Monday, November 22, 2010

A Little Sprucing Up

    If you've been in my Wuglyees shop on Etsy you might have seen this scarf before...but the chances of you recognizing it right now are probably pretty slim!! :-] Oooooo Whee! The photos were bad!! So, this weekend me and hubby started what is undoubtedly going to be a LONG process of re-taking the photos in my shop. This Clowning Around Scarf was only the beginning.
    My "baby" looks much better now! Not perfect yet,...but better. We also took some more shots of the Giveaway scarves.
     I still don't think the real colors of this one are showing that well. Whoever wins it will just have to see for themselves! :-] The drawing for it will be next Wednesday, December 1, 2010. All of your comments are still going in the box every day!
   We also took some better shots of my Purples Royal Blue Persuasion Scarf because it was looking like a "Hot Mess"!!, as we Southerners would say. ^_^ See if you think it looks any better now...that is, if you even saw the other pictures I had in the shop!
    What do you think?!...The other things new in my shop are this Turquoise Blue Sky Butterfly Crochet Necklace and Comb Set that I listed the other day...
    ....and a slew of sales that I got over the last few days!! It's been nice to see people buying!! Not just because of the money, but because it's so easy for me to convince myself that nobody appreciates crocheted items anymore, like I do! But along with the sales has come some really wonderful comments about my work, so.....what do I know about appreciation?! :-))
   As you've noticed, no doubt, I haven't been talking about Thanksgiving or the holidays. That's because I don't celebrate them. I can appreciate that many of you probably do though, and you will be having more family around and time off from work. THAT I can appreciate! I'm looking forward to hubby being off too! So, enjoy your families and time off.  Be thankful and generous every day though, for all you have and all that's given to you. It's the way it should be anyway, right?!
   You can also be thankful that my hubby is not in charge of what's generously given away around here! I found this photo slipped in with the others when I uploaded them this morning...
    He thinks he's so funny!! He's just determined to give my party scarf to somebody!!! But if he thinks that, he's got another 'think' coming!!! I'll be nice with my words.....because I'M A LADY!!!! ^_^

The Line Between Lady And Girl

Where is the line
between lady and girl?
A life of experience,
and loss of her curl.

woman just 'is',
and a 'Broad' is kinda tough.
A 'Gal' is so passive-
she'll  take all your guff.

But if she's  a 'Lady'
there's classiness there;
And its not all about
how she fixes her hair.

No 'Female' or 'Chick'
as a nickname will do;
And not even a 'Dame'
holds a candle to you.

So, where is the line
between lady and girl?
A life of experience,
and a whole, big old world!


  1. Hi Deb,
    The new photos are wonderful! Jeff is doing a great job!! Keep it up Jeff!! Thanks for telling everyone that you don't celebrate the holidays but are thankful everyday! I need to do that on my blog as well. You did it in a very dignified way. Your poem is also very nice. I'm a lady too, I hope...LOL

  2. Cinlynn, Thanks so much for all of the nice words!! :-) Jeff are going to be so happy to know that someone appreciates his photography too, if not that scarf!! ^_^ And yes, you ARE a lady too!!

  3. Your new photos are fantastic ;-) And I love the poem!!
    Here's to you, Lady!
    God Bless ;-)

  4. AngelPups, Thank you so much! Hubby, I'm sure, will thank you too! ;-) And also thanks for the nice words about my poem! Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  5. Beautiful photos and beautiful scarfs! Grateful people are the happiest I think and I think you fit that bill! Enjoy the time off from work with your hubby!

  6. Thank you yaya!! And I will! :-)


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