Friday, November 26, 2010

Country Girl...Country Living...and Country Eating!!

    I know...I know. It's wrong of me to put a Balsamic Rosemary Pork Loin up as my header picture and expect you to just read quietly without your stomach growling! But why should my stomach...and the only ones who have to suffer?!  ^_^
   As I told you yesterday, my first issue of my new Country Living magazine came in the mail the other day, the first of a year's FREE subscription that I won as a giveaway gift. Just flipping through the pages I can see that this magazine and this country girl are going to have some good times this year! :-) Good times with "How To" things. Good times with needed information. And good times with FOOD!!! {Which, of course, because of being familiar with this magazine before I won this subscription, is why I was excited about getting it in the first place! ^_^}
   All those who celebrate Christmas and the holidays, which I don't, will probably be excited about all of the holiday decorating tips and stuff, or even just the cover of the magazine.
     But, all due respect to you, that didn't mean anything to me! I wanted to get to those recipes!! ^_^ But first, there were some really interesting articles in here too. Things I'll check into a little later. Like the article entitled Ask a Country Vet.
   No, I don't have a dog right now. But I have family and friends with dogs, and some questions that this article are talking about are things that have come up in conversation with us before. So, I'll find out from the Country Vet what should be done.
   Then there's an article entitled What Is It? What Is It Worth?
   It listed and showed pictures of some things you might have hanging around, things you might want to know what they are...and what they could be worth. If this is an on-going series, I'm definitely gonna keep my eyes on that! I have a bunch of stuff that I'm hoping will be worth a million I can retire and go do what I really want to do!! ^_^ ... Okay, let's face it, besides being able to buy out all of the insurance companies in the world and give people complete and loving health care, the only other things that I would be doing are teaching the Bible and crocheting! And since I'm already doing that....I'm good! ^_^ But it would still be fun finding out the value of my 'Laying Around' stuff.
    My hubby, Jeff, has his own favorite things in this magazine. I caught him glaring at them again last night. One of them was this...
    In his deep man voice he said: "Guess what?! They have a cookie app!!" Then he looked at me and smiled like: "Isn't that great?!" Of course, if I knew what he was talking about I would have nodded and seemed interested or something. But since I didn't I just stared off into space.....He didn't notice. I don't think he was actually talking to me! I think he was trying to remind himself that 'he gotta get him one of those!' I guess I'll find out what it is then! ^_^ Hey, if it comes with cookies....I'm in!
    The other thing he liked had him staring for the longest time! When I looked over to see why he had stalled so long, I saw this.
    Okayyyyyyy......Seriously men, what's up with that?!! ^_^ Men's brains baffle me sometimes. Especially my hubby's.............Moving on! ^_^
   I want to get to my FAVORITE thing about this magazine.....the RECIPES!!! Recipes that started, for me, with the Pork Loin that I showed in the header photo.
    Then there was recipes for Bacon-Cheddar Mini Loaves.
   For Onion Pies and Vanilla Yogurt and Berry Trifle!
    Trifle!!! trifling with ME!!! ^_^ Doesn't that look delicious!....But that's not all!!! There's a basic recipe for Quick Bread Dough, with variations of how you can make them. Banana....Brown sugar...white chocolate mini-Bundt cakes!!
    Speaking of chocolate, yeah! They got that too!!!...All kinds of recipes for brownies, in every shape and size!
     Looks like I'm going to be a pretty happy camper this year!! And so are my friends....because I can cook it, but somebody has got to eat it!! And since comatose people can't write blogs, I guess I won't be eating all of this stuff by myself!! {Although in years past I sure would have tried!....Oh yes! I would have tried! With a valiant effort, I might add!!! ^_^}
   Now, what's truly amazing to me is that the things I shared only scratched the surface of what's in just this one month's magazine!! I can't wait to see next month's!!! :-)
{Oh yes.....wait for it.....the COOKING Poem!!! ^_^}


Flipping, Frying,
Flambeing, Filleting,
Burning, Browning,
Paring, Pureeing.

Boiling, Baking,
Mixing, Making,
Simmering, Scaling,
Sifting, Shaking.

Cooking, Crackling,
Cutting, Coring,
Sprinkling, Spattering,
Patting, Pouring,

Broiling, Battering,
Steeping, Steaming,
Timing, Tossing,
Cubing, Creaming,

Slicing, Scrambling,
Turning, Toasting,
Melting, Measuring,
Rinsing, Roasting.

Dipping, Dicing,
Skimming, Sauteing,
Poaching, Peeling,
Mincing, Microwaving.

Gathering, Grilling
Basting, Barbecuing,
Hacking, Heating,
Scoring, Skewering.

Standing, Stirring,
Rough, Tough,
Kitchen, Ditching,
Had Enough!


  1. ;-))) Wow that looks great, im vegetarian so it was the look of the onion pie and the desserts that tickled my taste buds. And i love the poem i have heard that before it makes me smile. Enjoy your weekend and looking through your lovely magazine what a lovely treat everymonth. Dee ;-) x

  2. This blog DOES make my stomach growl!! They all look delicious! Wish I lived closer so I could sample some of these goodies when you get done making them.
    After I read your poem, I was tired! All that work in the kitchen tires me out! LOL

  3. delia, I wish I had thought about putting something up for vegans, because Oh Yeah! there was something for non-meat eaters too! Fennel Gratin, and Fennel, Orange, and Olive Salad, etc... looked delicious! I recommend you go over to and get yourself a subscription!! ^_^ {And no! They didn't pay or encourage me to say that!}

  4. CinLynn, ^_^ I knew it would!!! And....Um....I do "go on" in my blogs!! But what can I say....I'm a wordy kind of girl! ^_^ Hey! maybe one day we can get a recipe and both make it and blog about it! Doesn't that sound like fun?! Then we can eat together...but apart! :-)

  5. Hahahah that poem is great! Who knew there would be soooo many words for basically one thing :D

    I am trying to write this comment nicely because the other option would be just these: :P :P :P :P etc. LOL
    Thanks for sharing the magazine with us BUT you didn't take a pic of the only recipe I was waiting for!!! :D I was so looking forward to those Rocky Road Brownies recipe :P

    I am with you on that nutcracker page. What is there so much to look at?! hahaha Don't tell hubby ;)

  6. Mariann, Ha! Ha! Right!! Now, if only I knew all the words for everything in every language ever known to man......Okay, so maybe it's better I don't! Then you would really never shut me up!! ^_^ ... By the way, I just included the recipe. If I get in trouble with Country Living I'm gonna blame it all on you!! ^_^ You better order a magazine!

  7. I see now that you were just the right person to have won that prize. It is so exciting to see how much joy you are getting out of it. You should also be receiving your tag any day. Love your poem.

  8. SnowFlakeDreams1, Yes indeed....J-O-Y!! :-) And it will be even more joy with my tags here too! Can't wait!...And thanks about the poem too! :-]

  9. You will be receiving two packages cause I made a huge mistake I noticed it after I had mailed it you'll understand when you get them.

  10. SnowFlakeDreams1, Okayyyyyyy! I'm really curious now!!:-0

  11. When I visit my mom, I spend a lot of it reading her back issues of Country Living Mag and have for years. To me it stands for relaxing down time and comfort. Great poem....:)Pam

  12. SOiNOiT, I'm with you on that assessment. I felt that way about it before I won this subscription too!...Plus all the recipes!!! ^_^ And thanks for the comment on the poem too!


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