ear muff head band....but it didn't want to be an ear muff head band!!! ^_^ It wanted to go to the BIG TIME and be a fashionable pull-on hat!! So....there you go!!
     I can see someone wearing this on the ski slopes in Aspen Colorado right now. Can't you?!! ^_^ It won't be ME!!.....But somebody! I can't ski, don't like to be cold and wet, and would not go at some ungodly speed, out of control, down a hill, knowing how far away the hospital will be, and that they'd get a good laugh at my expense having to come to find out what that dark round speck was down there in the distance!! Ha! Ha! Ha!...But I would wear this cute hat in the ski LODGE, while I sipped on some hot apple cider, next to the big pretty fireplace (like in Mariann's Calendar!). ^_^
    I have another scarf already done that I have to list later today or tomorrow in my Wuglyees shop, the purple one with the alternating multicolor patches. I guess being in a good mood from the weekend is going to be a good mental state to be in to crochet this week. It'll have to be, to counteract all this darkness and snow, sleet and rain!!!
   Okay, just for laughs...and then a poem.
     You'll have to follow the link over to her blog to find out what I said to her about this!!!! ^_^

Rain Of Love

I just love the rain,
because it makes me think, again,
of our private time together-
(time I spent with my best friend).

There's something quieting to the soul
about the rainfall's pitter patter,
that makes your problems disappear,
and never really seem to matter.

Just lying cuddled on the bed,
talking softly, from the heart;
or sleeping through the thunder's rumble,
while the birds all flit and dart.

Is it normal to be smiling,
when the clouds are dark with rain?
(Maybe its just the perspective
of the twisted, wet, insane!)

At any rate-when he's at work,
and I am here, at home, alone,
and I see the drizzle starting-
I get him, quickly, on the phone.

I say:
"Hi Honey, what you doing?"
He says: "What else, but think of you!"
You see-He saw the raindrops falling,
and he didn't know what to do!

He couldn't drop his work and run!
He said he had to use restraint.
(And if he had, I would be shocked!)
But I admit-the thought was quaint.

Okay! So what? We're kind of strange-
We never want the rain to end!
But, before you judge us crazy,
watch some raindrops with your friend,
and then, just read this poem again!


  1. Beautiful!! All of it! Your posts always such a great combination of goodies. That photo of the sunrise (or sunset)! And then your scarf and hat - love that fun fur yarn at the end!! Makes to look so glamorous, doesn't it? And a lovely poem to send us on our way! We are having cold and sunshine here - I'll send you a bit of good weather your way... Love, Silke

    P.S. Sometimes I feel exactly like that poor squirrel...

  2. Silke, Thank you, thank you, thank you! And yes! Do send me some of that crisp air and sunshine from my home state, will ya?!!...(Psssst!....I AM the squirrel!!) LOL

  3. Love your new scarf and hat!! I'm so sorry you keep getting our leftover weather, but it's sunny and warm here today and will be for the next few! I hope you get that!! That will perk you up I'm sure! Love the cartoon! LOL I'm nuts too!

  4. Hi debbie! I love that photo.Love love the new scarf so different.Im all about anything thats different.Instead of the same old stuff you see everywhere.

    Thanks for the visit today, always nice hearing from you.You and me both NO SKIING in ASPEN,LOL.Thats all I would need to break a leg ha.

  5. CinLynn, Thanks for the nice words about the scarf and hat!! I probably should have kept it off line. Who Knew we would get sleet and freezing rain this morning?!! LOL Maybe we WILL get the circulation of your weather for the rest of the week. That's usually how it works! ^_^...Nutty!

  6. Becky, The photos that Silja takes are so cool!! I sometimes just sit there and look at her photos on Facebook. She probably thinks I'm a photo stalker! :-)) I hope not!! ...Thanks for the nice words about the scarf and hat! Are you sure you don't want to get it for your next ski trip?!! Ha! Ha! I wouldn't break a leg unless the floor was too wet in the ski lodge!!! ^_^


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