Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is There Truly 'No Place Like Home'?!...No Place?!

   This was a photo on the blog Twenty-Ten Fotos the other day. Between this photo and a question that was asked of me yesterday, on the blog Honey from the Bee, I really got to thinking about places that I would love to visit or some day call home.
    This balcony is in downtown Croatia. (I think, anyway). I would love to go grocery shopping and then have to come back home to this! It looks like such a great place to live in. And I could see my hubby, just like Romeo in "Romeo and Juliette", yelling up at me from the street: "Where fore art thou, Puddles?!!" {Puddles is my nickname...Okay, so I cried at everything when we were first married. Puddles of tears,...even for commercials on T.V.!! ^_^}
     Just looking regularly at her photos of Croatia makes me think it would be a great place to live! The above photo is a little resting place a little ways away from the Roman ruins near Split Croatia, in Solin,...(I think). You can read the full blog post, which has lots of other photos on the blog Croatia-Motherhood and my daily adventures of living overseas. This got me to thinking...could I live overseas?!...I don't know about that. I'm the kind of girl that loves the familiar. Even though this certainly looks like a beautiful place! Her little daughter Beli certainly loves it!
     The question that Janet asked me was: "If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you want to see and/or experience?" You can go HERE, down in the comments section, and see my answer to this, and 3 other questions she asked me. But for sure wherever I called home would have to have good food, a good place to buy yarn or crochet thread, colorful flowers, and good music! Not to mention water and breath-taking scenery!
    And around this time of the year any place in the Northeast of the United States would probably be a good place to call home. You can see what I mean in this photo of the Bronx River, in New York, taken recently by Cathy of the blog Artsy Butterfly.
    She has some wonderful memories connected to this area and the Bronx Zoo. You can read the rest of the post HERE. I would love living here, I think. But maybe not all year round. Just in the Fall...My tastes as to dwelling places would have to be...what shall I say....comfortable. I need to have all of the comforts of home...and then some! Number one place to call home?!

    Hawaii!! What's not to love about this place?! Sunrises and sunsets to die for, food, the ocean, flowers, music, and friendly people!! I might have a bit of a problem with people needing crocheted items...but I can always ship them off to somewhere else!! ^_^
    And then again......I think the expression is true. There really is 'No Place like Home'. Especially for me. What would I do without the Connecticut river...
     ...and my backyard?! :-)
    Even in the dark there's always something going on around here! I bet Mr. Skunk is thinking just like me, that no matter how many places you can really love visiting or vacationing in, there's really 'No Place Like Home'!!...No Place!! ^_^
}Remember, tomorrow will be "Say What You Need To Say" Day! If you want to do it too, use the words 'Say What You Need To Say' in your blog post title. I'll link your blog letter to mine. Have fun! You can be honest, but nothing mean-spirited please! :-)


The place where I am at my best.
A place of calm and peace and rest.

The place from which I never roam.
'Cause it's in my heart, this place called home!


  1. Hello Puddles!!! :D Haha I will start calling you that now ALL the time! :P
    Yup! There's no place like home! :) For a nature photographer Estonia is a great place to live. Our country is covered by vast forests that make up over 50% of the total area. We are also surrounded by sea from 3 sides and we have a lot of bogs and swamps where you can find bears, wolves, lynxes and so on. I could not live without the sea or the pine forests!! Of course every place has it's downsides like for us it's the fact that summer is too short and we have a saying here that most of the time we just have a bad skiing weather ;) I will probably move to our summer home in ten years and will mostly live there. I can't wait when I can have my own horse again and some other animals as well :) But enough about me ;)

  2. Mariann, Uh Oh!!! ^_^ Oh Well, another 'cat out of the bag!'...Your info about Estonia makes me sorry I didn't have some photos of it in my post today!! Trees and water!! Sounds beautiful! Is your summer home in Estonia too?! I could see you on a horse...or a lynx!! ^_^

  3. Stephanie, Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed them. :-)

  4. :) Yes, summer home is on the biggest island of Estonia. There's a totally new atmosphere there, people are sooo nice and friendly and the clock ticks slower ;) Have a look in my blog under the label Saaremaa if you are interested http://littlefoxphotos.blogspot.com/search/label/saaremaa You've probably seen the newer posts but there are some pics of the house and other interesting stuff in older posts too :)

  5. What beautiful photos Mariann!! I love all of the flowers and a moose?! WOW! I also like the picture of you sitting next to the outdoor built in fireplace and who couldn't love Scrappy?!!! :-] He's a cutie!!! Thanks for linking me there...Okay, gotta go crochet now! Have a good day!

  6. Wow! What beautiful photos on this virtual journey! I've lived many places and I find that I felt at home in every one of them. I think that's because I had Daniel with me and our furry babies and we always picked places that sparked the imagination and that inspired! Looks like you have a beautiful home!! Love, Silke

  7. Well Puddles (tee hee), it looks like you are having a hard time deciding where you would call home. I would have the same problem. Someday we can try all sorts of places!! Won't that be fun? Maybe we'll live near each other...who knows!

  8. Silke, Thank you! I wish I could say that I took ALL of them, but the blogs that I visit have some beautiful and generous photographers who, by the way, live in some really beautiful places! ;-) I like your assessment about home being wherever Daniel and the furry babies are. I wrote a poem about my hubby a long time ago called 'Heart House'. Two of the stanzas are:

    "...But the thing I most want you to know,
    from now til the last breath I take,
    is that not only is it your heart I live in,
    but my heart is the home that we make.

    It's a home with constant nurturing,
    security, safety and peace.
    It beats only for you every day,
    with a strength that never will cease..."

    I guess it's true that I could be "at home" wherever he was...but it still would take some time getting comfortable with the surroundings I know! My family refer to me as a 'Home-Body'...so there you go! ^_^

  9. CinLynn, Okay! Looks like I'm going to have to do some nickname investigations around here!! ^_^ I can't be the only one with a silly one, can I?!!...And FOR SURE we're going to live near each other in the future! I just hope that all of my 2,000 children don't bother you too much!! ^_^ At least it'll be in beautiful surroundings...so that's something!

  10. I keep ending up at posts that are fueling my wanderlust today! I love these pictures. And your back yard. And I need a vacation!

  11. Well I like your back garden the very best!

  12. Hollie, :-) I know, huh?! Hawaii is looking pretty good to me too! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. And when you head off to your vacation, pack me "virtually" in your suitcase too, will ya?! :-]

  13. Michele, Thank you! What's not to love about a Massachusetts backyard, right?! ^_^ By the way, I like your new avatar!

  14. Love the photos. I am especially drawn to the palm trees. Hawaii is definitely one place I would love to visit!

  15. Thanks Jo-anne! I know, huh, about the palm trees. Maybe we'll meet one day in Hawaii! I'll be the one with the moo moo on and a smile! :-)

  16. That sounds like a good plan :)

  17. Joanne, :-)) I'll keep my luggage ready!!!

  18. thanks for the link! glad you enjoyed the photos. I do love your backyard! I can see Beli running and having tea parties with her dolls on that green grass. FUN!

  19. Croatian_Latina, I should be thanking you for letting me share! And yes, I can see Beli in my backyard!!! :-) All of my other young relatives and friend's children love it!! Lots of room to run and a slight hill to roll down! ^_^


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