Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wuglyees...In A Cool Place

    From the moment I saw these gorgeous earrings, from CinLynnBoutique, I loved them!! It was kind of a surprise to me that I loved them so much too, considering my love of everything green. Hmmm....maybe I'm missing the summer season already.....or maybe I have a sweet tooth. True...and True!! :-) But whatever the reason, my Wuglyees shop and me are very happy to be rubbing shoulders with Cindy's Blue Candy Jade and Antique Brass Earrings!
   We're in a new Treasury together!! A Treasury entitled Cool Blues and Ice, curated by MaritimeArts!!
    Some people just have an eye for beauty. Cindy does! And Melanie, this Treasury's curator, definitely does!!...And it's so nice to see my Ocean Blue Bead Flower Necklace sitting right up there in the mix!
    This was the necklace I put together myself. I crocheted the flower, strung the beads, and figured out the design of how it would hang. I'm a proud Mama with this one. :-]
    I'm not the only person with some "pretty" in this Treasury though! I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorites in here...One being this cool Long Knit Navy Blue Ribbed Scarf by StitchesStones.
    Knowing how much work knitting takes makes me admire her for taking the time to add all of the pretty detail and everything. And it's photographed so pretty too!
   And I also loved these Simply Sweet-Blue Mum Earrings by pink80sgirl.
     Let's see....why do I love these?! Um....they're flowers......they're that pretty shade of blue.....and they're photographed on top of  W-O-R-D-S!! Perfect!! :-)
   Now, when you curate a Treasury on Etsy they encourage you not to put any of your own shop items in it. So treasuries are not for self-promotion. They are purely to share or to entertain yourself with. But the curator of this beautiful Treasury, who makes clothes mainly for reenactments, had some 'Cool Blues' in her own shop! So, since she's not showing it to a true self-less sharer...I'll show it to you!!
    She has this 'Cool' One Ruffle Skirt.
    This 'Cool' Cluster of Feathers Fascinator.
    And this 'Cool' Plaid Cotton Skirt with Stripe.
    There's a lot of 'Cool Blues' going on all over the place lately!! And I'm happy to see Wuglyees in such a 'Cool' place! Thank you Melanie!
   On a personal note, hubby and I will be enjoying some time together tomorrow, as I know many of you will be doing with your families. Have a good time, don't start no fights you can't end by dinnertime, and if you're a sports fanatic like me....ENJOY!!!
   Me and the red and black scarf have a date today...after I meet with Miss Skeeter, Miss Celia and Minny. {The book I'm reading, The Help} I had to put it down for a couple of days. Something happened in the book that was so sad that I didn't want to read what was about to happen. Or, rather, what I thought was about to happen. I'll let you know if I was right later...I hope not! :-{
   Hubby hasn't decided if he wants to be the guest speaker tomorrow or over the weekend, so I guess you'll just have to be here to see!! :-) ... And please get your comments posted. There's only one more week now before the scarf giveaway drawings!! {Click the right side bar photo of the scarf for details-->}...Okay, let me leave you with one more 'Cool' blue from Alishbas Art Gallery blog.
     The perfect thing to look at before you read poetry! :-)

Family Perspective

When we're all together we are--
Massively talkative,
argumentative, competitive;
adaptive, adhesive,
so much fun, addictive.

When we want to be, we are--
acceptive, accommodative,
attentive, creative;
appreciative, inclusive,
enjoyably cooperative.

When you catch us on a bad day we're--
aggressive, combative,
allusive, explosive;
assertive, offensive, ,
over-protective, combustive..

When we take the time to think we are--
assertive, affective,
adoptive, non-corrosive;
attractive, progressive,
apprehensive, but non-subversive.

But what our family mostly is, is--
actively responsive,
communicative, decisive,
Positive, supportive;
And as a spiritual collective,
moved by one directive.


  1. Wonderful post Wug!! Thinks so much for including my earrings!! It really is a beautiful treasury and I'm glad we can share it! Love the poem too. I look forward to your hubby's post! Have a wonderful day!

  2. CinLynn, I'm glad you liked it Cindy! Especially since you were the main attraction today! :-) And thanks for the poem love too!

  3. Oooooo I love that treasury! :P My fave colour has always been green but have a liked blue for quite sometime now too. Maybe it's because my car is a pretty shade of blue LOL Whenever I go to a shop though I always find green clothes (unintentionally). Haha no, not ALL my clothes are green ;)

  4. Mariann, Thanks! And actually, I'm a green girl too...which you know! Remember PISTACHIO!!! ^_^ There's certain shades of blue, though, that immediately catch my attention. This treasury was full of those shades I like!! :-)

  5. You are so sweet :-) And thank you for the blog today! I had fun making the tresury. It's a great place to show off all the wonderful artists out there on Etsy. So much talent. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and thank you for all your support always :-)

  6. Maritime, it was my pleasure to share my home {so to speak} with you! :-) And since I don't celebrate Thanksgiving I'll take your well wishes for a nice day home with the hubby. I'm ALWAYS thankful for that! :-]


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