Thursday, November 18, 2010

Artists Seek Peace....Find It.....and ROCK!!!

    In my life time, probably like most of you, I've made many purchases. Some I was not happy with after the fact, and some that just made me wonder: "What was I thinking when I bought that?!!" And then there are those purchases that make you so happy that you sit and smile, saying: "Wow!!"...Well, this last feeling is what the purchase of my girl from Cathy Bueti {her blog is Artsy Butterfly} is making me feel today! I can still see me in her face...even more so now!
   I knew she was a wonderful self-taught photographer a long time ago. In fact I featured her shop on this blog before. You can see it HERE.  But she has caught my eye in another medium now, her paintings. Particularly her mixed media pieces. Especially her girls!! (She even shared a gorgeous piece of blue and white abstract art that she did just recently on her blog.) Hopefully more of these will end up in her Etsy shop, cathymariecreations, as time goes by.
   When the package came last night...
    ...I got all giddy! It said: "Do Not Bend". There was no chance of that happening! I was being very careful. I didn't want anything to happen to her!
    When I finally got it out of the package, which was very nicely wrapped and smelled good I might add, it had this on the back of the painting...
   And this is also when I realized that it's painted on a board! A fabulously sturdy, beautifully finished board! I was so in a hurry to purchase her that these kind of details had escaped me. :-) And when I turned it over and looked at her up close and in person...
    ....she was even more beautiful than I thought she would be!!! Thank you Cathy!!...I love all of the small details too. Like the butterflies and words all over it.
    And the encouragement to "Seek peace around every turn".
   But I got another gift with this package. I'm not sure Cathy intended to give me TWO pieces of artwork, but she did!! It was the card she sent with it! Isn't it pretty?!
    It has these beautiful multi-colored painted hearts all over the front of it! I love this so much!! In fact, as I've been known to do with post cards and letters that were special to me, I'm going to frame this card and sit in in my bedroom so I can look at it all the time! :-) I like to be surrounded by love!
   The words inside the card were a gift too. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing.
    Part of what she says is:"...I hope you love her as much in person!..." Well Cathy, with this post I think that you can see that I absolutely do!!! And I'm glad to have met you in blogland too! I think you ROCK!!! ^_^
   In fact, I'm on a roll in my choices of people to follow in blogland and here at home! Let me show you what I mean with a couple of other artist's...their artistic photography!
    This one was taken by my very own hubby! Nice perspective, huh?!
     This one was taken by Kerri, of the blog A Little Piece Of Me. Every day on her blog is another beauty!
    This was one of the Memories Of Fall photos of Vicki Patino.
    And these were a couple of the Weekend in Photos done by Hollie on the blog And baby makes three.
     Awwwww! Peaceful...And I say it again, Artist's ROCK!! ^_^

Artist's ROCK!

Their eyes see what their heart sees,
and in colors on canvas or in yarn.
You can see it in their photographs of foliage,
or the red and brown that's painted on a barn.

Their heart says: "This bead color's perfect!"
Then you see the artist's work on jewelry stands.
They recycle, mix the media and show you,
and collect a lot of now adoring fans!

Whatever medium they work in,
Whether working with their hands or just their eyes,
you can be sure they'll get some oglers and lookers,
who, like me, will give them "Ahhhs" and "Ooooos" and sighs.


  1. What a beautiful post i loved reading it and feeling your excitment as you unwrapped her. Shes is truely beautiful and the detail is adorable. The photo's to are brill and the colours and the places and the beauty that lies around us at this time of year people have captured so well. Enjoy Dee ;-)) x

  2. I love this one Wug!! I can see why you love her so much! What a gorgeous painting! Peaceful too! I love all of Kerri's photos! She is awesome! I haven't seen the other blogs, I don't think, but I will check them out now. I'm so glad you got it yesterday. Made you feel better, didn't it! :)
    Oh, by the way Jeff....awesome shot!

  3. delia, Thank you so much! I only wish there was some way to have 'feel-a-puter' or 'smell-a-puter'!! :-] Because both of those things added to the experience of opening the package for me! Now I just have to figure out what the perfect spot is for her...besides right here in my hands staring at her! ^_^

  4. CinLynn, Thanks again Bead! And I absolutely agree with you about Kerri's photos! She's an amazing artist, with her great eye for photographs. But the poem included a reference to you too!...the 2nd stanza. I was thinking of you, my beading artistic friend! :-)

  5. I caught that Wug! Should have mentioned that in the first comment. Thanks for thinking of me!

  6. CinLynn, My pleasure! :-)

  7. Wow! Deb! Thanks so much for the shout out today! I am so glad to hear she arrived safely! ;) And I am thrilled you love her so much! :)

  8. Cathy, It was my pleasure to tell everyone what a great painting it is and what a great artist you are! Don't doubt that for another single minute! :-)

  9. I love when I make a purchase of art, too, and find it to be something so incredibly magical that I cannot believe I have the fortune of calling 'mine', as well!

  10. sMacThoughts, You kinda know how I feel then don't you?! :-] Especially when it evokes a nice personal memory...and a smile! :-)

  11. Anonymous11/18/2010

    Wow, Cathy is so talented - what a lovely painting!

  12. wow, what a talented artist! inspiring words both on the painting and your poem!

  13. Michele, She sure is!! I love her work. She's doing some abstracts now too that are really keeping my attention!

  14. Croatian_Latina, I agree whole-heartedly! And thanks for the nice complement on my poem too.

  15. Theresa, Yes they do!!! ^_^

  16. Oh, I love Cathy and her work and i am so glad that this beautiful girl went to live with you!! It's so wonderful when art finds a new home... I love all the photos you have your blog and, of course, your poem!!! I hope you are doing well! Love, Silke

  17. Silke, I'm glad this beautiful girl came to live with me too! ^_^ And you're right, Cathy's work is exquisite!...Thank you for the nice words about my poem too! I appreciate your comments. :-)

  18. It's so funny that you would ask the question about the sky...mine was very grey today until I received your package! It's beautiful! I will take very good care of your "baby". I love the poem and I'm glad you received such a beautiful painting today! Thanks again so much!

  19. Yaya, Awwwww! It made me smile to know that my "baby" lifted your skies a little! :-] I know you will be a good "crochet baby mama". And thank you for the nice words about the poem too!

  20. I love her too Poetess, she is beautiful. The photos you shared show such lovely detail. Thanks for sharing another great poem too :)

  21. Joanne, Thanks! She really is beautiful, isn't she?! And thanks for liking the poem too! :-)


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